Did the Greek Coast Guard Really Try to Sink a Refugee Boat?

Disturbing footage recently released by the Turkish government purports to show a ship marked as Greek Coast Guard attempting to sink a boat filled with refugees in the Aegean Sea.

The video shows the Greek ship sidling up to an inflatable raft, puncturing the craft with what appears to be a nautical hook and then departing the scene.

Fortunately, a Turkish vessel arrived soon after and pulled all 58 migrants from the raft, which was rapidly taking on water. Unsurprisingly, the Greek Coast Guard has roundly rejected these shocking allegations, suggesting the video may have been doctored. Turkish officials maintain that it is legitimate, noting that video documentation is made of every naval rescue effort.

Watch the controversial video for yourself below:

It might be easier to dismiss this video as a fake if this were not the first time the Greek Coast Guard had been accused of such heinous acts. In addition to the reports from Turkish officials saying they have heard of various other cases of migrant boat sinkings, a video captured by Turkish fishermen in August shows a Greek vessel apparently puncturing an inflatable boat transporting migrants and leaving:

Regardless of whether or not these videos are genuine, the fact that they seem even remotely plausible speaks volumes about how Europe and indeed the West in general are responding to the rising Middle East migrant crisis.

European countries like Hungary, Slovenia and Austria have taken to poking holes in refugee rafts in their own ways. Border fences have been erected and staffed by security forces with the aim of simply shutting out these refugees; as these countries have coldly explained, without shame, the migrant crisis just isn’t their problem.

Such hardheartedness has also found its way across the Atlantic. Following the recent Paris attacks, American citizens and their leaders have ratcheted up their hysteria regarding Syrian refugees — regardless of the complete lack of rationality underlying that panic.

In addition to the highly contentious and completely illegal push by dozens of United States governors to reject Syrian refugees, some lawmakers have even suggested collecting and either interning or deporting migrants. Tennessee House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada says his state should activate the Tennessee National Guard to forcibly take recent refugees to federal immigration centers. “They’re not coming to Tennessee, they’re yours,” Casada would explain to the federal government, he claims.

Poll-leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made somewhat similar remarks. When asked about whether he believes Muslims in the United States should be tracked as part of some sort of database, Trump replied that “there should be a lot of systems, beyond databases.” Critics have compared such a notion to the registration of Jewish citizens that took place in Nazi-dominated Germany.

Right now the West is facing a global humanitarian crisis the likes of which may seem familiar to historians of U.S. actions before and during World War II — when the government rounded up Japanese citizens and interned them; when Jewish refugees were turned away and sent back to Europe to die.

With anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiments gaining traction quickly in the United States and a surprising lack of condemnation, how long before acts akin to those of the Greek Coast Guard suddenly seem to reside in a gray area — or, worse, are actually popularly accepted by Americans?

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Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

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Jane R.
Jane R2 years ago

How horrible! If this actually happened it's outright murder! I feel so bad for these people. What is wrong with everyone today that another person's life doesn't matter?

Will Rogers
Will Rogers2 years ago

If you have ever been to Greece you would see that the Greeks have hated the Arabs for years! They hate Muslims as much as the Nazis hated the Jews! They must be desperate if they even want to step foot in that place! This time they were spotted, but don't think that this is a one off...

Kamia T.
Kamia T2 years ago

Trying to literally kill illegal immigrants is repulsive. I understand Greece wanting to reject them, however, because they're in a bankruptcy state themselves now, and simply have no resources. But sinking a raft is repugnant!

Carole R.
Carole R2 years ago

Wow ... it does look that way but things are not always as they seem. So, who knows?

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thank you

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Very disturbing