DOJ Done Talking To Sheriff Joe


The Department of Justice has had enough of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. After months of trying to come to some resolution to the civil rights violations plaguing the office, the DOJ announced it will sue the MCSO.

Arpaio’s office first came under scrutiny in 2008 and it was in December the DOJ investigated concluded Arpaio ran the MCSO in such a fashion that it created a “culture of bias” and that officers had systematically and intentionally discriminated against Latinos.

The announcement comes as the Supreme Court is less than two weeks away from hearing arguments on the constitutionality of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant bill SB 1070.

As part of a part of any settlement agreement the MCSO would come under a federal monitor until the culture of discrimination shifts. This is a routine requirement but one that Arpaio would simply not agree to. So it seems he’s taken the idea of federal court supervision of his department as his last symbolic stand in defiance of Washington overreach.

By all accounts Arpaio has not conducted himself in response to the federal investigation as a party negotiating in good faith. He refused to turn over documents, make himself available for interview or otherwise participate in any productive fashion. This announcement was an inevitability from the start.


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Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


Thomas Carpenter
Thomas Carpenter5 years ago

Sheriff Joe is a true American and a hero. He is doing the work the federal government has been entrusted with but has refused to carry out. The federal government has failed the American people and needs to be changed so it again serves the people. The witch hunt the feds are engaging in are a desperate attempt to cow us into submission. Sheriff Joe is someone to look up to and respect.

I find it extremely ironic that so many folks that imply they are peace loving, civilized and enlightened desire so strongly to see the death, dismemberment and destruction of those they disagree with.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Winston Churchill

Inga S.
Inga S5 years ago

no name no photo = Sheriff Joe
Joe Started out doing okay, then he let his 'power' get the best of his judgement and it has been downhill ever since!
The DOJ is not sueing him for "doing his job" they are sueing him for overstepping his authority and using false charges against his detractors.
The "birther" claims have all been cleared up for the intelligent people of this country with the release of the President's birth certificate. Barack Obama is the duely elected President of the USA Steve R. if you do not like it, go back to your native country.

Debra P.
Debra Prisk5 years ago

If our Government would enforce the law and guard our borders, then they wouldn't have to drum up these false charges against Sheriff Joe.
You can sue anyone for anything, but will the Justice (unjustice) Department win? We shall see.
And I agree with Mary D. Sheriff Joe is the only investigating this person we know as Obama, who the hell is this guy, where did he come from? I guess the white house is trying to stop the questions by sicking the DOJ on Sheriff Joe.
Open your eyes AMERICA! Before it's too late!!!

Jan N.
Jan N5 years ago

So Mary, I assume the D stands for Delusional?

Philip Amos
.5 years ago

Mary D., please tell me which of these is true: 1. You are really Steven Colbert and your post is a spoof. 2. You are a right-wing troll sent to chuck a wrench into generally intelligent discussions. 3. You are two tacos short of a combination plate and haven't been taking your meds again.

Mary Driver
Mary Driver5 years ago

Joe Arapaio is a GREAT MAN who enraged the administration so much with the PROOF of the FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, that he is being attacked. Wake up sleeping sheeple! All this is is direct RETALIATION! I love the sheriff and all he stands for. He is a true patriot in a sea of unconstitutionality! You have the support OF TRUE AND WAKEFUL AMERICANS SHERIFF JOE! P.S. Steve R is CORRECT. TIME FOR THE "ADMINISTRATION" to go!

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

Joe Arpaio is just another Tea Party paranoid hater on a rampage. The Tea Party must have turned over a lot of rocks to find members of this quality. McCain called him the toughest sheriff in America. Maybe he is just the meanest and the angriest. There is no doubt that his actions contributed to or caused a culture of bias. Time for a new sheriff in town. Wise up Arizona you are getting the reputation of a state of haters.

Dmitry V.

Arpaio needs to be removed from society permanently.

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

If South Africa had any say in Steve R. returning, I am SURE there response would be, NO TAKE BACKS!

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

You all know very well why Steve R won't move back to South Africa. His bigoted, intolerant, high-handed attitude would have rival mobs fighting over the right to murder him.

Steve R, I also know why you have a green card. Since you have claimed you own and rent several properties, the plain truth is that you bought your way into the US (anyone that can show $250,000 to invest and says he will create jobs gets an automatic green card). I suppose you think your $250,000 gives you the right to dictate what the rest of us do with our lives.