Costco to Become Leader in Sustainable Seafood Industry

Care2 and Greenpeace got together to let Costco, one of the largest seafood retailers in the U.S., know they should only be selling sustainable seafood.

After 8 months of pressure, Costco listened and decided to stop selling 12 “red-listed” seafood species, including orange roughy, shark and Atlantic halibut. Seafood on the red-list is caught or farmed in ways that harm the environment and other marine life.

On top of stopping the sales of red-listed seafood, Costco is working towards developing a more sustainable tuna industry. Tuna fishing is one of the most damaging seafood industries around and is in dire need of a more sustainable method of meeting industry demands. Greenpeace will continue to monitor Costco to make sure that it follows through with their proposed changes.

This is a huge victory! There are only so many fish in the sea and Costco is taking a big step towards making their industry as sustainable as possible.

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W. C
W. Cabout a month ago

Thank you.

William C
William Cabout a month ago


Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Caitlin C.
Caitlin C6 years ago

I don't shop there because I don't live near one.

Frank B.
Frank Bartlo6 years ago

Good on Costco!

I've heard they pay people better than other similar stores, too. I'll make it a point to choose Costco over other similar and similarly located stores.

Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

This is a start. Thank you for the posting.

Kathy M.
Kathy M6 years ago

I do not shop at costco but I do like that they are willing to change. 2 Thumbs up for Costco and Green Peace !!!!!

How is Walmart in the fish dept?

Adrienne Boyars
Adrienne Boyars6 years ago

This is important, as COSTCO is a major retailer. It is good that they are setting a better example for sustainability. I applaud their decision.

Christine F.

Well done, Costco - I hope the policy applies over here in the UK, as well.
And that there will no longer be advertising of "Fresh Fish" from places like the Indian Ocean - no way is it fresh, even if it's been flown here!

Chris E.
Chris E.6 years ago

Consumers appreciate Costco finally setting a positive example for other retailers.