Yeah, Girls DO SO Care About Voting

When you’re ten years old, an event that happened ninety years ago is ancient history. Girls today are used to seeing women running for office and even being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if they took voting for granted and felt detached from today’s celebration of the 1920 ratification of women’s suffrage. 

Campaign advice from 5th grade

Curious, I checked in to see what girls are saying about voting and politics at First I found Sophia asking for advice on running for office at her school. She put the question directly and got great advice from 11 year old Caroline, including the confidence that Sophia will win.   

I am running for Recording Secretary at my school and I have to give a speech in front of everyone in my school. I’m a little scared. What should I do?  Sophia, 10 

Dear Sophia,

Yay! I’m so proud of you! Well, I think you should: a) first, tell them what you will do as recording secretary b) second, tell them why they should vote for you. c) third, tell them information about voting, so you look like you’re on top of everything! Good Luck, and sticker me when you win!:) Caroline, 11 

This is the 90th anniversary; do you care?

Women being able to vote, for me, means the world. The fact that older generations of women weren’t able to have their voices be heard because of their gender is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I take pride in knowing people these days respect me and when I am old enough, I will be able to vote and have my voice be heard. The anniversary of this freedom is the anniversary of lots of brave women who fought to have women’s voices be heard and respected, and that is why I am celebrating it.  Jen, 11, NJ 

Here are words that pop into my head: equality, woman prime ministers, voting, women in politics, being the first, feminism, strong girls and women, New Moon Girls,  power, amazing, legendary, remembered, history. Also, it’s been 90 years since we could vote… have we waited long enough to run the country? We need female prime ministers and presidents!!!’ And women who fought for our right to vote are heroes! They are true she-roes/heroines because they chained themselves, protested, were arrested and did many other things for themselves as well as many future generations of voting women! Many other countries have had female leaders… come on America! Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Haiti… they’ve all done it! Hurry up USA! Hanna, 11, BC, Canada 

Voting is the quintessential symbol of democracy: the right of a citizen to express his or her opinion over the way their government is run. For me, the right for women to vote is important because it says that women have opinions and thoughts about the world, and that their husband’s opinion will not necessarily be theirs as well. Women’s right to vote shows that women can think for themselves and that women have equal power to men in their lives and in the political system of their country. Lena, 12, PA 

Try asking the girls you know what they think. 

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Maureen North
Maureen North7 years ago

I'm a 19 years old and I take the right to vote seriously! Moreso than most people my age.

Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson7 years ago

I take my right to vote seriously. It's encouraging to hear that this next generation of women will, too.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

I wish more girls were like this. I vote, even in small elections.

Maarja L.
Maarja L7 years ago

These are awesome and smart in a rather young age.

Heather D.
Heather D7 years ago

Everyone is born equal whether they are male or female. The ONLY difference is what we teach children. If you tell someone they can't do something because they are a girl then they will probably grow up thinking they can't do anything. People tell girls to act more lady like, and tell boys they can't cry, girls can't sit that way or walk that way or talk that way, the same thing applies to the boys depending on what that persons belief of feminity or masculinity is. Really, it is a form of social brainwashing and it only holds girls and boys back from being who they are and hinder them from who they could become. Can girls think, vote, work, organize, etc etc etc.....Well of course they can do anything, that is until someone says they can't. I'm glad these young girls are seeing this at an early age, it is very inspiring and gives hope for our future.

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli7 years ago

Girls (and Women) should care MORE about voting.

Do most even KNOW that black men were given the right to vote 50 years before women of any color? The way the press and public (mis)treated Hillary (and Sarah) in the last campaign made me think 'they' wanted us to have a black male president 50 years before giving any woman a chance. I was proved right.
I was a Hillary fan and was not a Sarah fan BUT the media and public did and still do in Sarah's case treat them with much less respect than any male candidate. It made me so mad I voted for the side I normally find totally 'wrong' because I found the injustice of the unequal treatment so disgusting.
but nonetheless we now have the first black (male) president....we'll likely have the first Asian, Latin, Native, etc etc Male presidents before the media/public maybe in 50 years thinks they can give a woman a fair shake when she goes for the job.
Think about thta next time us left-wingers are bashing Palin and her family...sure we disagree with some of her politics, but do we bash say Jindal as much who has pretty much the same right-wing-nut policies as she does, no we respect him and just disagree with him. He's not fodder for being made fun of, disrespected, and bashed at will like she is. Why? Because she is a she and he is a he.

Juan Pablo de la Torre

How inspiring!

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

Very eloquent young girls. I am going to tell my 10 niece about newmoon. I grew up with a feeling that I was very lucky to be born at the time and place I was. No one around me really was aware of such things or talked about such things ( I was surrounded by mostly men growing up.) but I still had the understanding. I have always been intrigued by history though. It repeats itself and it seems like no one pays attention!!! I hope the girls of the future pay more attention to the repeating habits of history and stop the same mistakes that keep happening.

Karen Tucker
Karen Tucker7 years ago

Noted, with thanks!

Aditi Acharya
.7 years ago

liked it.