Coyote Attacks Result in Police Shooting Animals on Sight

According to the Huffington post, the upstate New York suburb of Rye is experiencing a problem with coyotes getting too close for comfort.

Two young girls in Rye have been attacked by coyotes in the past month, and police have been given permission to shoot coyotes on sight — and also kill coyotes who have been trapped. Authorities are urging parents to keep their children indoors in the evenings and to keep an extra close eye on kids they allow to play outside.

The most feasible explanation is simply that the coyotes have become so used to being around humans, scrounging for food and not being shot at, that they are no longer afraid of people. As a result, they have become more and more brazen, exhibiting behaviors such as attacking children.

But the natural human pattern is to continuously expand our territory. We constantly turn wild areas into rural human areas, and then into suburban human areas, and finally into urban human areas. We as a species spread over every inch of the planet and there comes a time when wildlife can’t retreat anymore and animals start to encroach back. We see this with many different species, as we try to claim more and more wild areas — humans clash with bears, wolves, and all other manner of animals. We think of ourselves as the superior species on the planet and we expect that the land exists for us to live on and every other species better make way for our arrival.

Obviously I’m not at all happy to see children attacked by coyotes, but humans need to stop acting like we are the only species on the planet. These kinds of attacks are symptoms of a larger problem: we can’t seem to check our own expansion voluntarily. I can’t back the vilification of coyotes when human beings are destroying and paving more and more animal habitats by the day. We are not innocent here.

Wild animals are wild animals, and you can neither blame them nor vilify them for doing what wild animals do. Humans have been on the offensive for a long time in the battle for territory. Once in a while an animal is going to bite back.

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colleen prinssen
colleen p6 years ago

coyotes are adapting to urban areas like pidgon or squirrel
sad to see them go criminal.
I like them, the're cool. but I also have a pelt of one.

Elizabeth P.
.7 years ago

There is always a nonviolent solution if people would commit to finding it. And it is the least we owe other species when we are the ones to blame for the problems.

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

I hate it that the answer to every animal-related issue seem to be killing the animal... what is wrong with people?

Josie Eldred
Josie Eldred7 years ago

Seems our solution to practically every problem these days is to kill it. What a wonderful species we are.

Linda H.
Linda h7 years ago

"There can be rabid coyotes around here in northern Arizona, so rather than take the chance, I can see the need to shoot them if they're attacking pets or people.
Believe me, they can be awful. We find coyote poop on our decks and one cut the window screen to get to one of our cats who was sitting on the window sill INSIDE the house.
They're very bold around people.
We hear them at night and it's horrible to hear their prey.... usually rabbits....screaming as they're torn apart by the pack."
You have a wonderful imagination. Coyotes don't kill in packs.

Bonnie S.
Bonnie S7 years ago

I am disgusted by humans' knee-jerk response to kill anything offensive. It's humans who are encroaching on the territory of the wild animals, but typical of humans, the attitude is that if a human wants it, then everything else is expendable. One day the world will wake up to nothing but blacktop, concrete and manmade structures, with nothing wild or natural about anything. That is, IF the planet even survives that long.

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman7 years ago

its too bad that the coyote doesn't have the means to relocate us.....since we are the true invaders.

annie rogers
Andrea rogers7 years ago

we do in fact have the means to relocate these animals to another area. violence with violence is not the solution it is a quick easy fix because we do not want to deal with the mess we as adults have created so we quickly eliminate it, and yes the animal will always lose at the end as they do everyday and oh so do our children we hold so dearly......stop and look out the window- humans hold nothing sacred otherwise we would all not be petioning

Kenneal P.


Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan7 years ago

They should be trapped humanely and released in another area that is suitable for them.