Dog Walks Again on Prosthetic Legs (Video)

Lemon Pie, a fun-loving adult canine, ended up at a rescue shelter in Mexico after his two front paws had been cut off by organized crime members. The BBC uncovered the harrowing story of Lemon Pie.

Patricia Cruz, founder of the dog shelter, Canine Miracles, told reporters, “Lemon Pie had the misfortune of running into an organized crime group and they used him to practice cutting off each one of his paws like they do when they cut fingers off people that have been kidnapped.” This experience left him with two short, front limbs that were difficult to balance on.

Luckily, with the help of new technology, Lemon Pie was fitted with two front prosthetic limbs that allow him to walk, run and play. They cost a whopping $8,000 and were designed in the United States. Workers at the rescue shelter say that Lemon Pie quickly adjusted to the limbs and can wear them for longer periods of time with each passing day. Here’s the report from the BBC:

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Photo Credit: BBC World News


Patricia G.
Patricia Gal3 years ago

Sad because the video says its no longer available....But YES I recall this dog "Lemon Pie" there was a story on this and how they cut off his legs. I am just soooooo happy to see this emerge again because the torture to this dog broke my heart. Its a beautiful/smart dog and I am happy he is doing well with the prosthetic legs. GOD BLESS Lemon Pie and give him a nice life God, Amen

Amit A.
Amit A3 years ago

thanks for sharing

Paula L.
Paula L5 years ago

I just hope they catch this group and put a stop to this. Lock them away in an mental institution for a long time. They were training someone to "Cut off human fingers"! For what? Do they think it gains them anything.....nothing but enemies! They are mentally derranged!
I am so glad the dog was found and saved and wish him much happiness for the rest of his days, he has earne it. But how many dogs, cats or other animals go unfound and die a slow agonizing death by bleeding out and unbearable nerve damage? Catch them and keep them locked up!

iveta cer

Poor dog !! Stupid people who did this to poor Lemon pie but good think this dog is walking again just makes me wonder how much pain he went through when those idiots did this to him . Hello Nadine my german shepherd died on bone cancer and they told us to amputate his fron leg we set no way he was 105 pounds 8 years old . We tried treatment for him travel from Canada to Pullman Washington ( 8 hours drive from us there ) but helped him only 4 months and after we put him to sleep we didn't want to be suffering . I missed him sooo much and now is 26 months since he died . I wish best for Lemon pie good luck

Alina G.

On the one hand I'm happy these dogs running,Thanks specialists for it.But on the other hand I am sad it is not their own legs

Cindy G.
Cindy G5 years ago

Thank you to the people who rescued,saved and got this poor dog the prosthetics! No animal deserves nothing but happiness and love!

Dresia Vaughn
Dresia Vaughn5 years ago

Whom ever you are, that cut off this dogs paws, I hope you will lose your legs down the road. God saw what you did and he's going to deal with you if you're reading this. People that are cruel to animals are not to be trusted in and or around their fellow man. Whom ever did this, will reap what you sowed. God is a loving God but revenge is his and what happened to this dog was horrible. Vengence is mine I will repay does not only apply to people, it applies to animals too. (If you're reading this, yours is coming) and if anyone knows who did this, you should not feel afraid to speak and protect other innocent animals down the road. Otherwise, you're just as guilty.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Sending you good thoughts and karma, sweet Lemon Pie!

Patricia G.
Patricia Gal5 years ago

What a nice thing to ask Jonette. If so, I hope its goes to a loving heart.
He's a brave doggie & handsome...hehehe

jonette b.
jonette b5 years ago

Is Lemon Pie available for adoption?