Tofu is the Gay Meat?

Advertising agency Scholz & Friends has issued an apology for designing an ad declaring that tofu is the “gay meat.”†According to Pink News, the ad showed a steak branded with the words “Tofu ist schwules fleisch” for a restaurant chain, Maredo. The ad has not actually been used but appeared on the website of Art Directors Club website after the Scholz & Friends won a silver prize in an advertising competition.

The ad “efficiently manages to offend gays and soya bean fans in only four words,” as Pink News puts it.

On Monday, Maredo released a†statement saying that the ad’s message is “not compatible with our corporate philosophy” and that had never used the ad. But as†Der Spiegel notes, the uproar over the image is turning into a PR headache for the restaurant chain.†While noting that the company is not homophobic, one person points out that †Maredo†does use factory-farm meat; an†avid discussion continues on Twitter at #tofuschwuchtel.

The ad was visible on the website from 2009 until this week along with other images for a possible ad campaign and there were apparently no complaints. Maredo says that it had never seen the image. Another idea for the ad campaign was the equally tasteless “If you do not animals, why are they made of meat?” (“Wenn man Tiere nicht essen soll, warum sind sie dann aus Fleisch?”).

Scholz & Friends has said of the ad “We would not do that today, and regret that the feelings of homosexual people were hurt.” No matter: as†one Twitter user observes “The Web never forgets, even things that never really were” (“Das Web vergisst nichts, sogar Dinge, die es nie wirklich gab:”).

Certainly Maredo and†Scholz & Friends won’t be forgetting that lesson anytime soon.

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Tahni W5 years ago

I am soy-intolerant but not intolerant of anyone who enjoys it.

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

A repulsive ad on several levels.

John S.
Past Member 5 years ago

The other day I thought about taking someone's seat on the train, but didn't, so I guess I better go and find them to apologize.

Francesca S.
Francesca Smith5 years ago

what even..

John Doe
james rico5 years ago

for those that want fermented soy you can make your own just put some. soy yogurt on your tofu or in your soy milk and put in frige overnight and it becomes fermented. you can add seaweed jell and arrowroot powder to it and make pudding with it

Gabrielle D.
Past Member 5 years ago

I read the ad, and if I'm translating accurately, the copy could be read as either "Tofu is meat FOR gays" or "Tofu is meat FROM gays". (The German word is "Fleisch", meaning both "meat" and "flesh".) The second translation seems much more off-putting.

Nina Anghel
Nina Anghel5 years ago

Tofu is the best meat.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

Tofu is like eating a sponge

Kat Head
Katherine H5 years ago

Tofu is the best meat.

Dale Overall

Advertisers quite often manage to offend with their usual boring and pointless advertising-go most of the ads on TV and then ponder what is in the minds of the people writing these things.
Just another example of annoying advertising finding another way to annoy and offend...