DNC Won’t Let Candidates Debate Climate Change

It’s easy (and well deserved) to blame the United States’ inaction on climate change on Republicans. While there’s little doubt that if Democrats had power they would do more than the GOP is to address the crisis, would the Democratic Party be willing to do enough? Unfortunately, the latest signs point to no.

This week, the DNC rejected a call to devote one of the presidential primary debates to the subject of climate change policy. With a dozen such debates already scheduled, it doesn’t seem too out-of-line to devote one to a topic that, unaddressed, could wipe out civilization as we know it.

Petition: DNC needs a climate debate!

To make matters worse, the DNC also took the opportunity to threaten to blackball any candidate who tried to hold a debate on climate change in an unsanctioned format. Basically, anyone who does a rogue debate will be banned from the official DNC debates.

The take-away message: we don’t want to hear that much about climate change. DNC Chair Tom Perez said it’s important to “make sure voters have the ability to hear from candidates on all the issues.” He also expressed that he hoped the subject would come up organically at all the debates, but if you’ll recall back in 2016, the presidential debates included not a single question on global warming.

To be clear, Democrats very much want to hear about climate change. A CNN poll amongst registered Democratic voters found that 82 percent named climate change as a “very important top priority,” putting it literally #1 on Democrats’ list. Why can’t the #1 issue for voters be given significant time, if only to help voters decide which candidates have the best policies on that topic?

The reason for the DNC’s reticence to focus on climate change could have something to do with its frontrunner, former VP Joe Biden, having a really weak stance on climate change (so bad that we have a petition urging him to reconsider) and the powers-that-be don’t want to make the mistake of highlighting how out-of-touch he is with environmental concerns.

Perhaps the reason is even simpler than that, though. While the DNC is not as in bed with corporate interests as the RNC, it is in bed to an unhealthy extent nonetheless. Democratic bigwigs just might not want to sever ties with corporate donors that pollute the planet out of greed or plain fear that it could backfire strategically.

So far, one candidate, Jay Inslee, is discussing defying the DNC’s decision by holding an outside debate on climate change despite the threats. Since Inslee’s campaign is focused almost entirely on climate change and his poll numbers are low, it’s maybe not a major gamble for him to potentially lose out on participating in the official debate.

“You have to understand how constricted the opportunity for a full discussion for this will be when we’re talking about mobilizing and rebuilding the entire economy to decarbonize over the next couple decades,” said Inslee. “You can’t describe the mobilization of the economy in 60-second sound bites.”

Take Action!

There’s still plenty of time for the DNC to reverse course on this decision. With twelve debates scheduled already, it shouldn’t be hard to give the climate crisis the proper amount of time with an official debate. No issue matters more, so tell the DNC you want to see that!



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The DNC is so corrupt, they would rather lose to that crook Trump and the Republicans, than win with an honest progressive like Bernie Sanders. The only thing the corrupt DNC cares about is getting money from their corporate donors.

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