Connecticut Veterinarian Charged with Abusing Pets is Back at Work

As a kitten was under anesthesia at Black Rock Animal Hospital in Bridgeport, Conn., an employee saw Dr. Amr Wasfi hit her with such force that the kitten broke free from the restraints and her intestines popped out of an incision. The veterinarian also angrily threw surgical instruments across the room, putting his staff in danger. The shocked employee told another staff member about what she had witnessed and that she planned to file a complaint and resign. She was fired the next morning.

When Jose Valentin brought his pit bull, Monster, to Black Rock Animal Hospital to be treated for a limp, he was first told it was a sprained knee. When Monster continued limping, Valentin brought him back a week later and Wasfi told him that the dog had a fractured pelvis that required surgery. Wasfi kept Monster in the hospital for over two weeks, refusing to let Valentin visit his dog. After Valentin complained to Bridgeport Animal Control, Monster was finally released 18 days later. He was bloody, scarred and, as you can see in the photos below, emaciated, having lost almost 20 pounds.

Valentin took Monster to an emergency veterinary hospital and was told his dog didn’t need surgery or a screw put in his pelvis—Wasfi had deceptively shown Valentin an X-ray from another dog. Monster was suffering from dehydration because he hadn’t received proper food or water during his long stay at the hospital. Still, Wasfi sent Valentin a bill for $3,330.

These were just two of the troubling complaints in the arrest warrant for Wasfi, who was charged with animal cruelty and larceny on April 29. Police had spent months investigating him after receiving many complaints about pets whose conditions worsened instead of improving after being treated by the veterinarian.

After his arrest, Wasfi posted a $10,000 bond and was released. On May 8, he entered no plea to the charges against him. At the request of his attorney, John R. Gulash, the case was continued to June 7 by Superior Court Judge William Holden, so Gulash could have more time to examine the evidence.

In the meantime, believe it or not, Wasfi is back at work at Black Rock Animal Hospital.

Bridgeport Police Capt. Brian Fitzgerald has a warning for local pet owners. “We just want the public to be aware that if they were considering bringing their animals here, just to understand some of the criminal charges we uncovered here,” he told News 12 Connecticut.

The police department’s animal control unit used to have a good relationship with Wasfi and sent animals to him for treatment, officials told the Associated Press. They said the relationship ended a few years ago but didn’t give a reason why.

What’s really disturbing is that Wasfi, who established Black Rock Animal Hospital in 1977 after working at other hospitals for three years, had his license revoked in 1996. The Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine found him guilty of “unskillfulness toward an animal.” His license was reinstated in 2003.

Thirty-three years later, it’s up to the Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine to permanently revoke Wasfi’s license. This seems like a no-brainer. After all, veterinarians are supposed to treat animals, not mistreat them. They take an oath to prevent and relieve animal suffering—not to be the cause of it.

Take Action

Based on the recent animal cruelty charges and the long history of complaints about Dr. Amr Wasfi, he should never be allowed to practice again. The Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine revoked his license in 1996. Please sign and share this petition urging the board to permanently revoke it this time.

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