Cooney’s Law Brings Justice To Mutilated Rescue Dog

Nevada’s Governor signed two bills into law last week to protect animals.  Cooney’s Law makes it a felony to unjustifiably mutilate, torture, maim, starve or kill an animal and a long overdue Puppy Mill Law establishes rules for commercial breeders.

When Governor Brian Sandoval, an animal lover with four dogs, two cats, two frogs and a turtle signed Cooney’s Law he brought the state into compliance with 44 other states that make extreme cruelty to animals a felony crime. 

Cooney was a 3-year-old rescued Pit bull mix who was brutally killed when her owner cut open her stomach with a box-cutter.  Raymond Rios was a transient living in a motel in Reno, NV.  He thought a mouse had crawled into the dog’s stomach, so he placed her into the bathtub and mutilated her in an attempt to release the rodent.  Cooney died from her injuries.

The law in effect at the time only allowed Rios to be charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Cooney’s Law, which was sponsored by Sen. Shirley Breeden, D-Henderson would now make a crime like this a felony that is punishable by at least one year in prison. 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the law applies to “cats, dogs or any animal kept by a person for companionship or pleasure.”

The Puppy Mill Law requires animal breeders to be licensed and allows animal control officers to inspect the facility at “any reasonable hour.”

It also requires commercial breeders to:

  • Breed female dogs that are at least 18 months-old.
  • Only breed female dogs once a year.
  • Eliminate wire flooring in crates and stop the stacking of cages.
  • Provide adequate shelter, food and water for animals.
  • Provide cages with enough space for dogs to sit, stand, turn around and lie down.
  • Microchip animals and vaccinate against rabies.

The Review-Journal reported, “More than half of the Republicans in the Legislature voted against the two animal bills.”

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Manel Dias
Manel Dias5 years ago

If you are truly love the animals and as a animal lover, please dont support the Republicans. They have voted against the Animal cruelty bills in the legislature.

Christine Stewart

Animal abusers need to be given more appropriate penalties than the usual slap on the wrist probation...

Cherry M.
Cherry M5 years ago

The article reads in part: "Cooney’s Law makes it a felony to unjustifiably mutilate, torture, maim, starve or kill an animal and a long overdue Puppy Mill Law establishes rules for commercial breeders.

"Unjustifiably"....what? WHEN is it justified?

Veronique L.
Veronique L5 years ago

Yes, it certainly should be a felony crime all over the world.

S. N.
Susan N5 years ago

Glad the governor did right!

Brittaney M.
Brittaney M.5 years ago

do you guys want to hear something sad that dog Cooney wasnt Raymond Rios she was mine and i miss her she was my world and when i found out was when this all past and he wasnt getting aressted yet, but he got arrested on christmas eve and he didnt even do time and that pisses me off he was my moms boyfrined and he always was hurting our animals and most of the time was the one trying to get him to stop and then i would get arested myself because i would do anything and everything to get him to stop if you want to hear more on what happen after all that hit me up on facebook brittaney mollinedo and today april 7th is cooney mollinedos birthday

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

He killed an animal to save another one? That's completely undermining the purpose of "Kill or be killed." This man is obviously sick.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Wow! First time I've ever seen all respondents vote one way! (the trolls must be off torturing animals). I just don't understand hurting animals, who depend on us for their survival. Never have, never will.

Jane L.
Jane L6 years ago

Only 1 year in prison??? It's sick what that bastard did to that dog. Imagine the pain....

Cynthia H.
Cynthia H6 years ago

I am a criminal defense lawyer. Have been for 23 years. I have never taken, nor will I ever take, an animal abuse case. I have never prosecuted because that is not the way I am made but I would LOVE taking the animal abuse prosecutor's position in Harris County. I do not think that every case should be a felony, or that every person should go to prison. But, I believe that there are not enough options available for the prosecution of animal abusers. I believe there should be felony options in every state for the proper cases, and there are plenty of them. The person who did this to Cooney is not only a very cruel and sick individual but a dangerous person. Anyone who can use his hands and feel the pressure of what he did without remorse is capable of anything and needs severe punishment. He is beyond repair.