Dispatches From The War On Women: What’s The Matter With Kansas?

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What use could Operation Rescue possibly have for the names and identifying information of women who had abortions at one particular clinic in Kansas in the month of April? And more importantly, should we trust any reason they offer since it seems that whenever a horrific act of domestic terrorism targeting women and abortion providers happens Operation Rescue seems to be in the thick of it. The group claims to be in possession of the medical records of girls and women and posted redacted images of these records online. They insist they want nothing more than to make sure the records get safely returned to state custodians, which would be a great story to tell federal investigators from the Department of Justice.

Anti-abortion activists are making significant inroads in Iowa where Gov. Terry Branstad (R) first nominated a former Operation Rescue operative and convicted felon to serve on the state’s medical board that oversees, among other things, complaints made against abortion providers. When that nomination failed Branstad decided instead of finding someone a little more neutral to serve on the board that a Catholic priest was best qualified to render judgment over the care doctors provide women.

After some initial jurisdictional gymnastics the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state of Texas must continue to fund Planned Parenthood while the constitutionality of a rule that strips the health care provider of funding gets heard by the trial court.

Apparently, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) didn’t hear the news, though as she signed into law that state’s ban on funding Planned Parenthood.

House Republicans are advancing their version of the Violence Against Women Act that includes such gems as letting domestic abusers know their victims have reached out for help.

Meanwhile there’s this story of a trans-woman punished for surviving a hate crime and this story of another accused of disorderly conduct. Congressional Republicans are also demanding that states stop looking for poor children to insure.

I don’t know what else we’d expect from Ted Nugent at this point, but threatening to rape a female CBS producer? Wow.

It must be nice in Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) world. Bachmann who has now come out in support of Mitt Romney, told anyone who would listen on CBS’ Face the Nation that women “overwhelmingly” voted Republican in 2010. Except they didn’t.

Democrats in Alabama successfully filibuster a bill designed to greatly increase the costs associated with providing abortion services and accessing those services, giving women a much needed victory in the state.

Lastly, here’s at least 1000 reasons to trust women.

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Dale Overall

Stunning and frightening stuff!
The idea of allowing abusers to know that the abused are seeking help against domestic violence is a real shocker. Letting the Troglodytes in on this so that they can bash the victim's brains with their petrified wooden clubs.
Pogle S has the right idea! Chalk it up to ‘Ergotamine poisoning.'
The mind boggles regarding Kansas and Arizona!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Nancy Black
Nancy Black5 years ago

Everything is the matter with Kansas. In many ways, it's as bad as Tenessee, and we all know how bad that is.

Stefan Dwornik

Lois, got your message; abortion is everybody's business when it involves killing a human being.
Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my response(s) to this issue, so maybe this will be clear enough. I believe that every adult has not only the right, but also the responsibility for making decisions about there own body. This does is no way mean that I support abortion, but it seems the right and true way to address this controversial issue is through society engaging in an OPEN discussion on what has brought humanity , THE CHOICES WE HAVE MADE individually & collectively where PEOPLE are terminating pregnancy. I say people, because not every situation do women face this grievously sad choice. Why not talk about the fact that BOYS are under great pressure from not only their peers, but ADULT men to have sex, because it feels so good, and it's "part of becoming a man. Why are boys AS WELL as girls not raised to treat their body's as a temple (life is a most precious gift), and shou;ld be seen as, and treat with love, care, respect humility, and GRATITUDE. Why do we not discuss beauty contests, and the fact that we have stooped so low as to plaster girls as young as 3 with make-up that one would expect to see on an adult women seeking to 'be sexy'. Put them in Jacked-up hairdo's & costumes completely inappropriate( & often suggestive) for any young girl, more something one would expect to see on an ADULT model. Why not talk about the fact that there IS a market for outfit

Lois E.
Lois E5 years ago

Abortion is everybody's business, especially when it is killing a human being.

Stefan Dwornik

Micheal G. I read the comment you sent me regarding this article, and there are a few things I would like to be clear about. I hate the idea of abortion, that being said, I support a person's right (male OR female) regarding there own body. I believe life is precious, and I do not think tearing into someone because they do not share your perspective is not productive, & defeats the purpose of Care2. Do you believe that somehow abortions were not being performed before Roe vs. Wade, because they were, and women were the victim of so many backroom, 'in the shadows' hacks, unsterile conditions, infections leading to death, bleeding to death, and for many not ever being able to conceive again. Lets be honest; if we teach our children that they are all unique & and incredible gift from the creator- that chastity is something to be treasured and to be a 'gift' that we share after we have invested the time in becoming best friends, sharing common interests, values & goals. I've come to see it this way, when it comes to relationships and intimacy: There is 180 degree difference between sex, and the intimacy 2 people experience when it's mind, spirit, and HEART first, and then a life-commitment to each other before the creator, and an oath for life to the creator to LOVE, HONOR, to be MONOGAMOUS, and share a life as we , and not I,ME. It's long since time for the line in the sand to be replaced by an open, HONEST discussion about what 'WE' have done to create (over time,

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

Michael G, how are we supposed to believe you really care about the "cold blooded murder" of "unborn babies" when in the next sentance you call for medical professionals (which btw is a much different profession than a butcher) to "have cement blocks chained to their necks and thrown into the ocean"??

Angela N.
Angela N5 years ago


Barbara C.
Barbara Chally5 years ago

What a naive idea you have, to believe abortions will end even if a law anywhere denying them will result in that! Before the law allowing them now standing was put in place they happened frequently, even in this educated country. The difference then was that those seeking them had to pay the high prices that lawbreakers always charge for their deeds, and many died because they were desperate enough to hunt them down where conditions were often dangerous ones even then! You don't have to be as old as I am to know that. You just have to be intelligent and research to learn the actual facts, and be willing to recognize them. Whether or not you oppose abortions, whatever your justification for insisting only you can be right, you will never succeed in attempts to stop them happening in situations where they seem the only answer to the woman involved. In cases when wanted badly enough, the matter of majority or minority opinions of others won't matter in the least!

michael g o'leary
michael o'leary5 years ago

some of you people are saying that in kansas that there is a war against women by putting a end to abortions being allowed. the war is being fought to protect the unborn babies. they are the innocent victims of the people that want the slaughter of those unborn babies to continue.how many of you have seen the prices that the butchers get for various body parts of the aborted babies.anyone that thinks that to save the life of the mother she has to get an abortion then they are lying.it is cold blooded murder and anyone that is in the business of giving abortions and also making it the law that it has to be allowed by using our taxes to fund a barbaric practice. they should have cement blocks chained to their necks and thrown into the ocean.your apeal is at the end of the chain. i'm quite sure that there would be plenty of people awaiting their sentence.it will be a great and wonderful day when abortion is ended