Congresswoman Tells of Her Own Abortion During Title X Debate [VIDEO]

The House Republicans have made punishing women for being sexually active a large part of their agenda in the opening weeks of the 2011 legislative session.  From making a permanent and even more restrictive ban on federal dollars being used for abortions, to trying to defund family planning money many people rely on to subsidize birth control and STI testing and treatments, the GOP has made it clear that the budget deficit is simply an excuse to enact their own social agenda.

But women are no longer interested in being silent as they are demonized by primarily male Republican politicians.  And not only are they fighting back, some are even fighting back on the floor.

Via Fox News:

A contentious debate over blocking Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer money took an unexpected turn just before midnight Thursday when Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) shocked her colleagues by announcing on the House floor that she once had an abortion.

Just before Speier assumed the floor, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), one of the most ardent anti-abortion voices in Congress, spent several minutes reading explicit descriptions of what happened to one woman when she had an abortion.

“I planned to speak about something else. But the gentleman from New Jersey just put my stomach in knots,” Speier began. “I’m one of those women he spoke about just now. I had a procedure at 17 weeks pregnant with a child who moved from the vagina into the cervix. The procedure you just described is the procedure I endured.”

Hushed conversations in the back of the chamber between aides and lawmakers ceased as Speier made the declaration to her colleagues.

“For you to stand on this floor and suggest that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly, is preposterous,” Speier said to Smith.

No woman wants to have an abortion.  No woman gets pregnant with the purpose of terminating a pregnancy.  And no politician has the right to decide for other women what she should or shouldn’t do with her body, either through emotional coercion or by forcing a choice on her by financially cutting off her access to anything but giving birth to an unwanted child.

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William C
William C10 months ago


W. C
W. C10 months ago

Thank you for the article.

Marika S.
Marika Segal6 years ago

God bless you Jackie Speier for speaking up!!!

Alexandrea Lester
holly p6 years ago

i think she meant "slipped from the uterus into the cervixs". in that case, the abortion was about saving her from death. if the baby continued to grow in the area of the cervix, the child would have been deformed by the pressure put on it, and would have died. the damage to her internal organs would have been profound, and if they did not know the child had died, it would have begun to decompose inside her.
note that she said "i lost a baby".
it sounds like this was a terrible and tragic event; that she had to talk about this is just horrible. she had to expose such a painful situation in her life in order to protect the service that saved it. my heart goes out to her for her courage and her loss. i am simply disgusted by the characterization of the women and men who are forced to abort their child as evil. i am sickened that it is done for political gain.
i expect that the man who spoke before her would have taken his wife or daughter in to the doctor and held her hand through the abortion, if it meant the alternative was to lose her.
but as a platform for his own agenda and that of his party, he is willing to villify those who face this painful situation.

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

I've sent a green star to almost everyone whose comments I've read here.....thank you all for great comments!!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

WooHoo!! I want Jackie Speier [ as well as Charles ]on MY SIDE!
Everything she articulated is so true. I gave birth 25 yrs ago to beautiful baby daughter but was not married. Every, single christian [whether BornAgain or Catholic] that I knew basically disowned me & would have nothing to do with me. I had to live in a shelter & go on welfare, food stamps, the whole nine. Who HATED me the very most & called me every name you could think of? Why the BornAgain Christians of my church...who else? Who was the most, offended, angry, self-rigteous & hostile? The God fearing Christians of course! Marlene Reuter, you said it perfectly. The concern for the rights of the unborn END the moment that child take's it's 1st breath of air. I am a Christian & I love my child but I will NEVER go against Planned Parenthood or any other health service the Christians try to demonize. I can only go by my own experience, no one else. I thank God low income women & girls have access to Planned Parenthood. I love my daughter, but there's NO DOUBT my life would be Very Different today if I was allowed to make my OWN choices, the same as men do. It was refreshing to the soul to see a woman of Power & Influence stand up for other women who cannot stand up for themselves. I cannot thank & praise her enough~

Heather O.
Heather O6 years ago

@ Sharon H.
"Welcome Matthew/Shelly/Sandra/Rebecca, the TROLL! ALL of you are conveniently born on JAN 01!! ALL of you say EXACTLY the same thing...."I don't want MY tax dollars going to abortion." You are ALL the SAME person...GO AWAY!!!"

Wow. I noticed that too. Isn't that kind of thing against Care2's TOS?

Heather O.
Heather O6 years ago

Every time I watch this video and listen to her voice and watch her face and body language, I want to cheer and hug her at the same time.

Thank you sister. Thank you for giving voice to those of us who have required abortions for whatever reason, and for giving a face to women everywhere. Thank you for your calm, firm, eloquent words, when you must have been shaking inside. Thank you for those women who protest abortion clinics, when they've had abortions themselves. Why? Because despite their virulent hypocrisy, they needed that choice when whatever happened to them landed at their door.

Thank you.

Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace6 years ago

@JW H: "Sharon - whats very ignorant is that PP continues to brainwash women and (legislatures evidently) into killing their babies."

PP doesn't brainwash anyone into "killing their babies". People were getting abortions long before PP ever existed. Whether you like it or not, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution guarantees women the right to an abortion. So women may choose it without the necessity of any "brainwashing". For your information, PP is an extremely family friendly organization. In fact, among their services is pre-natal care for women who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Most PP offices spend more time on pre-natal services for women who WANT their babies, than they do on abortion services for those who don't. But that doesn't matter to "pro-life" zealots like you.

Amber M.
Amber Beasley6 years ago

I honestly wouldn't doubt it if she was lying just to keep the bill from being passed.