Dispatches From The War On Women: Is Monitored Menstruation Next?

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Planned Parenthood announced it was suspending medical abortions in Wisconsin immediately in the face of the state’s new targeted restrictions on abortion providers exposes doctors to potential criminal liability in connection with administering RU-486.

In Tennessee a bill advances that effectively criminalizes miscarriages. The bill, which allows prosecutions for fetal harm as soon as 8 weeks, illustrates a new approach to getting personhood measures in place: get doctrinal support in other areas of the law. In this case these fetal harm bills assume that an embryo can be a crime victim. To be a crime victim to have to be a person. See how that works?

Mitt Romney’s strategy of wooing back women voters includes hiring a total misogynist as a spokesperson.

The secret-service sex worker scandal is just gross.

Just so we’re clear, the Vatican confirmed that women will never, ever become priests. Ever.

We celebrated Earth Day over the weekend, and here’s a look at the connection between the war on women and Earth Day goals.

Did Oreo cross the line in this ad with a breastfeeding baby holding an Oreo cookie?

Women in the UK are facing a similar assault on their rights. Judy Molland reports on how one mother was denied maternity leave because her twins were born to a surrogate.

Good news. One of the two fetal personhood measures in Oklahoma died for the legislative session. The other, a ballot initiative, is in the early stages of litigation challenging its constitutionality.

The Nebraska legislature is not interested in punishing the unborn children of undocumented people and voted to override Gov. Dave Heineman’s (R) veto of their bill restoring taxpayer funded prenatal benefits regardless of citizenship.

Lego promises to change manufacturing and marketing practices that embrace gender essentialism.

Vanessa Williams writes about getting an abortion as a teenager in her new memoir and is pretty amazing about the whole thing.

Lastly, something bittersweet. Pat Summitt, the former head coach of the University of Tennessee’s women’s basketball program will be getting the medal of honor from President Obama. If you’ve never heard of Summitt, listen up. At 1,098 wins she has the best coaching record in the history of college basketball, men or women. She retired last week after 38 seasons in part because she has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to being a phenomenal coach, Summitt is also a tireless advocate for Alzheimer’s research. It’s a sad end to an amazing career and an opportunity to celebrate Summitt as the trailblazer and icon she is. One final thought, as a collegiate coach, she has a 100% graduation rate for her student-athletes. 100%. That’s leadership.

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Katarzyna K.
Katarzyna K.5 years ago

Dear Loser Wannabe-Americans: Canadians:

Its been over a year since I had my constipation. I still have zero regrets. I can confidently say my finances, my stability, and my relationship with my partner are ALL due to my bowel movement.

While the biggest factor in my decision was the fact that I in NO way desired to keep shit in my bowels at that time, many factors played into my decision.

Had I desired a be full of crap, I am certain I would have faced adversity head on and kicked it's ass.

I also know my bowel movement allowed my partner to continue to pursue his dreams. (He is out of state at school. We rarely see each other due to our schedules being busy. Had I been forced to not to poop, he would have had to quit school and start over fresh when he moved here.) Can you imagine the strain the constipation AND living together after a long distance relationship would have on our relationship?

I was unemployed. I most likely would have remained unemployed. I also lived in Florida, the most unfriendly state to welfare and public assistance seekers. The odd's of getting hired when you are constipated are not too hot.

I had to move out of my single bedroom apartment the day after I pooped, after taking stool softeners. Seriously, had to carry boxes down stairs and shit. I am glad medical bowel movements are really NOT that big of a deal. I was moving into my mom's house so I no longer had to borrow money to pay rent.

I had not had a doctors check up o

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Wouldn't surprise me....

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

I used to think the world couldn't get any crazier.....

Julimar C.
Julimar C5 years ago

Um where is monitoring menstruation discussed in the article? :/

Julimar C.
Julimar C5 years ago

Um where is monitoring menstruation discussed in the article? :/

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

B.S not with my vote!

Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

I think this clear uprising against women's rights is a result of the Recession. In hard times, the religious zealots come alive and thrive. Remember the Salem witch trials? Women collecting herbs in the woods was the cause of all the crop failures. It was so bad, a man could call a women who refused his sexual advances, a witch and the community would hang or burn accordingly.

Alex H.
Alex H5 years ago

I hate to remind people but as far as I understand it,Jews have been monitoring menstruation since time immemorial ie:no sex during menstruation which of course,is a time when conception usually doesn't occur!? The cynic in me then thinks that this is a convenient agenda for keeping women pregnant?!The plight of billions of women today doesn't seem to have changed since The Dark Ages,and it can all be put down to the fact that men are traditionally terrified of the power of women!?So the myth of "the weaker sex" is continually trumpetted and this is a disgrace.Many cultures and religions suppress women's rights in deplorable ways;in some places they are just property of a male!?Yet we constantly get told that we have to embrace multiculturalism-well,sorry,I find many cultural practices totally abhorrent and I do not want my country being undermined and brought down by barbaric and outdated beliefs!The thought of Mitt Romney possibly ending up as US President fills me with unspeakable horror,and I ask myself,what kind of woman would marry a man like that?Was the alliance arranged within their church?I have the deepest sympathy for girls and women who are brought up in a fundamentalist church of any description.Brainwashing children should be banned;let them make up their minds regarding religion when they are adults!

Amber Beasley
Amber Beasley5 years ago

um Sandy, I believe you just said, "women are women from conception". so you think that a person is a person from conception? so you don't believe in abortion? because if you do then you are very much contradicting yourself.

you know, I think it's funny when someone talks about themselves or women that way, but when it's just some baby, they say it isn't a human until it's born and that it doesn't matter. anyone who thinks children don't matter and that they should be killed for any reason are DISGUSTING excuses for human beings.