Could This New Pill Prevent HIV?

In what may be a radical breakthrough in AIDS prevention research, researchers have announced that taking a daily pill containing two HIV drugs can reduce the risk of contracting the disease by 44% – and by more than 70% if subjects take most of the drugs.  The study included 2,500 high-risk gay men, but the researchers hope that the results will also be true for other populations.

In the wake of other potential preventive measures against AIDS, including a microbial gel that was shown to help protect women from contracting the virus, this is yet another step in the process toward medical prevention of HIV/AIDS.  But it’s also important to realize that these medical solutions are not a cure-all, and that they need to be paired with sex education, contraception, and treatment.

As Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, commented, “No single prevention strategy is going to be effective for everyone, and it is important to note that the new findings pertain only to…men who have sex with men.”

But this is also a potentially revolutionary drug, assuming it works for other populations, which the researchers have no reason to believe it will not.  A separate study is now under way for women.  The subjects in this study will be followed for the next 18 months to monitor for long-term effects; the initial side effects, however, were mild.

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Jackie B.
Jackie Bush7 years ago

I wish the media would stop giving everybody false hope on these so called new cure that may have been discovered! They have been repeating themselves on this issue with a cure for HIV for nearly 30 years now and it's getting pretty old!

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado7 years ago

No sex means no aids and other related diseases and to include no drugs.

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga7 years ago

An Ozzie dr. noticed an asian nation didn't have the same aids problems as it's neighbours. Research established that the women there had a practice of douching with lemon juice to prevent pregnancy.
Not only was this effective but the custom also prevented syphilis, ghonorea aids etc.
His findings were published, and passed the peer review process
but of course there is no profit for BIG PHARMA in it,
so it remains relatively unknown, and educators and doctors don't (pardon the pun) disseminate the info.
Sad indictment, but true.

Priscilla G.
Priscilla G7 years ago

This sound like a promising step forward in reducing the spread of this disease.

John Doe
james rico7 years ago

a well know holistic radio host says that the aids test is fruaglent with many false positives and also if you ever get one make sure it annanomus cause the goverment wants all medical records to go on line that means it can be hacked and you could be compromized by someone also you will be on a medical shit list that when you go to a new doctor he will judge you by this phony test before you even see him and as every other doctor you see and if you get into an accident god help you as they could easly write you off you will be in fact like the untouchables are in india and they will not be too qwick to save you as you are allready presumed half dead and there is the fear factor that it cauld spread to the doctors you are then a prsuana nongrata not to mention that if you like most are uninformed about aids the fear inself can have a deadly toll

John B.
John B7 years ago

Would anyone really trust Big Pharma to produce a new miracle drug?
They have created thalidimide, ritalin, zoloff, paxil and a host of other drugs that have left a trail of dead bodies or ruined lives in their wake. When it comes to the people who promote drugs, I have scraped nicer things off the bottom of my shoe walking through a pasture.
The drug companies always have the newest and latest wonder drug and then about 6 weeks after it has hit the market the problems with the drug begin coming to light and then in another 6-8 weeks the problems are far outweighing any benefit of the new wonder drug and usually a year or two later it is litigated into the ether and by that time a few new wonder drugs have arisen and are going through this exact same process.
Since this is drug only works on gays, if I were gay I'd be terrified to take this thing. It does not make a lot of sense.

John Doe
james rico7 years ago

emaneual makes the most sence of all you bloggers as i said before read the great aids haox be tc fry he wrote that back in the late 80/s and his profiphy came so true he was as correct then as now when are you sheep going to see threw allopathic medicine for the fraud and lies that it is thats all they were ever about culling people in one way or another when aids came along it was a bonanza for them even though they cause it by weaking people immune systems with their vaccinatations and over use on antibiotics if you give antibiotics long enough it destroys the bodys own defences aids is a nutrition disease yet the md/s just try to confuse the gullible of which there are many they make things complcated so they can fool the masses they never would tell how animal protiens drugs of all kinds and sugar enerating things like alchol can weaken the body they do not want to rock their lavish boat and after all its all one big circle eat meat get std/s and take drugs to cure them i beleave they do want to cull people out for many reason money and nazi policys maybe they are tring to build a master race i heard that sperm banks will test for all kinds of things maybe they have that kind of an agenda for the future

Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

I really wonder how these drugs are tested. Take this statement:

"taking a daily pill containing two HIV drugs can reduce the risk of contracting the disease by 44%."

To make that claim, I would need two study groups, paired off into HIV-positive and HIV-negative couples. I would give the drug to one group and a placebo to the other. Then I would instruct them to have unprotected sexual intercourse and compare the successful HIV transmissions in each group.

That study would be horribly unethical, and yet, I cannot imagine another way to conduct it while retaining scientific integrity.


Jeffrey M, Bachelors of Math, Honours, Co-op

Emanuel v.
Emanuel v.7 years ago

Don't be stupid!!! Another scam drug to maim and kill people. Keep swallowing those pills and injecting those vaccines. Sooner or later they will kill you. AIDS or no AIDS.That's the plan anyway. Keep believing in the breakthroughs that are designed never to materialise. Don't you know about the UN Agenda 21? It incorporates a massive global cull....which includes you and me!

Charles E.
Charles E7 years ago

This is not said from a judgemental place but I've found that total celibacy completely eliminates risk on both sides. Too, 1 Atripla per day keeps the little invaders undetectable.