Cradle to Cradle House Materials

Highland Craftsmen is a company that makes extraordinary products that will help support a future that we can all live in.” Chris McCurry, co-owner of Highland Craftsmen Inc, talks about her company with such passion that it’s hard not to be energized. But she’s not just ideals. “We’ve gotten on the ground and have worked through issues and problems. We’ve created real, live working solutions to some of the problems that have persisted for the home industry and our community.”

Highland Craftsmen, Inc. has designed, manufactured and sold Bark House® brand architectural elements to building, design and furniture professionals, as well as individuals, since 1990. Creating quality products to take us into the future, this B Corp strives to grow while looking at the bigger picture. Highland Craftsmen is a holistic company, refusing to be singularly driven.  In fact, to match the culture of their community and support its goals, they are involved in the local effort to improve water quality. Believing that our society is on the precipice of some amazing changes, Highland Craftsmen is constantly searching for ways to be part of the transformation.

Highland Craftsmen was introduced to the B Corporation concept during their Crade2Cradle certification. McCurry soon became a supporter.  “B Corp is one of certifying bodies that actually gets behind the people who are certified. [It] is at the top of my list.” Aside from the usefulness of the B Impact Assessment, Highland Craftsmen also values the robustness of the auditing process and the sense of community. The B Corporation certification helps to recognize peers who share similar values and goals.

Soon Highland Craftsmen, Inc. will be expanding their product offerings through the creation of Bark House Supply Co. Home accessory and lifestyle items will further enhance and develop their Bark House brand. To stay aligned with the existing philosophy, this B Corp will work to source materials and manufacture locally while create products that are helpful. The ultimate goal is to “love all the children, of all species, for all time.” A truly worthy aspiration.

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Carla Manning
Carla M6 years ago

beautiful ultimate goal..keep up the great work Chris!

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Excellent article, offering some hope for the future.

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Solar and wind power should be used sooo much more in various areas and worldwide

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Wind power and solar energy are awesome i wish to live enough to see it like something common for everybody!!!

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thanks for the info. Solar and wind power should be used sooo much more in various areas and worldwide.

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