Dolphin Guardian Angels Save Lives

“…there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that dolphins come to the rescue of humans in danger at sea.” according to 7 News in Australia…

1. Dolphins Save Dog in Australia, March 2013

Cocker spaniel Ramsay was concentrating hard  on catching those seagulls. He doggie-paddled after them, as he and Karyn Gitsham’s other dog, Buddy, often did on walks. But this time he swam too far.

Karyn Gitsham was concentrating hard on Ramsay’s plight when she slipped and herself wound up in the water at Carrickalinga Beach in South Australia. She too was in trouble from the overpowering waves.

Then came the fins. Gitsham saw one near Ramsay and feared that a shark was after him, but then she saw more and it came to her: a pod of dolphins was gathering around her dog. “These dolphins just formed this horseshoe and were guiding him in, pushing him in,” she said. The dolphins safely guided Ramsay to shore along with Gitsham. She calls it a miracle.


2. Dolphins Save Dog in Florida, February 2011

Turbo, one of Cindy Burnett’s two dobermans, escaped his yard when the gate was left open. Burnett and her sons searched the area thoroughly, but no Turbo.

The next morning brought a most welcome phone call: a neighbor had found Turbo. Well, it was more like she was told where to pick him up.

The dog had found his way into a canal and couldn’t get out, but dolphins saved the day. They guided Turbo to shallow water where he could stand. “If he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn’t have been able to,” Burnett said.

The dolphins stayed with Turbo and made a mighty racket by splashing around to alert people to the dog’s plight. A woman who lived on the canal heard the ruckus and retrieved the doberman from the water, then called the Burnetts.


3. Dolphins Save Surfer in Monterey, California, August 2007

A great white shark attacked 24-year-old Todd Endris when he went surfing at Marina State Park. The shark at first couldn’t get his teeth around both Endris and the surfboard, but on his second pass he sank his jaws into Endris’s torso, lacerating his back.

On his third bout the shark grabbed and started to swallow Endris’s right leg, which gave Endris leverage to kick the shark with his left leg until he let go. By this time the water around the surfer was thick with blood.

Then his rescuers arrived. The pod of dolphins drove off the shark and formed a protective circle around Endris until he got back on his board and caught a wave that took him to shore.

The surfer lost half his blood and needed 500 stitches and 200 staples to close all his wounds.

Despite  his ordeal, once he recovered Endris went surfing again in the same spot with no animosity towards the shark. He said he wouldn’t want to go after the shark because “we’re in his realm, not the other way around.”



Human Attacks on Dolphins

Considering how often dolphins help humans and our companion animals, we are an ungrateful bunch. “Some dolphin populations are dwindling due to mortalities caused by destructive fishing gear, ocean pollution, and other human-caused threats.” One example is PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), run-off from industry and agriculture, build up in dolphins and can kill their calves.

BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has injured some dolphins, while others fall prey to humans who deliberately catch them — like the dolphin who was found stabbed to death by a screwdriver. Dolphins are very intelligent, but perhaps they aren’t smart enough to steer clear of us altogether.


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Photo credit: iStockphoto


Catherine STILL2 years ago

dolphins are more caring than many humans!

bria broccoli
bria broccoli3 years ago

Thanks for Sharing :)

Nicola Thomasson
Nicola Thomasson4 years ago

Let's face it, people, they're just trying to get us out of their territory.

No, joking aside, dolphins are amazing beings, and I truly wish more of us could know to appreciate them. Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Marilyn Ashman
Marilyn A4 years ago

Oh ! how I can relate to the comment regarding hating humans ! I have spoken about my hatred for mankind regarding animal abuse . I will often acknowledge the wonderful people that feel the same way that I do in loving all animals . But don't get me started , when it comes down to commenting on petitions that show the cruelty on Factory Farms . Slaughter Facilities , The Cove , Whale Wars , Fur Farms and the list never ends . And if I was asked why I watch these sad and oh so cruel videos , it's because I want to sign as many petitions as possible to support all advocacy groups that are trying to change the way animals are treated . I simply detest humankind for this . And they are ; the Scum of the Earth as I see it , and I have no apologies or regrets in saying this .

S. N.
Susan N4 years ago

Gordon - I believe that when people are making honest comments about hating other humans in these posts, they are doing so because they are hurting badly inside after reading articles about other living creatures being abused, and realizing that humans are usually the ones responsible for causing that harm. I understand how they feel, because I feel just as bad. But I also understand that they are NOT saying that they hate those who would heal and help, so do not feel that anyone is being anti-humanist, or that they are casting everyone in the same mold. Most of us know we are here because we care, it just hits some people harder than others.

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

I agree with Gordon R. Not everybody hates their own animal nature [our body] or thinks we are the scum of the earth. Maybe if you didn't hate your own mammal human body so much, your hatred wouldn't out-picture as cruelty to other kinds of animals.Respect for life has to start with your own life.So when ever you find yourself useing the Royal We, realize you're speaking of yourself and what you think you should do.It seems to be the way WE are wired so it takes effort to individualize yourself.

Bettina Galo
Bettina Galo4 years ago

It's terrible the damage they do to the dolphins taking them to Captivity.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W4 years ago

Thanks for the post.

Gordon Ralph
Gordon Ralph4 years ago

I do hate to hear people on this site saying things like.." I do hate humans" and "Humans don't deserve Dolphins",..this is a very nasty and hateful thing to say we are all humans (i trust!) and we on this sight care for all animals(i trust) So i find it very anti humanist when people cast us all in the same mold. I LOVE Dolphins and i think i deserve them i would love to swim in the wild with them!, so to say i don't deserve that is very hurtful !!.... Please think what you are saying before posting your comments please !!...thank you !!