Dog Deaths Highlight Problems at Arkansas Racetrack


Wednesday morning, information on greyhound injuries in Arkansas was made public for the first time in a front-page Arkansas Times news story.

In part, the Times reported on a GREY2K USA analysis of greyhound injuries at Southland Greyhound Park. According to data we received from the state, 452 greyhound injuries were reported at Southland between 2008 and March 2012. Nearly half of the reported injuries involved broken legs.

During the same period, 32 dogs died or were euthanized due to injuries at the track.

This new injury data also tells the sad story of individual dogs who suffered and died at Southland. For example:

  • On February 24, 2011 a three-year-old black greyhound named Bow Rockabilly died after he fell into the track rail during a race at Southland. According to statistics kept by gamblers, Rockabilly raced more than 70 times before he died.
  • A three-year-old red greyhound named Marvel At This was euthanized in October 2008 after she suffered a broken neck during a race at Southland.

These dogs were never given the chance to know a loving home. Rather than become part of a family, they raced so that gamblers could use them as a number to bet on. In the end, each of them suffered a catastrophic injury and paid the ultimate price of their lives.

You can read our full report on greyhound injuries at Southland Park, and check out Arkansas Times report. Then, tell others about the ongoing humane problems at Southland. If you have friends or family that live near the track, ask them to not support this facility.

We can’t help dogs like Rockabilly, but we can try to help the greyhounds at Southland now. That starts with giving them a voice, and spreading the world about their cruel fate.

The final race for Bow Rockabilly. Image by Southland Park.


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Barbara J.
Barbara J4 years ago

So sad the life these animals are forced in to.

darla h.
darla h5 years ago

Its sad that we have so...many cold heart, people getting away with legal murder and animal abuse! Racing gray-hounds should be illegal ,animal abuse should be illegal.How is none of this illegal? How is any of it humane? These dogs are not pets ,but property and money making machines,and they race their hearts out and in return get no love,no respect, no medical treatment,no pain management,just death....AMAZING!I want to know who and what kind of person makes this CRAP AND SO MANY OTHER ANIMAL ABUSIVE SITUATION LEGAL

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

How many more animals have to die at the hands of cruel and arrogant humans??????? This is ridiculous, in this day and age, that we still have dog racing, horse racing, rodeos, the circus, cock fighting, etc etc etc.

We should have evolved much, much farther than we have. Makes me ashamed to be a human.

Lorraine Hagin
Lorraine Hagin5 years ago

Thank you for opening my eyes to the horrendous cruelty that goes on in the world of greyhound racing - I am horrified and disgusted! These poor innocent creatures, what a life they don't have!! They are just born to race for man's greed and self-safistaction and power over something that they can control! These poor creatures probably don't even know the true feeling/touch of a human hand, a loving voice, the tenderness/kindness of a human being, the warmth of a loving home - what they are certain of in their short miserable lives is death! For some it may come quickly and relatively painfree but for others it may be excruciating because I cannot see their spiteful owners caring what happens to them when their days are over, can you? Please lets try and get this hideous sport banned in all parts of the world including my country! I am ashamed of the human race in how we treat animals, this is not how it's suppose to be!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Thanks for helping to get the word out. Ban all dog racing!!!

Linda MacRae
Linda MacRae5 years ago

P L E A S E.........B A N G R E Y H O U N D R A C I N G E V E R Y W H E R E!!!!!!!

This is inhuman and barbaric treatment of animals. It must stop and with your help it can!

Mandy Harker
Mandy H5 years ago

My god! How is it that people still haven't gotten the message that dog racing and any kind of animal racing is cruel and needs to be stopped! These animals deserve and need to be in a loving home where they are valued as a member of the family not as a number to make money off. Animals are much better at giving love and saving lives(my dogs saved mine just the other night) then racing!

Rin S.
Rin S5 years ago

Thankyou for this article. It's so sad to read about tragic events like this.

Lydia Stone
Lydia Stone5 years ago

There is nothing more beautiful than to watch a greyhound run for the pure joy of it even the ones that have never known a track. All of the greyhounds I have adopted have been amazing dogs. All greyhounds deserve loving homes instead of cages of doom and races to the death. Greyhound racing must go all over the world.