Does the New York Times Have a White Nationalism Problem?

President Donald Trump and many of his conservative supporters have taken to popularizing the term “fake news” to characterize virtually any media outlet they consider left-leaning or anti-Trump. One such repeat target of this label has been the New York Times. However, in recent times, the Times has published several articles that may appeal to “alt-right” readers — or, more accurately, white nationalists.

In late November of 2017, the New York Times profiled Tony Hovater, an Ohio resident and self-professed white nationalist who dreams of a world in which Germany won World War II. But Hovater swears he’s not a racist.

The piece characterizes Hovater as a polite, agreeable suburbanite — just your average American neighbor. While the article includes several damning quotes from Hovater, the author appears to bend over backwards to paint a picture of a simple, working-class Joe — no different than anyone else.

For those inclined to agree with Hovater’s worldview, however, the article might come as a rare instance of “real,” unbiased news reported by the New York Times.

And this was not lost on many readers. The backlash was so fierce, in fact, that the New York Times proptly released an editorial response. Unfortunately, the statement offered little more than “regret” that some were “offended,” before going on to stand by the outlet’s choice to publish the piece.

Instead of recognizing that neo-Nazism and white supremacy should not be normalized, perhaps the New York Times should have focused on a compelling profile of one of the many Americans who are negatively impacted by people like Hovater.

The New York Times later ran an op-ed lamenting anti-white “reverse racism.” Author, Frank Bruni, cherry-picks a small handful of examples, though he primarily focuses on a Texas State University newspaper article.

The column was undoubtedly vitriolic, given its headline: “Your DNA Is an Abomination.” Clearly the work of an immature student seeking to be edgy, university officials roundly condemned the article.

Bruni describes this line of thinking as counter-productive, claiming that it pushes away white people who would be potentially sympathetic to oppressed minorities. Not only is this argument wrongheaded, but it’s also condescending.

As this view becomes increasingly popular among white Americans empowered by a discriminatory Trump administration, Bruni’s editorial only helps to validate a persecution complex.

Coming from the New York Times, a media outlet that prides itself on being the supposed opposition voice to today’s populist far-right movement in the United States, these articles are — at best — stunningly tone-deaf.

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Marie W
Marie W4 months ago

thanks for sharing

Marigold A
Past Member 10 months ago

The NYT has problems period!

Danuta W
Danuta W10 months ago

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Colin C
Colin Clauscen10 months ago

NYT and Washington Post once great newspapers sadly not now.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees10 months ago

@Adele E Z "Unfortunately, Tony Hovater is "no different than" way too many Americans. And instead of setting an example - as did President Obama - of acceptance of all citizens, our Racist-in-Chief wholeheartedly endorses their views. NYT's acceptance of hatred for all "others" is reprehensible."

Um actually Obama did quite the opposite. There were many times he made race an issue where it should not have been. One notable time was Trevon Martain saying he could have been Obama's son. This was way before the facts were known.

Rachel -
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Haha, no. Desiree Shoe, Sr. Staff Editor, NYT: "That's the conundrum, is that a business model in this time is built on what the readers want... but also you don't want to be, like, branding your company as click-chasers... there's so much panic about what to do, that what else is a company supposed to do?"

Bummer! I guess rent out 8 floors of your building, cut and disgruntle staff, say F your reputation, dump all objectivity, troll Trump on unsubstantiated allegations for a year, get trolled back as fake news, secretly thank heaven for Trump keeping you afloat as you outwardly whine about freedom of the press violations that didn't happen, enjoy getting sympathy from ignorant people, completely embrace martyrdom while taking zero responsibility for your situation, claim superiority to alt media and citizen journalists, and just when you're starting to believe your own BS, watch as a employee named Desiree Shoe gets drunk and all but admits to Project Veritas that you're propaganda while simultaneously musing on what an idiot Trump is. And hope nobody notices... man if he's an idiot, he's not the only one...

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