Dispatches From The War On Women: Rape Culture Thriving On Campus

Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

Mississippi can’t ban abortions outright so they’ll try and close the state’s only clinic instead through passing restrictive TRAP laws. Welcome to the expanding front in the war on choice.

In Montana voters will get a chance to say whether teen mothers should have access to abortions on their own despite the fact that those impacted most by the initiative–teen moms–can’t yet vote.

Tennessee will likely enact a bill that paves the way for junk science in classrooms, which is bad news for a country looking to compete globally and especially bad for women as junk science infects nearly every anti-abortion bill working through a state legislature.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) believes women don’t care about contraception, despite every indication otherwise. Just ask Rush Limbaugh who continues to shed advertisers long after his repulsive attack on Sandra Fluke.

What exactly is all the media interest in Nikki Haley anyways?

The budget Republicans have embraced as their own would place the greatest burden on women. Of course it does. The question is, will voters see it that way?

The Hillary Clinton 2016 chatter grows louder, which begs the question: do women need their own SuperPAC?

Meanwhile the three deadliest words in the world continue to be “It’s a girl.”

When will people understand that rape jokes are not funny? Another college newspaper editor resigns and Boston University has some explaining to do.

The Wisconsin Planned Parenthood bomber clearly understood what he was doing. Thankfully he wasn’t a very competent felon.

Despite mounting evidence of a link to cancer, the FDA still won’t ban BPA in food.

Television will make history this week when ABC premiers its new series Scandal. But in some ways it’s a dubious accomplishment.

Ms. Magazine offers this profile of how black women have historically turned grief into action as context for the tragic murder of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

The Ohio Attorney General gives early approval of a gay marriage ban repeal initiative.

In case you were wondering, here’s why we need the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

Please come back tomorrow for the latest in the best and the worst in the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!

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Arwen Woods
Arwen Woods4 years ago

Kat H, you have no right, at your tender age, to tell a grown woman what she can and cannot do with her uterus. Her body, her choice. Pro choice all the way little girl.

Jessica N I see you are back to your stunning level of trollery and bitchiness. A woman is entitled to walk out her door dressed any way she damn well pleases! It's a dress, not a yes!

Dale O.

Interesting how some will try and explain away rape as partially or entirely the fault of the victim because they are dressed in a certain way. As if this is an excuse for raging hormones resulting in rape. While sociopaths often have no sense of right and wrong and will say they committed a certain crime such as robbery because a victim had "set themselves up" by failing to take precautions or a sucker is born every minute, it still doesn't excuse the crime of rape or of robbery. Taking precautions is often sensible but this doesn't always happen.

Jessica N seems to think that dressing in a certain way is one reason there is rape when she mentions: "I still don't understand how someone can parade around, dressed like a hooker and not expect to attract a creeper to the point that something bad will happen to them. For the love of God show some common sense and put some clothing on.'

Dale O.

Jessica N. also says that: "It's like sneaking around in the middle of downtown at night without a weapon and a big purse filled with gold. You are asking for something to happen. Even if you don't implicitly imply what you want. You want attention, and you know it. So stop the charade."

Even if someone wants attention, it doesn't give the other Carte blanche to commit a crime against another. There are some in society who are judgemental and imply that others dressing a certain way almost 'deserve' something happening to them. Not everyone dresses the same way and men who are turned on so much that they are unable to control themselves so much that they rape are criminals, nothing more. Just because people see something they want doesn't entitle them to it be it someone's wallet not hidden well enough or a woman dressed in what they consider a provocative fashion which isn’t a crime.

Walter G.
Walter G5 years ago

While the problem is really not this simple, I observe that one of the causes of this 'culture,' so-called, is boredom. Many younger people go to college because it is expected of them, and money is provided, not to learn but to cheat, and they have ample idle time on their hands. They are also encouraged by 'frat house' thinking, in which the smarter ones self-destroy the weaker, less intellegent ones for their own gains. With the advent of hiriing on the Internet, actual college education has taken a back seat to actual qualification, because hiring can no longer bear the load of useless drones on their payrolls. The Internet also allows greater vetting of college degrees, papers, books, etc required to be authored for the job. If you listen closely enough, a faint but distinct rumble is eminating form the walls of the "Ivy league" as it takes a course towards a back seat to those that do rather than those who promise.

Christine Stewart

So sick that guys still think rape is no big deal...

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

michelle B.

Jessica...Perhaps u should hold off on the harsh stereotyping&judement of females agendas until your own frame of reference is larger than college house parties! Rape is never asked for or invited no matter what!

April Thompson
April Thompson5 years ago

Rape is never a joking matter!

Mary Driver
Mary Driver5 years ago


Redgie H.
Redgie H5 years ago

Jessica N,
I'm a little confused. So you're saying that girl who keeps showing up at my friends' parties looking all slutty really just wants attention, and she isn't particular about who she gets it from? Should I just hit on her then, and not take no for an answer? Is that what she's really after?