Dispatches From The War On Women: RNC Convention Can’t Escape Abortion

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Well, the Republican National Convention technically convenes today, though thanks to Hurricane Isaac most of the action is postponed until at least Tuesday. That didn’t stop Republican mouthpieces from hitting the Sunday talk show circuit to try and leverage any remaining public interest in the campaign. So what did they talk about? Abortion, naturally. Virginia Governor and Republican platform committee chair Bob McDonnell told ABC’s George Stephanopolous that he didn’t expect the GOP to lose any votes over their no abortion never plank. Perhaps, but Republicans won’t likely be gaining any votes over it either.

Curious who will be speaking and who will be simply shaking their fists at the sky (ahem, Ron Paul)? Here’s a brief rundown on what to expect this year, which is mostly a lot of aging angry white guys.

With so much on the Republican platform plank on abortion, one which essentially adopts Rep. Paul Ryan’s stance, why would Ryan also outright lie about the Republican position on contraception? I mean, seriously. At this point it’s like they’ve stopped even trying.

Maybe Ryan’s taking cues from his running mate and learning to be “fluid” when describing GOP policy. In case you’ve gotten lost among Mitt Romney’s various iterations on choice, here’s a great timeline to clear it all up.

Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day, 92 years since women were granted the right to vote. Kinda surprised the Republicans haven’t put repealing women’s suffrage into this year’s party platform. Oh well. There’s always 2016.

Cathryn Wellner asks the provocative question of whether now is the time to close food banks and feeding programs.

Apparently this is something that needed clearing up. This glamorous new Barbie doll is not a drag queen.

Put down the Red Vines. They’re full of lead.

Amy Poehler
continues to be amazing.

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Photo from Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via flickr.


Paul P.
Paul P.5 years ago

Michael U should be praising him since that is your desire and agenda Obamaloonie

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

While I don't support abortion for convenience sake, I also believe that once we start restricting more abortions due to personal belief, the more we perpetuate the stupid opinions such as "legitimate rape" and what not.

It is very unlikely that a 21 week gestation baby would be able to viably live out side of the womb, therefore, still getting the label of fetus. At 23 weeks gestation, the life is more viable, and has odds of better than 50/50.

Of course, unless the life of the mother is at steak, an abortion should only be done in the first trimester, because it is the first couple months that pain may not be an issue, and it's more resembling a cluster of cells at this time.

It's morally wrong to abort after viability, especially for no good reason. The only exception to this would be the life of the mother. A rape/incest survivor would be able to have ample time within the first three months.

I also think that the republican extremists should be aborted for being war mongers.

Jaime J.
Jaime J5 years ago

"it doesn't look like?..." Hmm..., your words are not definitive. What about the baby in Miami born premature at 22 weeks gestation? Was she a person? Or was she a person but the other babies aborted at 22 weeks are not? Maybe we ought to say that a person becomes a person when the mother carrying the baby says it is. That way, people don't have to feel guilty about aborting and the rest of us can know our children are truly that...persons. Hey, I am not advocating for the government to tell a women what she can and cannot do...(I don't want the government to tell me that I can't own my firearms). I just don't think it's fair for you to try to convince these women that what they have growing inside of them isn't truly a human. But, I guess, if it makes you sleep better at night....

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

@robert p claims But I think that YOU, Michael blah, blah, blah


my response? yawn

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick5 years ago

Michael G says to Jaime: " So enjoy your anger and testiness all you like."

He has also said the same to me. He warns me about the ill health that can accompany my kind of hatred and anger, but I do not hate anyone, in fact, I love all life; I simply dislike and disapprove of human irresponsibility and greed because THAT harms other humans and animals.

But I think that YOU, Michael are the angry and hateful one because you revel in humiliating others. Youspeak down to just about everyone, and gloat over putting people down on this site. You rarely speak respectfully to anyone. You just love attempting to make others look silly and foolish. Does that give you some kind of a rush or a sense of superiority? Is that your modus operandi? You would rather be right than happy?

If you are trying to teach, you are failing miserably because you do not teach people by offending and humiliating them. I hope that you do not currently have kids and never have them in the future, because that would be one pack of very sad children with all manner of inferiority complexes.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

@Robert P, With the way you have behaved towards me and others you want us to teach you how to use the internet properly?

I actually started to write it up to send it to you and then decided you have rather been snarky and really haven't earned my help in this. You start behaving differently and I might share it with you.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

@Jaime continued
I am, by my position demonstrating that I am involved in siding with women in making the decisions they should be able to make in regard to their own body. Your assertion to the contrary is born of anger and false. In response, there is little you could say that is credible one way or the other because of the way you present it. So I guess we are tit for tat. There is and has been plenty of integrity in my discussion of the anatomy and physiology and in my presentation, that you are unwilling to consider it is based on your own temperament. So enjoy your anger and testiness all you like.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

@Jaime Oh and Jaime, it doesn’t look like a fetus becomes a person until they are born. As for you knowing your son was a person during the first few weeks I will suggest that you are entitled to your illusion, but that doesn’t make it real. You actually have the wonderful experience of growing an embryo into a fetus, and then giving birth to a little human. You can sentimentalize it all you like.
Well, actually it isn’t just men involved in the medical side of things. In the event you haven’t heard there are women who have entered the medical field and in the areas of neurological research. I don’t know how this escaped you. And they aren’t random theories but science. I am “wrapped” up in this discussion because I care and I am on Care2. All I lose are sperm. Well, yes of course, and you do as women go through so much more. I haven’t debated that point at all and could care less how snarky you want to get with this.

Lyn B.
Lyn B5 years ago

Oops, here's the rest:

Yes, we desperately need good sexual education but we will NEVER see that in this country as long as religion can dictate what is taught or who can "opt" out. I am horrified daily by the amount of insane myths young people (including college age) still have about sex and the consequences of sex.
The very reasons for why these outdated myths still exist is because sex ed is still a verboten issue!
Yes, I would love for things to change but what I want and what you want are probably VASTLY DIFFERENT.
As an intelligent, enlightened, supposedly first world country we are so far behind all the others.

Lyn B.
Lyn B5 years ago

Furthermore, what are you saying/asking about our schools?
Our public schools SUCK!
Depending on the state (which handles the schools for the most part) if you don't live in a rich county, you're screwed.
Even if you do live in a good county it could be overrun with fundies demanding such claptrap as creationism be taught along with science!
Additionally, schools are also so overcrowded it's insane.

So, YES, I DO wonder where 1.3 million more a year, every year will go. Hey! Let's even cut it in half!
It's still INSANE!
Schools are cutting teachers, programs, everything.

No. There are no easy answers.
I am pro-choice but I DO NOT support abortion used as birth control.

After reading your last post, I don't understand why you were so antagonized by what I said, if you are in fact open to keeping abortion legal.
I never once said it should be used indiscriminately.
I just wonder why no one seems to look at the fall out from outlawing abortion.
And if they do, they're not being honest.