Dispatches From The War On Women: Limbaugh Bust Brings Protests

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

House Republicans are not relenting in their attacks on abortion access, pushing a controversial federal parental consent law that only threatens to put young women’s lives at risk.

The personal attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke continue after one GOP Representative compared her to a “Studding Bulldog”.

In Missouri women’s groups are protesting the planned placement of a bust of Rush Limbaugh in that state’s capital.

A federal district court in Oklahoma permanently banned the state’s mandatory ultrasound law because it is unconstitutional. The ruling is at direct odds with a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Texas’ mandatory ultrasound law making the additional judicial scrutiny all but guaranteed.

Even with that defeat and in the face of widespread voter disapproval, Oklahoma Republicans are still pushing a personhood measure.

In Arizona the “tell your boss you’re on the pill” bill was narrowly defeated on final vote. The state still has a 20 week abortion ban and another bill that would protect doctors who lie to women to prevent abortion.

Tennessee is targeting immigrant women with a xenophobic new bill that would limit the number of foreign teachers.

Sen. Scott Brown (R) told reporters recently that it was the “strong women” in his life who taught him to do things like cook.

6 in 10 older women in this country can’t pay for their basic living expenses. This comes at a time when Republicans voted in an overwhelming majority to pass a budget that entirely eliminate Medicare. For the second time.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) offered moving testimony of her own experience as a rape and domestic violence survivor as she introduced the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. Republicans continue to block the bill.

Is the war on women finally losing steam? While these recent victories sure feel good, it’s important not to let our guard down because there’s no sign the legislative assaults are ending any time soon.

The Washington Post offers this profile of an abortion clinic’s landlord turning the tables and using anti-choice protest tactics against clinic protesters. Is this similar to the “mens health” amendments and bills offered by women in response to the barrage of anti-abortion bills flooding states? Or is this a problematic issue for the choice movement?

Pinterest is now being embraced by the pro-anorexia crowd.

And finally, does shutting down sex ads help or hurt trafficking victims?

We’ll be back Monday with another round of stories. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!

Photo from DonkeyHotey via flickr.


Patti T.
P T5 years ago

You mean to tell me that this oxy-filled homophobic misogynist is STILL on the Air???
Holy Crap...who the He** is still paying him?
A bust of Lushballs?--Missouri is now officially another state added to Texas' new 'country' list we're pushing for, as well as the tourist lists.
There really is no argument, for if these people Actually want that waste 'honored' then they deserve him & their moral intellect proves then that nothing said to them will be either understood or even heard.
Good Luck to You Missouri!

Don Schneider
Don Schneider5 years ago

A bust of a fat guy with a head up his rectum would be a perfect decoration for any public building in Missouri, but with face obscured by the lower colon, how would we know it was truly Rush Limbaugh and not Dick Cheney or any number of pudgy old right-wing fundamentalist preachers ? If Rush doesn't have a huge identifiable tattoo of his mother's countenance on either side of his gluteus maximus, how would anyone be able to tell ? Oh, unless of course a motion activated sensor is built in to the base of the bust that would play a recording of any number of his ignorant hate mongering rants, we would be left guessing...Falwell,Robertson, Graham ,David or Charles Koch or Carl Rove? ? ? Go Missouri, you have earned it !

Howard Evans
Howard Evans5 years ago

Judith, shame on you. Even at a 1:10 scale, a bust of Limbaugh is too big to be of any value as a target unless you're blind or testing intercontinental missiles. It's even more laughable if his mouth is open, and I don't see how the sculptor could get photos of him to work from with his mouth closed.

Although I could probably see my way clear to supporting a predator drone strike on the Missouri Capitol Building once the bust is installed. It would be nice to see the technology used for humanitarian purposes for a change.

Howard Evans
Howard Evans5 years ago

Laurie, I looked at your evidence. It's a nice collection of photos of anything from an arguably to an obviously pregnant Sarah Palin. Erich von Daniken had better evidence for ancient aliens. There's a world of difference between "If you look at it from this angle, she doesn't look all that pregnant" and proof.

Again, even if it were true – and so far you've provided zero compelling evidence – what difference does it make? Do you also have photos of angels dancing on a pinhead that you've counted?

You're wasting your time and embarrassing yourself. Your reaction leads me to suspect you're obsessing about this.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

Oh yes, and I should point out that I do not listen to commentators, either right or left, and have not researched this issue in the past.

I heard that Sarah faked the pregnancy, and it didn't matter much to me at that time, but seemed likely since saving her daughters reputation would provide motivation, and lets face it, McCain was turning into a butt kissing, "throw out all my moral fiber in order to get elected" sleaze ball. he proceeded to insult all thinking women by selecting Palin, as if the fact of her X chromosome should be enough to win the women's vote, when Palin's stand on basically everything ranges from ignorant to horrifying.

I have seen Palin's low intelligence and media whore character revealed all over the news for years now, and I find entirely plausible that she is in fact lying about this issue based on her revealed character.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

Post 1 of 2

@ Howard E.

I appreciate a number of your posts, but you have been misled on this issue. When you wrote that you had found photos of a very pregnant Palin in a Google search, I immediately went to search for myself, since if my views are not in line with the facts I need to know it. I have never feared the collision of truth and error (Emerson) but in fact welcome it, because it inevitably shows the truth.

I'm afraid that I found ONE photo of Palin looking pregnant, and many photos when she looked very UNpregnant. There were a very few photos that could be seen as interpretable, where she seems to have a very slight bulge but nothing much, and it might just be her clothing too. Clothes can both conceal a pregnancy if they are closed worn loose, or show one up if they are open or worn tight.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

Post 2 of 2

The real clincher after my search is that someone put them on a timeline and even compared closely dated photos to each other. If one photo shows her unambiguously pregnant a week before the child's birth, and others dated at the same or relatively close times show her not pregnant, then something has been photoshopped. The preponderance of evidence shows that the interpretable ones show no noticeable bulge, many show no pregnancy, and only ONE shows a clear pregnancy. Further, that one photo was released under very curious circumstances late in the campaign, and had it's date changed. My conclusion is that the "pregnant" photo is the one that was altered, because if it were the real truth there would be many more of these in many states of increasing bulge leading up to the birth, and there are none, even though there are many pictures of Palin from all of the "pregnancy" timeline. Here are my links:





Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

@John H.

"Planed Parenthood" is exactly what it is turning into thanks to Republican driven attacks on its funding.

Each and every bill to cut funding because Planned parenthood also provides abortions with a tiny amount of the money they receive, every Republican loudmouth fire-eater screaming on the radio about how Planned Parenthood should be defunded contributes, to the stampede of Republican rednecks going to the polls to vote in legislation taking basic rights away from women.

That's how its "Planed," as they strip one thin layer of rights off with their legislative tools, then come back to strip off another; you can see them curling away, with the rednecks in the yard ready to throw the shavings in the fire. Free birth control at Planned Parenthood? From what money once their funding is eliminated? And as for the health departments, the ones run by the individual states? Their funding is being stripped too, at both the federal and state levels, usually by the Republican fostered "conservative values" legislative agenda.

If the conservative cattle (or sheeple if you prefer) aren't careful, or we fail to slam on the brakes for them, they may find in a very few years that their "conservative values" political action has left them bankrupted of their legal rights, with nothing of value left to conserve.

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L5 years ago

Chad A.: --- It's like opening a library dedicated or in honor of George W. Bush ... a man who publicly and openly expressed his disdain of reading. Go figure. But I can't imagine what anyone would "honor" Limbaugh for.

Judith H.
judith H5 years ago

To Karen H...Why would anyone want a bust of Rush Limbaugh?
Two words: target practice.