Biggest Dogfighting Raid in History Reveals Even Bigger Problem

This Wednesday, approximately 450 dogs were seized during raids in seven states. Animal welfare groups call this the largest simultaneous raid of dogfighting operations in U.S. history.

Each rescued dog will be evaluated in hopes of placing as many as possible in adoptive homes.

Animal welfare advocates worked with federal authorities for 18 months on this seizure. So far, 26 people have been accused of cruelties ranging from denying animals medical treatment to shooting poorly-performing dogs in the head and disposing of their bodies into a river or burning them in a barrel.

Although no one can help but to feel that the world is a little brighter now that these 450 innocent animals finally have a chance for the safe and loving homes these deserve, this week’s seizure also puts the true size of the insidious problem of dogfighting into perspective. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that at least 40,000 people are involved in professional dogfighting, while hudreds of thousands more participate in urban and rural “street fighting.”

If no fewer than 40,000 people are keeping this horrific form of gambling and entertainment alive, imagine just how many dogs are involved.

Dogfighting operations typically are not small acts of animal cruelty, but part of organized criminal networks. When it’s not unusual for as much as $30,000 to change hands in a single dogfight, fully eradicating the industry will be an uphill battle.

Take action! Please send your note of thanks to the governors of the seven states who helped to make this historic raid a reality. Encourage them to continue to support the good work of their state attorney general, local officials and caring volunteers.


Teresa H.
Teresa Haller7 years ago

God bless you all who are working with this program to save these pit bulls and the poor animals that are used as bait as well. Anyone who participates in dog fighting, bull fighting, cock fighting, etc is a mindless, cruel, heartless PUNK.....
The only good punishment for this vile fighting of God's creatures, is a really LONG stay in prison and or choose to allow the poor animals that have been trained to entertain these vile people to have at them. They should feel the horror, pain, disappointment that they've put all of these poor animals through. If anyone has NO regard for animals in this way then it can easily carry through to how they treat children, or women. Always someone who's weaker than them so as they can inflate their sick egos. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. ....

Alicia V.
Alicia V7 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Maria Elena Amoroso

Well done!!!!!! Keep on going ,save them all!!and thank you!!!

sonia b.
sonia b8 years ago

please save our friends

Carolyn P.
Carolyn P8 years ago

Well done guys - such good news - thank you. May others follow your lead and have your integrity, courage, care and good positive actions to do the same in their areas. God bless.

Ashley D.
Ashley Denofrio8 years ago

I have owned 2 pitties for 8 yrs.Extremely well socialized and loving everyone, it still bewilders me how I can walk my dogs down the street and just the other day have a woman shout from her yard, "Why don't you get some normal dogs that don't kill people". No joke. It's not only the people that fight them, it's the ignorant people that believe everything the media has to dish out out these dogs and the stereotyping. I strongly believe this kind of discrimination is no different than being a racist. And to think what these people are teaching their children, the next generation.Will things ever change? I hope so for the Pitties sake.

Elaine Robinson
Elaine R8 years ago


Pamela C.
Pamela C8 years ago

Please, don't ever give away kittens in front of a store or on a corner. Anyone can come up and take one . . . or more . . . and use them to train dogs for dogfighting, giving them a free taste of blood.

One Saturday, as I was walking into a supermarket, a woman and a child stood next to a box of kittens as the wide-eyed child exclaimed, "Oh Mommy, they're so cute, can we get two?" I didn't think any more about it until next month, when I passed by a different person with a box of kittens to give away in front of the supermarket and passed the same woman and child, the child reciting the same line.

And consider this: my friend used to have a roomate who had a large python. Guess how he fed it?

These are no urban legends, I've witnessed them.

Carley B.
Carley B8 years ago

I applaud the courage of those righteous souls who rescue the dogs from their abusers. Truly humane persons.

Millisa Davis
Millisa Davis8 years ago

I thank the brave men and women who stuck their necks out for the maltreatment of those precious dogs who were forced to kill each other for the entertainment of sick individuals...