Do You Have Romnesia? (Video)

If you’re feeling slightly under the weather and can’t remember which policies you’ve made during the past six years you’ve been running for president, you might have Romnesia.

President Obama made a speech in Fairfax, Va., outlining Mitt Romney’s symptoms of what he deems ‘Romnesia,’ a condition that prevents Romney from remembering his past policies.

This might be Obama at his funniest.


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Photo credit: DonkeyHotey


Eveline M.
Eveline M5 years ago

Make the right choice for democracy!

Henry K.
Henry K.5 years ago

Marianne-You could also say that about basically everything Obama has done...

Carolyn M.
Carolyn M5 years ago

Fantastic speech! Gotta love Obama - wish he was our leader. How about we trade you Obama for Stephen Harper??? All kidding aside, I find the very idea of Romney as the President of the USA frightening & scary as hell! In my opinion, we really haven't progressed as much as we should have by now as a world class society in North America, but Romney and his gang would set us back 60 years!

Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

The other lie was that he saved the Olympics in 2008. No, some one else did, he just signed the paperwork. Then took credit.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Remember to vote November 6th

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

LOVED this. Obama is not the perfect candidate, but he is the one attempting to move forward instead of promising to take this country back. Equality is America's biggest allure, and Republicans are not the ones to go to. Women are refused equal pay and equal opportunities. Women and children are being severely held back by healthcare decisions that are being made by MEN. Same sex couples risk being without rights the rest of us take for granted, some of those rights being very basic rights that some CHILDREN have (with parental consent, but still). I feel both are not up to the job, but of the two only one is steadfast in his policies, policies that support humanity, not some twisted religious agenda.

Isabel C.
Isabel C5 years ago

I think the President has a good sense of humor though.

Robby C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Neither is presidential material. Flip a coin & go vote...

Many comments here have been repeated too many times though. As we know, BO had a democratic congress his first 2yrs. And now, it's the republicans that wont LET him suceed? What a joke! He just 'executive orders' whatever they won't let him do. Or executive priviledges info about his corrupt AG for F&F (that would make Watergate look pretty). But really, has it ever been any other way? Like a dem congress wouldn't fight a rep president at every turn? We need to dissolve this extreme 2-party BS.

I also think it's silly to suggest that people are being paid to post neutral to republican posts here. I mean, IF someone out there WERE paying for conservative posts (by the post OR by the word) this site would no longer have a democratic majority, I can assure you.

And threats of violence towards obama? Pot calling the kettle black? Apparently there's much 'twittering' by democrats suggesting sick things towards MR, including riots, etc, if he wins. It's just as vile coming from the left as it is the right.

Karen Friedman
karen Friedman5 years ago

A vote for Romney/Ryan is a vote for Rape and Incest , because it's God's will! What a sick pair to represent the Republican, but then most of the party thinks the same way, including Josh Mandel who is running in Ohio.

Michael M.
Michael T5 years ago

Bodil thank you as well for your comments.
As regards jacob I don't feel sorry for him. In my experience on Care 2 I have seen people like jacob sprout up and post the most inane stuff as he has. They come on spouting the faultiest assertions. Many are paid by conservatives Others just enjoy the game. Most have their heads stuck in the fishbowl (willingly I might add) of the echo chamber on the far right. Their entire purpose is to dismay supporters of the president and to cast false meanings upon his efforts to steer this country from the rocky shoals. Much of it is based in racism which is often the underlying agenda.