Dispatches From The War On Women: Florida’s Public Health Crisis

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The state of Florida is in the grips of a tuberculosis outbreak that was made much worse thanks to the tea party policies of Gov. Rick Scott. Not only have health officials sat on a report warning of widespread TB circulation, the state has slated for closure the one hospital equipped to deal with such a catastrophe.

The more women voters learn about Mitt Romney the less they like him which is why Planned Parenthood is making sure women voters in swing states like Iowa and Florida know as much about Romney’s record as possible.

We should also make sure independent voters know as much about Romney’s supporters as they do Romney’s positions. Afterall, thanks to the Koch brothers Romney raised about $3 million in one fundraiser where his supporters lamented the poor, uneducated common people who just don’t “get it.”

Meanwhile Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer (R) ups the ante in her state’s fight against same-sex benefits.

Indiana’s attempts to block Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood were rebuffed. Again.

What do bovine rights have to do with abortion rights?

As Catholic hospitals continue to push for mergers and consolidations with non-religious affiliates abortion access becomes more restricted. Which is exactly the point.

A reality tv show based on women who breastfeed children well past infancy is probably the last thing we need to help de-stigmatize breastfeeding and promote healthy discourse around the issues.

Can we just agree that there’s no real “right” or “correct” time to have kids?

Serena Williams won her fifth Wimbeldon title over the weekend, and Dave Zirin at The Nation offers this great piece on how Title IX makes the case for the need for an Equal Rights Amendment.

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Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

Remove Rick Scott

Sije Dijkstra
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Karen J.
Karen J5 years ago

Rick Scott has also attacked community mental health care, union jobs, food stamps, the environment, and the list goes on. People need to start thinking about who they vote for instead of what party they belong to. It is sad to see so many middle class people voting against themselves because they look down at those who have less and blame them for the financial problems. Time to start reading and learning and stop believing that "Fox" news tells the truth.

stewart s.
stew s5 years ago

This right-wing pointy- headed POS rat bastard Scott should be tried for crimes against humanity and then summarily exectued!!

Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago


Karen B.
Karen Bennick5 years ago

it feels so good to vent about this corrupt person. Wish I could vote in Florida. My two sons there will help vote rich scott out of office. Another relative, not so smart, will cancel out one of their votes.
Please help to get out the Democratic vote in Florida.

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.5 years ago

And this is why public health care is needed. This is what Obama is trying to fix.

If a conservative stands in the way of health care, run him/her over, twice if necessary.

Nancy Black
Nancy Black5 years ago

Florida's health problem is having Rick Scott for their governor. They should get rid of that illness in the next election.

Marianne Barto
Marianne B5 years ago

As a Florida resident, I was in shock when he was elected, after his past record. He has done more harm since. I cannot wait until his .term expires. Anyone who voted for this corrupt thief should be ashamed they did. What were they thinking?

Larry Furgal
Larry Furgal5 years ago

Seems like rich scott (sm letters intended) is disliked by many. Add me to that list. Put me down three times. Everything written above to correct. Hope he burns in Hell for what he is doing to the people of Fl. He is plain and simple no good.