Dog Tattoos: Want To Shave A Snowflake Into Your Pooch’s Fur?

Are you into tattoos? No, not for you – for your dog.

That’s right: hair tattoos are no longer the prerogative of rappers and athletes. Pet owners in the UK are asking groomers to shave tattoos in the shapes of hearts, snowflakes and paws into their dogs’ fur.

The temporary tats last around three months, and it takes about an hour to carry out the procedure.

An hour? Who has a dog that will sit still for an hour? I wonder if they medicate the canines first?

The idea comes from Jessica Allegri and Amanda Marshall, both groomers in the UK, who initially tried out the idea on their own boxer.

From The Daily Mail:

It was a quiet day and we thought it would be fun to shave a paw print on my dog, who comes to work with me,’ Ms Allegri said.

‘Our customers were really impressed and asked where he had had it done. Since then we have had lots of people asking for pooch patches and we’ve done snowflakes, flowers and hearts.

One woman even wanted a One Direction symbol shaved onto her dog for her daughter. For the dogs it’s just like having a hair-cut and doesn’t hurt.’

Did anyone ask the dogs what they think about this?

There’s a similar trend in the US, only it involves actual tattoos.

According to the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG), it’s not enough to get your dog a wash and haircut, or even a pedicure. The group suggests airbrushed designs most commonly created with a stencil and special pet-friendly, non-toxic dye especially made for animals are a developing trend. The idea grew out of specialty or creative grooming, such as transforming a pet into a panda or other exotic creature, that emerged about three years ago.

Why tattoo your pet? From

Some dog owners use their tattooed pups for advertising purposes, getting the logo or name of their company airbrushed on Fido, but most owners just do it for fun. “People love it — it’s hilarious,” Heather Holland, owner of Lucky’s Yellow Rubber Ducky Dog Wash in Shreveport, La., tells USA Today. “People can’t wait for their friends and family to see it.”

On the other hand, the Westminster Dog Show in Madison Square Garden bans tattooing to make contestants’ noses blacker, or braces to straighten crooked canines, or any type of surgery to enhance appearances.

Let’s think about this. Isn’t tattooing, or any other kind of adorning, taking away your pet’s dignity? How would humans like it if they had to submit to such embellishments against their will? Our animals give us unconditional love, so shouldn’t we respect that?

Are these tattoos for the pleasure of the owners or the dogs?


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Photo Credit: groomers on the green


Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago


Berny p.
berny p5 years ago

IF this is not necessary...why do something unatural to an animal?

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Ken Y.
Ken Y5 years ago

it would be a cold day in hell before i spent money on such a ludicrous plot

Robin M.
Robin M5 years ago

Kristen L.- What does that even mean? Do you mean that it's more sensible for humans to decorate their own bodies than the bodies of their pets? If so, I agree.
But it sounds like you mean something else, something harsh, like a punishment for people who do this to animals. If that is the case, you grossly misunderstand the function of hair clippers.
It seems like a large number of commenters do, actually.

Kristen Lowry
Kristen Lowry5 years ago

The idiotic humans should line up & get their tattoos shaved into their bodies first.

Diane L.
Diane L5 years ago

Oh, c'mon, Stacey.......lighten up. All most are saying here is that while not abuse, it's stupid. Of COURSE the conditions you refer to are far worse, but why would anyone compare them?

Stacey D.
Stacey D.5 years ago

You're the type of people who freak out when someone play wrestles with their dogs. They're not as fragile as you think, they have a lot of strength. You're not doing animals any favors by focusing on stupid little things that aren't even considered anything close to abuse or cruelty. There are animals being left on the street like garbage, and you're trying to fight someone shaving a cute little snowflake into the fur. So....being dumped on the street or being shaved. You tell me which one is actual abuse. Wow.

Stacey D.
Stacey D.5 years ago

Oh good God I knew the crazies were going to be going nuts over this. The dogs don't care, it doesn't hurt them it doesn't put them in danger. Women shave their legs for aesthetic reasons all the time, it's no different. And I think it's kind of cute! Granted I wouldn't do it because there's no point, but I don't think it's cruel in any way shape or form. Get over yourselves.

Robin M.
Robin M5 years ago

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on Care2. Hands down. Yes, it's silly as hell to decorate your pets. But shaving patterns and dyeing fur is totally harmless, and dogs do not care if they look goofy. Dogs don't get embarrassed about things like that. Calm down, people.
Also, someone below asked, "How do you *know* it doesn't hurt?" I shave my head regularly, and have done so for many years. It doesn't hurt. That's how I know. Good lord.
Real tattoos on animals, on the other hand, are unspeakably cruel.