Coyotes Attack Celebrity Dogs

Recently, two celebrities have lost their dogs due to coyote attacks. In some areas of California, coyotes are common, and will take advantage of any chance to get food. Of course the coyotes don’t know the difference between a family pet and their usual prey, so it’s really up to owners to be aware.

The recent attacks of celebrity pets should serve as a reminder to all pet owners to keep an eye on your animals. Be sure you know what kinds of dangers are in your area, including wildlife, as well as other hazzards, and have a plan incase of an emergency.

Jessica Simpson’s dog daisy was taken in front of her eyes, and they are still holding out hope that the dog can be found. They think it was a younger coyote, which might not know to eat the dog.

Sadly, Ozzy and Sharon Osbournes’ dog Little Bit is known not to have survived the attack. They lost their beloved pet in their own back yard. In a side note, the dog loving Ozzy will be donating $10,000 to the Muncie Police Department in Indiana to buy a new police dog. The Osbournes are known dog lovers, with 18 dogs, most from the pound.

If you live in an area where there is wildlife, please get to know what you can do to protect your pets and yourself. The authorities in California have issued some guidelines for owners in coyote filled areas. You can check with your local state department of animal services for information about your area. With proper education, people, pets, and wildlife can more peacefully coexist.

Christopher Bruno


colleen prinssen
colleen p7 years ago

what a shame that the only way some can get attintion is to launch attacks on the famous.

and a good thing for people to wake up to see animals are animals, and don't have "pacts" a wolf will eat a fox, a coyote will eat a imbred, runt dog.

wasn't Jessica known for being stupid with her pets? being eaten by coyotes would be doing them a good thing then.

Kera Frontz
Kera Frontz7 years ago

I think we need to help the wildlife to keep our own pets safe.

Kristen R.
Kristen R8 years ago

Sad...we need to stop building on the constantly decreasing wilderness.

Jeannie Hernandez
Jean M8 years ago

Humans keep taking over more & more land.The animals have run out of food,shelter & safety.Then these poor animals are killed for trying to survive.People still have'nt learned to watch out & protect their amnimals.Never leave any kind of pet-which is not a good term-we are their guardians,parents-out alone & unattended.They are hurt & kileed by other animals & people steal them & throw poison to them,ect.

Scott L.
Scott L8 years ago

I dont think it is a coyote problem...I think its a human problem. If Ozzy and Jessica want to build their mansions in a wilderness area they should at least learn a little about nature first.

Barbara V.
Barbara V8 years ago

We have a coyote problem way up here too, usually around wintertime, but I am a stickler for my cats coming in at night. I am genuinely sorry about the celeb's dogs, but why doesn't Sarah Palin's killing of all those wolves in Alaska and the no-necks killing of them in Idaho make the headlines? Something doesn't quite add up here.

johnnie W.
johnnie W8 years ago

yes I guess I am what people would call a worry wart, but before I let my 2 little dogs go outside and I always go with them, I make sure my neighbors dogs are not out. They have 3 very large dogs and maybe that would not hurt a fly (per by neighbor) I have seen them playing with each other and am sure it would do one of my little ones in. So I also go out with them till its time for them to come in and if the big dogs come out in we go. I live in the suburbs, but not where there is any chance of a coyote getting them but one never knows, I had a friend that someone took her yorkie out of the back yard in a flash, she was only in the house for a drink of water. So I never leave them I love them and I want them to be with me.

Loretta Collins
Loretta C8 years ago

You hear about this a lot in Flordia where animals are on the bank and a aligator comes up and gets them. Predators are just that predators.

It is the owners responsiblity to keep their animals in the house or at least get the yard fenced in.

On our farm we have Pyranies dogs (affectionaly known as The Nasty Boys)to guard our goats from those kind attacks. One day a coyote got in the pen looking for lunch and it got extremely ugly. Needless to say the coyote did not win.

Shelley M.
Shelley M.8 years ago

I have dingoes they are a natural preditor. If I took them somewhere that wild dingoes were, they to would be killed. territory etc. Only thing is we are running out of pure wild dingoes. One thing that would help is responseabilty of dog ownership. Keeep dogs on lead in public. Keep dogs safe on owners property. I cant even walk my dingoes anywhere that is safe from other domestic dogs. Even on my property, other dogs roam on. Sucks as I have an enclosure worth more than my house. Please obey the law. The world would be horrid without coyoes, wolves and dingoes.OZZy wolves dont bark at the moon they howl. My dingoes love heavy metal. They howl to Cheap Trick,Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper and Broderick Smith from the band The Dingoes, he's going to listen to a performance by my lot covering one of thier songs. Not so big on cover bands but this is a tad different. they need the original bands backing up. Prince the male dingo loves harmonies so he often likes the sppy romantic stuff.
Yes Prince is named after the purple Prince(hope the hips are OK)
got my boy after see Prince. PLEASE EVERYONE RESPECT THOSE WILD ANIMALS. AS FAMOUS PEOPLE YOU HAVE THE POWER TO INFLUENCE THE MASSES. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD. LETS GIVE THE PAPPARAZZI SOME NON CONTROVERSY. CUTE AND RESPONSIBLE. human arrogance has ruled this world long enough. Now we are at the piont of no return. Human keep stuffing up and all creatures will suffer. There is NO ECONOMY WITHOUT ECOLGY.


Vivian K.
Vivian K8 years ago

The only solution is to remove the encroaching animal (humans) from the natural predators territory. Or course this is not going to happen as we forget and keep insisting on living where we don't belong, creating our domain completely out of proportion to our necessity and confusing what we desire with what we truly need. The coyote feels hunger and it will feed and I doubt that its' survival instinct are so finely tuned to distinguish "pet" from food. What can we expect. I agree to capture the animals causing this harm but we are going after the wrong one, let us put in place limited growth boundaries around large cities and give the animals that live in the area a proper chance. Human beings are worse that rabbits when it comes to populating the earth and we don't need to keep expanding our territory!