Dispatches From The War On Women: What’s A War On Caterpillars?

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We’ve seen our share of brilliant Freudian slips during the Republican primary, but this might be the best of all. Just what does the GOP mean when it compares the War on Women to a War on Caterpillars?

Democrats tell Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) to step off the attacks on gay veterans.

Does anybody want to see Mitt Romney unzipped?

It was only matter of time: anti-choice activists have started protesting outside of fertility clinics.

Just how bad are the medical malpractice shields in the anti-abortion bills? Real bad.

Mississippi only has one abortion clinic and it doesn’t plan on getting legislated out of existence.

20 week abortion bans are under nearly law in Arizona and Georgia and should they pass we can expect more tragedies like this. But there’s still time to act. Let’s kill the bills in Arizona and Georgia.

Women in Kansas won a round as a federal judge ruled there is reason to believe the state’s ban on insurance coverage for abortion was intended to discourage women from seeking abortions and therefore unconstitutional.

It’s hard to deny the existence of rape culture when so many teenagers believe Rihanna deserved to be the victim of domestic violence.

Should we be wasting our time with the crusade against saggy pants?

A lesbian was awarded $1.6 million after her boss forced prayer for her soul. At some point these folks have to realize just how expensive discrimination is, right?

When they do, maybe they can explain it to the PGA.

Just in case there was any doubt, the Pope isn’t planning on allowing women priests anytime soon.

Finally: when Hillary Clinton texts.

Please come back Monday for the latest in the best and the worst in the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!

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Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado5 years ago


Charles Yheaulon
Charles Yheaulon5 years ago

They were only trying to say that a war on something like them ie: vermin would be ok,...well ok for the fools who follow the 1%.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

We also need to watch for VOTER INTIMIDATION AT THE POLLS. This happened in the last two elections -- and is obviously another Repukelican ploy to win!
Particularly in communities of Color, this happened -- reminiscent of the evil times BEFORE the Civil Rights Act!!!!!

It amazed me at the time, that while this was reported, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT, either during Election Day, or afterwards!
So, THIS time, WE MUST BE ORGANIZED AND VIGILANT to PROTECT Voters -- we must ANTICIPATE these attempts at Voter Intimidation and Nullification!!!!!

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

lis G.: Again, while we "Liberals" USED to take our Democracy for granted, assuming that our revered Founding Fathers had set in motion, processes that would WORK;

The Repukelicans, Far Right and Religious Bigots, put in motion a long-range plan {while we were asleep!} to TAKE KEY POSITIONS OF POWER -- for example, on School Boards -- and they may well now be "in charge" of Election Procedures and Vote Counting. {Boring Volunteer jobs nobody wanted, in some cases!}
We do have to be VIGILANT. !!!!!!!!
One way to counteract them, is, to have such an OVERWHELMING Voter Turnout AGAINST Repugs, that it will be hard or impossible for them to claim "Victory" by a small margin, because of OVERWHELMING Exit Polls against them. Just a thought.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Because of the Tea Party control of Congress, many States now have NEW VOTER I.D. REQUIREMENTS. Fortunately, not ALL States do; but, in those States with the NEW VOTER I.D. REQUIREMENTS, people who want their Votes to be actually COUNTED, must CAREFULLY CHECK your Voter Registration and State I.D. -- if the signatures don't match up PERFECTLY {for example, use of initials, etc.}, a Repukelican can DECLARE THE VOTE A FRAUD, AND INVALID.
This is SO OBVIOUSLY, a ploy to RESTRICT voting to REPUKELICANS. What do you wanta bet that ONLY Dem votes, Black votes, women's votes, young peoples' votes, will be declared "Invalid" for one reason or another!

There were, in my State, supposed to be "Poll Watchers" of BOTH parties, "watching" to keep things honest {before we changed to the mail-in voting}. I don't know if other States have them. If so, good luck with that.
So, to sum up; voting and voting rights and who can or can't vote, is a PATCHWORK in different States! So BE SURE TO CHECK THE RULES WHERE YOU LIVE AND VOTE. And, ESPECIALLY, if you have MOVED recently -- from one State to another!

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Get organized, you Women!!! Raise money! Hold Rallies! Meetings of any sort! Check each other to make sure that you have the proper paperwork to Vote! Pay for the paperwork and ID's of those that cannot afford it! Educate each other! Organize rides to the Poling Stations! Get names and addresses of those in need of rides. ORGANIZE!!!!
Randy R., you have absolutely the right idea. Green Star to you!

lis G: Each State has different voting rules! For example, in some States, ex-felons can vote; in some, they can't. Also, the actual polling is different. {Southern States used to have Poll Taxes and {rigged} Literacy Tests to keep Black people from voting, before that became illegal.}
Where I vote, in Seattle, Washington, it is all done by mail! which may have its own problems, but avoids some of the other problems voters have in other States.

In some States, voting by machine is an OPTION {don't take it!}. In some States, voting by machine is MANDATORY. Some places don't HAVE those hack-prone Voting Machines {which OUGHT to be illegal!}.
Before voting in my State came to be by mail, I was an Election Official also. I at one time supervised taking the actual votes, after they were counted, to the Court House. Again, the procedures VARY from State-to-State.
Because of the Tea Party control of Congress, many States now have NEW VOTER I.D. REQUIREMENTS. Fortunately, not ALL

lis Gunn
lis Gunn5 years ago

@Steve R. You are so correct in pointing out that there aren't very many women coming out to admit they have voted or will vote Republican or that they think there isn't a war on women in Republican ranks. They don't want to show their ignorance, poor things. Can you imagine what their independent-minded sisters and friends would say. They don't want to be laughed at or taken for idiots. I have to say that those women who do speak out have more courage than sense. But Sandy A and Inga S have missed the point completely. Perhaps they were hiding behind the door or in the kitchen when God gave out commonsense.

lis Gunn
lis Gunn5 years ago

@BMutiny T. You sound like my kind of person. Thinking, looking at the broad picture and suspicious of politicians.

Might I ask, who staffs the polling places? Does one have to be a party hack to participate in the vote taking and collection? Who oversights the process? Is there a non political authority responsible for the counting of votes (I don't mean the courts as they obviously stuffed up big time with the Gore/George W poll) Who or what "sanitises" the electoral rolls or registers to remove the names of dead/senile/moved, etc. etc.
Having been an electoral officer at state and federal elections, including mobile polling places like hospitals and aged care homes, I am very interested in the process and those entrusted with its operation.

Vernon W.
Vernon W5 years ago

In a democracy, the people deserve the government they get. If women do not care about the issues and voting for the right people, they deserve whatever they get.

Deirdre B.
Deirdre Boyne5 years ago

Ellen M., you have read my mind.