Did Oklahoma Ban Native American Rights?

Call it the law of unintended consequence, but in a mis-informed rush to protect itself from a “growing menace” of Sharia law, the citizens of Oklahoma may have just banned a whole lot more than an encroaching Islamic presence. 

Under the “Save our State” constitutional amendment Oklahoma courts are forbidden from considering or using international and Sharia law in their rulings.  Unfortunately for Oklahomans, this means they may have undone last year’s Ten Commandments Monument Display Act which ordered the placement of a monument displaying and honoring the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol, certain business interests, and Native American rights.

Because the language in the ban prohibits courts from looking at “legal precepts of other nations or cultures” it could very well prevent courts from applying tribal law in rendering decisions.  Oklahoma has the second largest population of Native Americans in the U.S. and tribes are considered sovereign nations. 

In case it sounds like much ado about nothing, consider that the Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission released an official memo before the election warning that the lack of specific tribal language law could damage the sovereignty of all Oklahoma tribes and is a stark reminder that “some Oklahoma lawmakers forgot that our nation and state were built on the principles, blood and back of other nations and cultures, namely, ou[r] tribes.”

While it is unlikely that a federal court will uphold the law, and in fact, one federal judge has already issued a temporary order blocking the law, these kinds of snarls serve as a good reminder of just what happens when hysteria shows up at the polling place.  There is no evidence of a judicial takeover by Islamic interests nor has there ever been.  Yet for some reason some lawmakers have found great success whipping up unnecessary anti-Islamic frenzy as a means of creating job security.

Here’s hoping that they’ve learned their lesson.

photo courtesy of U.S. Army via Flickr


Lee Hampton
Lee Hampton5 years ago

Islamists not a problem, uh huh.

Tennessee Imam: Jews and Christians Filthy, Their Lives and Property Can Be Taken in Jihad By the Muslims


Rahman Qureshi
Rahman Qureshi5 years ago

Aren't native Americans native to America? The last time I checked, America is in America. America is not foreign to America. However, Shari'a law IS foreign law and because Shari'a law is not innocuous it must be forbidden from being considered in US courts because it conflicts with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Chuck W.
Chuck W5 years ago

Jessica, Kara Vin Kumuno Ena Kukunia!!!

Beth S.
Beth S5 years ago


While I agree STRONGLY that Native Americans' rights are not put on the line, the anti-Islam moves ARE necessary, and they won't necessarily affect Native Americans.

The threat from Islamists is real and growing. Just because you say it's not, as you have for the last three years at least, doesn't mean it isn't.

You seem to be one of Care2's or is that CAIR2's most prominent activists for Islam, and YOU seem ready to be the hysterical one.

Laura T.
Laura T5 years ago

this needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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B. M.
Bette M6 years ago

Phyl H. Good comment. Let us not forget
the U.S. government uses all of what is
taken from the N/A is in turn given all
away to the welfare kings & queens of
the inner city populations only because
they want their votes come election time.

These inner city kings & queens may have
been taken from their country but the N/A
have lost an entire continent to gun packin'
thieves from other countrys such as Spain
and England.

Who gives a sh*t about the N/A? Have you
read or heard of any monumental effort by
this government to help the N/A besides
foodstamps & a monthly check that couldn't
carry the needs of everyday living.

I personally would love to see a N/A be elected
president of this country & that would be the
grandest presidential election of all!!!!!!

How proud I would be for their people.
And it would not be rigged as the last two
elections have been.

Wherever you go their once was a forest.
Plant & protect Danny's trees for life.
Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Phyl M.
Bul M6 years ago

The US gov STOLE native American lands & took them away from their lands. US govt takes
$ from taxpayers & gives it to illegals & foreign countries. The US gov is taking away all of our rights.

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.