Convicted Animal Abuser Busted For Owning Puppy Mill

Living in their own filth inside urine soaked pens is how rescuers found 50 pregnant dogs and newborn puppies on Wednesday in a raid on a puppy mill in rural Texas. 

The owner of the property is a convicted animal abuser who is forbidden from owning more than two dogs.

The case against Margaret (Peggy) Boyd began in August 2009 when Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) and Kaufman County law enforcement rescued 500 dogs from the Klassie Kennel run by Boyd and her husband.  The animals were living in squalor and many of the puppies were dying.

Ultimately Margaret Boyd was convicted of animal cruelty and placed on probation that mandated how many dogs she could keep.

“She was not supposed to have more than two dogs, and those two dogs were supposed to have been spayed and neutered,” said Scotlund Haisley, president of ARC.

“Kaufman County will not tolerate this violation and we will continue to aggressively prosecute cases of animal cruelty,” said Deputy Daryl Landrum.

Since the conviction Monica Ailey, the Texas State Liaison for Animal Rescue Corps has kept a watchful eye on Boyd’s activity and when evidence surfaced that she may be running another puppy mill the organization contacted local authorities.

On the scene ARC rescuers pulled Chihuahuas, Malteses, Miniature Schnauzers and four litters of puppies less than a month old from “feces-laden enclosures with high levels of ammonia.”

ARC reported:

Many of the dogs had no access to food or water and were suffering from malnutrition, hair loss and severe matting. Others were infested with fleas, had ear infections and open wounds. They were shaking and scared, having gone through a traumatic experience.

“It was really sad to see, but at the same time, I was relieved that we were there, and I was relieved that we could look into those dogs’ eyes and tell them that they don’t have to continue life as they know it now,” said Ailey.

All of the dogs have been examined by a veterinarian are being housed in an emergency shelter set up at the Kaufman County Fairgrounds.  The shelter is in need of blankets, towels, puppy pads and food for volunteers.

ARC will provide the daily care of the animals until legal custody is determined and the dogs can be placed with shelters and rescue groups.

Meanwhile Margaret Boyd was taken into custody for breaking her probation.

“The term ‘puppy mill’ does not give witness to the horrors the breeding mothers endure,” said Haisley.

“They are considered machines whose puppies are nothing but products. It is our honor to promise these dogs their suffering has ended forever so close to Mother’s Day, when we celebrate maternal love and resilience.”


Photo from the Animal Rescue Corps


W. C
W. C3 months ago

Thanks for the information.

William C
William C3 months ago

Thank you for caring.

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

How awful. No more animals for her!

Despina V.
Despina Vekris6 years ago

Hope they get what they deserve.Keep up the good work and eyes and ears open.Freedom of speech is wonderful

Despina V.
Despina Vekris6 years ago

Hope they get what they deserve.Keep up the good work and eyes and ears open.Freedom of speech is wonderful

Bruce S.
Bruce S6 years ago

Just operating a "Puppy Mill" makes you an animal abuser in my mind. These people need to be jailed for their abuse. They need to be treated in jail just like they treated the poor animals in their "Mill".

Randall S.
Randy Stein6 years ago

Many say and wish that this "woman?" have to endure the same treatment and abuse she put this dogs through. Well, we know that just isn't going to happen. At least not in this lifetime.
"In this lifetime." Keeping my fingers crossed that there is such a place as Hell. And if not Hell then reincarnation so she can spend dozens of lifetimes as a dog in a puppy mill.. Either way then true justice would be done.

Sue Touchette
.6 years ago

Ditto to Annmari L 's comment!!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Abusers like her should only be allowed ownership of dust bunnies and mites!

Heather O.
Heather O6 years ago

How is it that if she were placed under such restrictions on the dogs she was allowed to own, then where was the supervision by the county/state whatever. Did the agency preform random rechecks on her property to make sure she was complying. Odviously not and these animals were allowed to suffer because her case was not followed up on.... If people are restricted to amt of pets they can own due to past charges then these people need to be frequently checked in on to make sure things like this isn't happening. Simple follow ups or welfare checks would have prevented this, they handed out her charge and punishment but didn't follow through to make sure she was complying.