Dispatches From The War On Women: Northern Exposure Edition

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

Well was it a busy day in the war on women. Let’s dive right in.

Alaska may take the crown in this week’s most offensive assault on women with a bill that would require women seeking abortions first prove the father of their fetus approves of the procedure. Needless to say this proposal hasn’t been very popular in Alaska where constituents have taken to the sponsor’s Facebook page with some good suggestions on what he can do with his bill.

Tennessee is still pushing its own assault on women’s rights, but the most dangerous provision that required publishing the names of doctors performing abortions as well as patient information about women having abortions has been taken out of the bill.

The governor of Utah signed into law the law requiring a 72 hour waiting period for women seeking abortions, all but guaranteeing the bill gets a legal challenge.

Idaho held a day of legislative “education” by having an anti-choice activists show up and perform ultrasound demonstrations to the handful of lawmakers who bothered to show up.

Think abortion rights means you can’t be a person of faith? Not so as a new leadership institute will provide training to pro-abortion rights religious leaders.

It’s not just the faithful pushing back against the assault on women’s rights. Doctors have had enough also and are speaking out against mandatory ultrasounds.

It’s good to hear these voices because we’ve been asking, where are the pro-women men?

And always a good reminder: we’re all Texans now.

Speaking of Texas, police arrested a suspect in the firebombing of a Texas Democrat’s office. The suspect is said to be a homeless man with a history of mental illness, which doesn’t change the fact that he targeted a pro-choice woman for his violence. Upset about that? Here’s how you can help.

In Arizona parents and students are up in arms after a principle was fired after the school board expressed their concern she was living a “questionable lifestyle” as a lesbian.

Did you know Meghan McCain was in Playboy dishing on the Republican primary?

In the good news front, Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is gaining over incumbent Scott Brown (R) making her yet another strong woman candidate for choice with a very real chance of winning election come November.

In Missouri women are letting the state know they are not too keen on the idea of a Rush Limbaugh bust slated for display in the capitol.

Finally, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation continues to shed executives and lag in fundraising as supporters of women’s health care have decided to take their money and support to organizations that are not interested in playing politics with breast cancer research.

Come back tomorrow for another round-up of the latest news and commentary on the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest. And thanks to those who have submitted story suggestions already. Tomorrow I’ll have the first of the reader-submitted suggestions with more to follow, so please check back!

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LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago


LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago


Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch7 years ago

Going to be hard for boys to learn respect for women when your government has none, soon the USA will be a third world country.. and your women will be second class citizens again.. oh wait... thats probably because there are less women in Government now then in the 1980's. You can forget that coming a long way baby ...

You ladies have 51 percent of the vote and over 85 percent of the buying power.. please use them now!

Carrie H.
Carrie H7 years ago

is their a rally planed for Juneau yet?

Loretta K.
Loretta K7 years ago

I am pro choice for women and I also think it takes some intensive, loving, responsible parenting to guide both boys and girls safely through the teen age years.

Frances C.
Frances C7 years ago

Terri Lynn S. You are clueless I would guess that you are a tea bagger. I have two sons who would never think of raping a female. They actually when told no accept that answer, because we taught our children to respect other people. My daughters are smart enough to stay away from aggressive men. As for women, there are some people and politicians who are trying to take away rights from women. Women have a right to contraception, and the right to an abortion. Although none of us have used that right I feel better and freer knowing it is there. We are not going back to the bad old days. Contraception should be included in our insurance plans as any other health or preventive care item.

Tahni W7 years ago

Yeah Terri Lynn, I have two beautiful boys who I love very much but if either one of them is so weak to not be able to say "NO" to bad behavior and is irresponsible enough to get a girl pregnant, I will kick their beautiful butts and do everything in my power to make them do the right thing!
The trick is to teach your boy to be responsible for his behavior, respectful of others and not to blame girls (I have two of those too) for his mistakes.
As for teen rape? I have never ever EVER heard of a teen rape that was perpetrated by a girl.

Unless of course a girl just sitting there at the movies while some moronic teenage boy is humping her leg is somehow the girls fault....

It is also true that girls mature intellectually and emotionally much faster than boys while boys only get the raging hormones but very little brain development. Mini cavemen if you will.
Without mothers who teach them how to be respectable men, they will grow up to be big greedy cavemen and work tirelessly to take away the rights of others...especially women.

You sound like one of those old preachers in the southern baptist church who blames little girls for being molested by an uncle, saying that she was temptress at 7 years old. Yuck!

Anne F.
Anne F7 years ago

Looks as if we all have work to do where we live and vote to remind people that modern contraception is essential.

Pamela H.
Pamela H7 years ago

Terri-Lynn S; I can't believe you actually said girls 'get themselves pregnant'! I'm speechless. You see this is why we need another feminist movement, bigger than the one we had in the 1960's, because we have slipped back way too far. It's frightening.

Pamela H.
Pamela H7 years ago

You're right Deb L, we have gone backwards. What we need is another feminist movement because the patriachal churches are slithering back into society, and politics, with a vengeance; their slimy tentacles reaching into our bedrooms and even into our wombs. The whole thing is disgusting and needs to be stopped, permanently. It's hard to believe this is occurring in the 21st century. Where are the Jane Fonda's and the Germaine Greers of todays society? We need action. Not shopping!