Doctor Kicks Man with Asperger’s, Struck Off Medical Council

In a resounding affront to the nation of “first do no harm,” a doctor kicked a man with Asperger’s Syndrome who lives in a Norfolk, UK, residential home, over a pair of rubber gloves. Dr. Robert Bartosik has been struck off the UK’s General Medical Council — meaning he will not be able to practice medicine in the UK — after a “fitness to practice” panel found that he had kicked the man “up the backside” and that his actions were “unacceptable,” says the Bearsden Herald. In addition, Dr. Bartosik was found “guilty of deficient professional performance” at a number of National Health Trusts in the UK and found to have “poor clinical skills and poor communication and language abilities.”

More from the Bearsden Herald:

The doctor was said to have ignored advice from colleagues when he tried to take the gloves from the kitchen of a bungalow at the Treehaven home for people with autism spectrum disorders. The resident, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, began launching missiles at Dr Bartosik, who retaliated with the kick.

The panel noted: “As a professional person Dr Bartosik should have dealt with the situation in a different way and not have retaliated by kicking the patient. The panel is of the view that his actions were out with the boundaries of acceptability and that the public and profession would deem it to be unacceptable.”…

The panel concluded: ” The panel considers that Dr Bartosik constitutes a potential risk to patients. The panel has no evidence that he has made any effort to remediate his deficiencies or indeed to keep his medical knowledge or skills up to date.”

Dr. Bartosik, who is from Poland, was a support worker at the time of the incident in March of 2007 and said that a witness was lying. After that incident, he also worked at three other hospitals in England and Scotland; his other employees also raised “serious concerns about his ability and professionalism.” One hospital raised concerns that he “could not even perform such basic tasks as taking a patient’s history,” says the BBC.

One hopes the man whom Dr. Bartosik kicked has been able to recover from such an incident. Sadly, such abuses by staff workers against residents of residential facilities for individuals with developmental and other disabilities are not uncommon. While some terrible instances get reported about, it’s more than likely that even more abuses are committed and neither noted nor addressed. Indeed, one has to wonder: How was Dr. Bartosik still able to get jobs at three other hospitals in the UK after doing something like kicking a resident?


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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

As the article states, this was reported, but how many other instances of abuse, whether physical or emotional, occur daily?. A DOCTOR should have realized that the man had a psychological impairment and shouldn't have been retaliated against. Education does not necessarily make one an enlightened individual.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

Teddie S.
Jun 29, 2011 3:35 PM
'After that incident, he also worked at three other hospitals in England and Scotland; his other employees also raised “serious concerns about his ability and professionalism.” '

Elena Arutiunova
Elena Arutiunova6 years ago

Yeah, really strange :))

Ashley Pepe
Ashley Pepe6 years ago

He obviously has no experience dealing with special needs patients, why was he even there? I wouldn't let this man practice medicine anywhere, especially with my children or even pets. He is in the wrong line of work, he should find a job that does not involve interaction with people!

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

embarrassing to physicians everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly M.
Kelly R6 years ago

I have Asperger's and that shouldn't even matter, a doctor KICKED a patient. Unacceptable.

Lilithe Magdalene


Patricia G.
Patricia G6 years ago


Vernon W.
Vernon W6 years ago

Apparently, something is lost crossing cultural barriers. What does "launching missiles" mean? Were they nuclear tipped or just conventional warheads? Sounds dangerous to me.

Ally T.
A P6 years ago

ALL doctors should also be tested for bedside manner and professionalism prior to receiving their license. If you can't socialize or communicate with people effectively, you shouldn't be a doctor. Don't bother being a vet either until you work on your people skills.