Connecticut Actively Recruiting Gay Couples to Be Foster/Adoptive Parents

While many states across the country are passing laws to prevent LGBTQ people from adopting and fostering children, Connecticut is reversing the trend in a delightful way. The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) is specifically reaching out to gay families to see if they’d be interested in welcoming a child into their homes, reports the Associated Press.

To achieve this mission, state workers have connected with LGBT community centers and the Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to do outreach to their members. Same-sex couples that might otherwise assume they’d be considered “lesser” options in the eyes’ of the government are more likely to fill out the paperwork after being informed that they are both needed and wanted.

“I think it’s nice DCF is pulling out the stops to really let people know, ‘Hey, your love is just as good as anybody else’s,’” said Shannon Smith, a Connecticutian who has adopted two children from DCF with his husband. “Don’t listen to that garbage that everyone is saying. If you’re a great parent, we’re going to get you a kid.”

Smith’s household is one of about 100 LGBT families that have adopted children in the state. Joette Katz, the director of DCF hopes with these current efforts that that figure will more than double by the time 2019 rolls around.

Katz pointed to research that shows same-sex couples are six times more likely to foster a children and four times more likely to adopt children than straight couples. That might not be particularly surprising given the biological considerations, but that still makes LGBT family units a resource that ought to be better tapped to provide children with a stable upbringing.

As it stands, the state has 4,300 children under its care, and for various reasons roughly half of these kids won’t have the option of returning to their birth families. Finding good, permanent homes for these children is a priority.

Last month, the Oklahoma legislature became the latest body to pass a law allowing private adoption agencies to not work with prospective gay parents on religious grounds. Refreshingly, Connecticut’s politicians largely do not seem to have much of a problem with extending an invitation to gay parents.

In fact, Governor Dannell Malloy, a Democrat, tweeted that Connecticut has been an early adopter on all sorts of LGBT rights, so it’s only appropriate that the state takes this proactive step, as well “We want to spread the message that ALL families are valued as potential foster and adoptive families” he wrote, ending the tweet with an emoji of a rainbow flag.

John Pica-Sneeden, the leader of the CT Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the group’s DCF is collaborating with, is himself an adoptive parent. He believes that some gay adults have an easier time connecting to these children because they themselves have often had families that ostracized them due to their sexuality. “They’re the ones that look at this child and say, ‘I will never throw you away.’ And that says everything to a child.”

Congrats to Connecticut for rolling out the welcome wagon on inclusivity. There are sure to be many beautiful and happy families that will form thanks to this initiative.



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Good news

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Wonderful news - thank you Connecticut! Hope that many more states will follow you.

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In Germany this has long been possible .... America should also follow completely. For children it is important that they are loved and have a safe home .... and that is only possible if parents are happy couples.
P.S. The picture is cute :-)

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Thank you, Connecticut. Excellent move for couples who long to be parents and kids who need loving families.

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