Denmark’s Shocking New Rules for ‘Ghetto Children’

The United States is not the only country so terrified of immigrants it’s willing to tear their children away. In Denmark, a new set of rules exclusively for immigrant families would effectively do just that, although without the risk of losing the children entirely. That’s an exclusively American travesty.

Like many European countries, Denmark is terrified that its entire population no longer looks and thinks identically and has enacted new rules to combat this dire situation.

These rules specifically impact what both the government and media call “ghetto” neighborhoods, in which low-income immigrant “ghetto parents” and their “ghetto children” live.

One such rule requires “ghetto children,” once they turn one year old, to be separated from their families for at least 25 hours a week—not including nap time—in order to receive instruction in “Danish values.” Topics include the Danish language, as well as traditions like Christmas and Easter. How infants would benefit from these lessons more than from being with their parents is unclear.

“Ghetto parents” who do not comply risk losing their welfare benefits. Non-immigrant parents can choose whether or not they send their children to preschool up until age six.

This law is one of 22 proposals targeting immigrants, called the “ghetto package,” affecting 25 areas which have high populations of low-income, Muslim families.

One law would allow courts to double the punishment for crimes taking place in one of these neighborhoods. Another would allow four year prison sentences for immigrant parents who take their children on longer trips to their home countries, because these trips damage their “schooling, language and well-being.”

Again, it is unclear how children would benefit more from their parents being imprisoned. It almost seems as if none of this is actually for the sake of children. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Other laws would allow for increased surveillance of affected families. Some proposals also included 8 pm curfews for “ghetto children.”

“We call them ‘ghetto children, ghetto parents,’ it’s so crazy,” Yildiz Akdogan, a Danish Social Democrat, told The New York Times. “It is becoming a mainstream word, which is so dangerous. People who know a little about history, our European not-so-nice period, we know what the word ‘ghetto’ is associated with.”

What’s perhaps most absurd about these laws is that many immigrants were put in these neighborhoods by the government, and then vilified by the government for living there. Many would like to leave but can’t afford to do so.

Creating a separate, punitive set of rules is not the way to encourage immigrants to integrate but to further isolate them and create resentment on both sides.

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Marie W
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Thank you.

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I find it sad, too.

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john casablanca
john casablancaabout a year ago

Brian F. - didn't realize until today, Friday, July 13, 2018 that you had replied to my comment. But read my response and very carefully - I have been to more Scandinavian countries and dealt with more people in those countries then you have ever been to. I was in oil for over 25 years and one of my positions was Chartering Manager, in which I would charter oil tankers for various oil companies throughout the world. Countries such as Norway and Sweden had some of the most modern tanker fleets available, and it was the company's policy that at least once a year we would have to visit with our corresponding brokers in the various countries. So, no, you know nothing about my background or where I have been, you just like to make things up to suit your own gratification. Once again you haven't responded, as to where you have been in the world. You have a mental problem, if as you have stated, that I am a bigot, then that would make you a bigger liar and RACIST then Don, the Con. All, you live for is the past -WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE - OTHER THEN REMINISCE ABOUT BERNIE and what could have been, might have been or should have been - get yourself back into the world of reality.
John C./Houston, Tx.

ANA MARIJA Rabout a year ago

Thank you for common sence comments heather g, Karen and Ed O, Annabel B....
P.s. Ignorance is A Choice... at our age and in 2018. a conscious one

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Annabel Bedini
Annabel Bediniabout a year ago

Mark Verbossche
The quick answer to your question is that most of the states you mention won't take in refugees. They are scared of sectarian violence and upsetting delicately balanced demographics.

Mark Verbossche
Mark Verbosscheabout a year ago

If muslims don't like this, then why don't they go and live in stable muslim countries which are far closer than Denmark to where they flee from, and where they will feel more at home in the culture, like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh. There are plenty of islamic countries to choose from, but they immigrate to Europe and then complain about the host countries...some people will never be satisfied and will always have a chip on their shoulder.

Annabel Bedini
Annabel Bediniabout a year ago

Brian F
Birmigham: latest available figures, Christians 46.1%, Muslims 21.8%

As John Casablanca says, rape figures put the U.S. at the top of the table and the rapists are NOT Muslim immigrants. One rapist who happens to be Muslim does not make all Muslims rapists. He, like other rapists, is simply a man. The immigrants who mistook scanty dressing to mean sexual availability have learned their lesson and it hasn't happened since that Christmas evening in Cologne.

There's no point in arguing with you because you have made up your mind to believe the worst unfounded rumours about Muslims. But I ask you, are the law-abiding Muslims who have been living peacefully in the US for many decades all rapists and jihadists, threatening you and your way of life? The answer is NO. I wish you and people like you would stop fomenting the hatred and fear that lead to confrontation and violence. Believe me, we can live in tolerance and peace side by side.

Peggy B
Peggy Babout a year ago