Dolly the Pit Bull Happy At Last (VIDEO)

This is a story about Dolly, a pit bull who was adopted from a Florida shelter in June 2009 into a seemingly good home. 

In March 2010 she walked back into the shelter in terrible shape. She had been used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. Her face was torn, she’d lost several teeth, and her mouth was so swollen she could not eat. Dolly remained unbelievably sweet throughout her rehab, despite all she’d been through, and she became a favorite at the shelter. 

After a month, one of the volunteers took her home and now Dolly is part of a very happy family. She is AKC certified as a Canine Good Citizen and is an ambassador for her breed. When adopting a dog from a shelter, don’t overlook pit bulls because of their reputation. They too make wonderful companion animals.


TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to help keep a convicted dog fighter behind bars! David Tant wasn’t responsible for Dolly’s abuse, but he is responsible for the severe torture of numerous other dogs like Dolly. In fact, Tant was ranked the No. 2 breeder of fighting pit bulls in the nation. He’s up for parole later this month. 

Photo credit: thanks to audreyjm529 via flickr
Please note: the image above is not of Dolly


Monique Freericks

I thoughed everybody nows that not the dog is bad but the boss! I cried when I read this story and shaw the pictures.
Thank You for adopting the dog.

Lisa Neste

So glad to know Dolly has found love and compassion from humans instead of the horrible abuse most pitbulls endure.
So many times these stories do not have that happy ending.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C8 years ago

Sad story with a happy ending for Dolly. The guy serves 6yrs out of 30,where's the justice in that?

Valerie S.
Valerie S8 years ago

I cannot put into words what I think should happen to the POS Tant. It is unfathomable what some 'humans' are capable of. Also, why serving such a short amount of time, he should be left to rot
I am glad Dolly is finally in a good home and living a good life.

Marjorie Post
Marjorie Post8 years ago

Thank God that she was at least returned to the shelter. Most bait dogs are cruelly used, and then killed when they are no longer needed. I'm so glad she finally has a good home. I think that shelters should be more proactive in checking out the person or people who are adopting their animals. This is a very common and easy way to obtain animals for other than good reasons.

Ed G.
Ed G8 years ago

We have several pit bulls in the neighborhood. None seem to be vicious or even unfriendly. The issue seems to be in how they are brought up. I suspect that alot of people that have not been brought up in America do not see dogs they way we see them (or European countries for that matter). When they are put in a situation that makes them fight their blood line shows up. I am not suggesting that all pit bulls be put away but on a case by case basis should be looked into and acted on accordingly.

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan8 years ago

We are sorry Dolly for all that you have undergone. Love you my pet and pray for you. A big thanks for all those who helped you.

June Bullied
june bullied8 years ago

dolly i am so happy for you. you are so loving even after the abuse you endured. once again animals are to be protected, respected and loved. they give humans their trust, loyalty and unconditional love. sign the petition to keep that sick and twisted Tant behind bars.

Cheryl W.
Cheryl W8 years ago

Parole granted for dog fighting kingpin Tant

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - South Carolina's most notorious breeder of fighting pit bulls is getting out of prison after serving just six years of a 30-year sentence.

A South Carolina parole board voted 5-2 in favor of granting parole to 63-year-old David Ray Tant on Wednesday morning.

Tant will be required to have intensive supervision for six months and won't be allowed to have any connection with dog ownership or training. Tant could be released from prison at any time, whenever paperwork has been completed.

sherri p.
sherri pon8 years ago

You have heard there is no such thing as a bad animal, just bad people or owners.
Take a look at how kids turn out. NO LOVE. BAD KIDS. NO LOVE, BAD ANIMALS.