Deadbeat Tea Party Congressman Gets ‘Family’ Award

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) owes his ex-wife $117,000 in child support. But according to the Family Research Council (FRC), he deserves an award for “unwavering support of the family.”

The award, says FRC President Tony Perkins, is for voting “to repeal Obamacare, de-fund Planned Parenthood, end government funding for abortion within the health care law, uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and continue support for school choice.”

In 2010, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) formally categorized the FRC as a “hate group.”

Walsh said he was proud to be awarded “as the only member from Illinois with a 100 percent pro-family voting record.”

“Defending American values have always been one of my top priorities, and this reward reaffirms my dedication to that fight,” he said.

Last week, Walsh said of his Republican primary opponent in his campaign for re-election:

“If he raises his voice and calls into question who I am as a father, I’ll punch him in the face, figuratively speaking.”

Walsh has claimed that he had a “verbal agreement” to not pay the court-ordered money and he’s accused ex-wife Laura Walsh and her attorney of breaking state law by “blatantly and knowingly submitting false information in her pleading.”

Since they divorced, Laura Walsh has gone to court every few years to get her money and this has led to his wages being garnished.

He stopped making payments altogether in March of 2008, telling her he “had no income.” She went back to court when she discovered that Walsh had lent his Congressional campaign $35,000.

Walsh has suggested the issue of non-payment of child support has come to the fore for political reasons, but Laura Walsh’s attorney, Jack Coladarci, said his client began working on the claim back when Joe Walsh was largely unknown, when the campaiagn loan was discovered.

“Last year, when she came to us, nobody thought he was going to win that race,” Coladarci said. “This wasn’t going after a congressman — it was about a guy who had enough money to fund a campaign.”

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Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer6 years ago

Nancy L.,

There are no jobs.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

I wonder what drugs these republicans are on. They are psychotic.

Susanne R.
Susanne R6 years ago

If the Family Research Council ever had any credibility, it doesn't any more.

"Walsh said he was proud to be awarded 'as the only member from Illinois with a 100 percent pro-family voting record.'”

Another politician who doesn't practice what he preaches.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Send the bigot, racist, tbagger straight to jail!

Jeanne M.
Jeanne M6 years ago

Unwavering support of 'Family' in the abstract does not compensate for failure to support his actual family.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago


TEA party.

Janice Redinger
Janice Redinger6 years ago

He needs to go to jail, like all the rest of the deadbeat dads! But, because he is rich, he will not. So, what about his kids? Do they know what a deadbeat he is?
Figures some republican would want to keep all his "hard earned" money.

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Donald B.
Donald Burnison6 years ago

One more reason why some should not have children, or else not act like this punk and accept the responsibility that goes with child rearing. This guy exposes himself and his hypocrisy every time he opens his mouth. He is another example of the depths to which the republicans will go to get some elected who have their party interests before all else. This guy is a loser and embarrasment to our congress, our country, and our society.

Dan C.
Dan Cas6 years ago

Bruce, I'm happy to see this guy exposed for the elitist that he is. I'm also happy to see exposed the way hate is used to divide and conquer US. If the people are divided, then the rich can rule and if they hate each other for (fill in ridiculous reason here...), then nothing changes. OWS and the people are saying "we see the game and now we will control how it is to be played!"