Dispatches From The War On Women: Clinic Bombs And Torture Machines

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

On Sunday a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood was bombed, providing another terrifying example that the war on women is real.

Missouri advances a bill that would let employers deny coverage for birth control unless an employee provides proof she’s using the pill for medicinal reasons.

The ACLU helped a South Carolina mother-of-two avoid a state-coerced C-section.

One doctor offers a sobering conclusion on the direction of the practice of reproductive medicine, describing how mandatory ultrasound laws turn ultrasounds into “torture machines”

It’s really expensive defending patently unconstitutional abortion restrictions, but that’s not stopping Oklahoma.

An Alabama anti-abortion group is trying a sneaky approach to personhood: embracing a “chemical endangerment of children” law to grant legal personhood to fertilized eggs.

Mitt Romney’s SuperPAC donated to a race-baiting anti-gay group, which gives us an even clearer image of who would shape President Romney’s domestic policy

More evidence of a pay gulf for women, even in the board room. Only 4 of the top 30 Washington lobby groups have female CEO’s, and even those women can’t get paid like their male peers. New research shows those women make on average just 57% of what their male counterparts make.

As the Masters Tournament gets ready to start, it’s important to remember that the Augusta golf club hosting is still totally sexist.

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Il) finds the fact that his rival Democrat Tammy Duckworth, who lost two limbs fighting in Iraq, well….ehhh.

Finally, The Susan G. Komen Foundation would like Congress to know that it’s terribly sorry for playing politics with women’s health care if it means they can have more money from Washington.

In the good news front, President Obama lends his support to Planned Parenthood in a new video.

Women got another win in court as a Louisiana federal court ruled the state can’t enforce a 1997 law that allows malpractice lawsuits against abortion doctors even when there are no allegations of negligence or poor care because such a law is unconstitutional. Essentially, this was the opposite bill of what’s been advancing in places like Kansas and Arizona. Instead of shielding doctors who lie or withhold information from women to prevent an abortion, the Louisiana law allowed doctors to be sued for the mere act of performing an abortion.

Please come back tomorrow for the latest in the best and the worst in the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!

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Ryana Rogers
Ryana Rogers5 years ago

well Elaine your a freaking psycho if you think that bombing in the way people like you make me sick you come in and think its ok EVEN IF ITS AFTER HRS REALLY???? ARE YOU STUPID? OR PSYCHO? Steve P your a freaking loon I'm so sick of you pro- life fruit loops this jsut proves your the loons ! not us were not bombing things isn't it funny how? you pro-life freaks only care about a fetus when its inside the woumb but once its out how cares? do u freaks ever consider that these People have children , or husbands families at home? do u care ? or how about this what if one of those peole who work there is pregant ? and what if the bomb wold have killed the woman? and the fetus? is that ok? so next time you freak shows think its ok to kill something because your hiding behind your god to be hateful think about the other peole you hurt not just them!

Midge C.
Midge C5 years ago

you bet your ass it's for a medical reason....and a damned good one too

i work with men and get paid less for same. bottom line I love going to work...so i guess the moral superiority is worth lots. :-) women should start they're own businesses or consider working in other countries.

boy's and golf...who cares, groups are gonna meet...like nascar...or sewing circles.

Scarlet P.
Scarlet P.5 years ago


Cousin It Addams
Cousin It Addams5 years ago

how DARE anyone say they're pro-LIFE when they use violence that can take lives to prove the point. that's terrorism. planned parenthood does alot more than abortions. i've met women whose life got saved by cancer screenings there. bombing planned parenthood or making it illegal will cost lives. but since it's really pro-fetus-life, who cares if some poor women die, or an innocent person gets blown up?

Cousin It Addams
Cousin It Addams5 years ago

"As muslim it is important that the westerners have access to abortions."
that means exactly what you thought, and they don't need a majority to start making your world conform to sharia (about 5% and you'll hardly recognize your hometown). this is one reason they won't join the infidel dogs on the pro-life bandwagon, even though they oppose abortion for their own kind.

"In Islam we may discipline a wayward woman but once impregnated they are a shrine to Allah until the life enters this world on it's own."
and at that point the wayward woman can be hanged, stoned or honor killed and the baby, once breastfed by a relative, becomes the child of that relative. there's not likely to be any repercussion to the wayward man that got the wayward woman pregnant. and by "wayward woman", we're including rape victims in that too.

"We love our children and do not fault them for their very existence."
do ALL muslims really love their kids? because strapping bombs to a 6 year old or teaching a twelve year old (6th grader) to behead people sounds abusive to me. aren't parents or family who honor kill a girl for being too western faulting her for having a personality of her own?

just like the "pro-lifers". the unborn baby must live, but once it's born who cares if it starves, or gets educated or even lives to adulthood.

Iona S.
Iona S.5 years ago

Islam M. -

"As muslim it is important that the westerners have access to abortions."

Are you saying this because you feel that by this means there will be dwindling numbers of westerners but more muslims as muslims don't abort?

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

Why is every issue turned into a war?

Stephanie Hungerford

I am pro life but not pro bomb. I think that is totally wrong. I hate that there is a pay gulf between women and men in the same jobs

Janice F.
Janice Forester5 years ago

I think most of these "pro life" groups are anything but when they bomb planned parenthood buildings

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

I thought the republicans didn't like government intrusion? unless you are a woman or gay or a minority or poor.