Rep. Denny Rehberg Running Against Jon Tester in Montana

More 2012 senate races are starting to become clearer, as Republican Representative Denny Rehberg of Montana has announced an interest in running against sitting Democratic senator Jon Tester.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) has announced that he will take on Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) in 2012.

The six-term Congressman will formally declare his candidacy Saturday night, but told the Billings Gazette of his electoral plans earlier in the day.

“If this is a campaign on the issues with two contrasting philosophies, I better represent the state of Montana,” Rehberg said.

He argued that having Montana represented by two Democrats — Tester and Sen. Max Baucus — is limiting the state, and that Montana’s residents want a new approach.

“We essentially have one senator, two people voting the same way, doing the same thing,” Rehberg said. “It’s contrary to what Montana people want. Stop the spending, slow down the spending, find waste, fraud and abuse and right the ship.”

Every candidate searches for a good reason to run, but as far as justification goes, Rehberg’s is pretty bad.  If it was really important for every state to have two senators voting different ways, we wouldn’t have elections, we would simply appoint a senator from each party from every state into the senate.  If voters want a different voice, they’ll say so at the ballot box.

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Theresa T.
Theresa T5 years ago

Senator Tester listens, cares, and makes sound rational decisions for the good of all. His party affiliation is secondary.

Toni Clark
Toni C6 years ago

You made some good points, Jay... sorry I could only give you one green star!
Personally, I'm damned tired of the Republicans "better than thou" attitudes, their anti- this and anti- that, pushing Big Oil, and wanting absolute control, even if they have to cut off their own noses to get it. They're running this country in the ground...

Arvin E.
Arvin E.6 years ago

Western Mont. is okay it has University in Missoula. Eastern Mont. is farm/ranch and they have "Cow Pie U" in Bozeman.
Mont. has one of the best constitutions in the nation, written in about '73 and is one of two states that has money in the bank with balanced budgets. And this is after Enron raped the Montana Power Co.
So despite our "unsophisication" we seem to be doing better than most. But not for much longer since Mont. just installed a Republican congress with a Dem. Gov. and Republican Lt. Gov. let the cow pie fly!

Patricia Herrick
Patricia Herrick6 years ago

Baucus is definitely a RINO, Tester is a Progressive. I still cannot believe that Denny R beat a very progressive in the past election. What is wrong with Montana voters?? One thing is many do not know of Rehberg's "drinking problem" (as one Republican leader put it just before the election. Senator tester seems to be very popular here in Montana, and we can only hope that the idea to vote out the incumbents~~meaning Dems, will be a thing of the past. Denny R needs to go the way of Connie Burns. Max sold us all down the river with his health Care bill. How it became known as 'Obama Care' is a mystery to me.

Arvin E.
Arvin E.6 years ago

Jay P. "Who is voting in Montana?" Farmers and Ranchers who will return Repug to office long as he keeps them thar monies coming their way, which he does. My grandparents home steaded in Mont. grew up on it, and am living here now. Can't express how angry I was when Max had the single payer people thrown out of the health care hearings.
Rehberg was on Flathead lake and whom ever was driving the boat ran it on the rocky shore. Standing joke here in Montana is, What's the newest drink being ordered in the bars in Montana? Ans: Rehberg on the rocks!
They had been drinking and the fellow who when to court got a suspended sentance and record expunged after probation.

Devon N.
Devon N6 years ago

I have to smile at the comment that the two senators from Montana are voting and acting alike. Sen. Baucus is responsible for allowing the health care bill to be hijacked by Chuck Grassley and the GOP's insurance purchase mandate. He is a Blue Dog to the soles of his feet and would be better labeled a Republican than a Democrat. Sen. Testor, while often conservative in many things, has shown a grasp of certain issues that puts him in the pro-environment group and concerned for the small farmers and small businesses of Montana, over multinationals. Both of these two are raving liberals in comparison to Rehberg. One hopes that the people of Montana will not elect a man so far to the right and sacrifice a man who clearly walks a fine line between liberal and conservative points of view for the benefit of Montanans overall.

Fred Urbasek
Past Member 6 years ago

He didn't say it was bad to have two Senators from the same party. He said it was wrong to have them Democrats. I don't know much about Sen. Tester However Sen. Baucus is a DINO.
Remember the hearings on the health reform legislation.

Jay P.
Jay P6 years ago

@David J; you must have read something into Rehberg's statement that the rest of us didn't see. OR, more to the truth, your views are so opposed to fair government that you want only ONE PARTY RULE ... the REPUBLICAN RULE! State your case as to why a ONE PARTY REPUBLICAN rule will solve:
energy crisis, environmental issues, cost of living issues, price of gasoline, enormous military expenditures, enormous tax benefits to the wealthy 2%, enormous tax burden to companies, enormous lessening of civil rights, increases in hate crimes, increases in deaths by guns, increases in armed felonies, increases in foreclosures, increases in unemployment. Let's hear what you have to say.
It will be nothing! Oh but you might counter with the failed economic policies of REAGONOMICS!
Our state of affairs cannot and will not ever be resolved by ONE PARTY.

David J.
David J6 years ago

He wasn't saying that it's bad to have two Senators voting the same way, he was saying it's bad to have two Senators voting for post office health care, cap and tax and a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit. Republicans need to finish house cleaning in 2012 on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

John B.
John B6 years ago

It would be a great savings if each state sent only one representative. One from each party is something that politicians would eat up like crazy as they could waste billions more dollars bringing this together and they would have a greater chance of getting elected. All that is really required is one rational representative who actually represents his constituents rather than merely being a corporate schill.