Dolphin Slaughter Exposed by Eco-Activists

The heartbreaking 2009 documentary The Cove exposed the horrific annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins in Taiji, a picturesque Japanese inlet.  Activists hoped that worldwide pressure, outrage and protests would end the killings, but a TV series premiering this week shows that the brutality continues. Blood Dolphins was created by former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry and his son Lincoln as part of their crusade to halt the annual massacre of over 20,000 dolphins.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, self-aware, complex creatures that should swim free without the threat of slaughter or captivity, Ric Barry notes.”The most important thing I can do, that my son can do, is show the world through projects like Blood Dolphins just how threatened dolphins are so we can all do something about it.†A former dolphin trainer who “saw the light”, Richard O’Barry is part of Earth Island Institute’s Marine Mammal Team, which campaigns to protect dolphins, whales and other ocean mammals worldwide.

This promo video outlines the new series, which premieres this Friday on the Animal Planet channel:

The Cove and Blood Dolphins depict the dolphin slaughter through clandestinely-shot film; fishermen take pains to shield the Japanese public from the slaughter events. Dolphins and porpoises are trapped in the cove; a few of the mammals are captured and sent to aquariums around the world; the rest are corralled in tightening nets and stabbed until they die in waters stained red with their blood. They are then butchered and sold for meat.

The BBC this week interviewed the mayor of Taijji, who asserted that his town had no intention of changing or stopping the killing, citing the town’s long heritage of dolphin hunting. Japan issues over 20,000 permits annually to kill dolphins. Although Taiji is the center of the controversy, the Christian Science Monitor reports that larger numbers of dolphins are killed elsewhere in Japan. The Cove, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, had only two public screenings in Japan prior to last month, when it opened in half a dozen theaters in the country despite threats and a national debate pitching nationalist protesters against free-speech activists.

It is often challenging to understand other cultures and to respect different points of view. Surely some actions, like the unnecessary and cruel butchery of thousands of highly intelligent animals in the name of tradition, call out to be changed…now.

Take Action
Thousands have already signed the Care2 petition to end dolphin slaughter that targets the Japanese government via the U.S. State Department here:

Support the work of SaveJapanDolphins:

Photo: Vitaliy Sokol via istockphoto


Devon Engle
Past Member 6 years ago

I just watched the cove and it was heart wrenching! i can not believe this is happening!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

o barry is a hero, becouse he is trying to fix what he started whit flipper,so I support him 100%

mary l.
mary l6 years ago

This is horrible what they do to these dolphins.

Rita A.
Rita A.7 years ago

I watched the COVE last night on TV. These japanese Fishers or how they call themself, are not fishermen, they are pure sadists. I held my heart when I saw the water turning red and this massacre. It is genocide and nothing less. Is there a smart way to divert the dolphins and to prevent them from swimming to the japanese coast and especially to this deadly area? The japanese Government should be ashamed and all governments standing along the line and witnessing this, should be ashamed. Humand beings are indeed the most destructive creatures on become humane is to become civilised, is to become what we are born for, Human!
Love to you all and God Bless the DOLPHINS for sacrificing ther life in order to prevent other humans dying at the hands of blind sadists. these dolphins are the lambs that saved Isaac at Abrahams altar, think twice! especially in Japan, where people are being piosoned to death by serving them government apporved poisened and murdered dolphins.
Rita Chin
The Netherlands

Kris L.
Kris L.7 years ago

I am not personally an activist of any kind, but I couldn't help myself sending this letter efter having watched this very informative and disturbing documentary. Many people in Sweden, where I come from, will probably visit this website. We are aware of what is going on in the world but not more than people from other democratic countries, If Japan is a democratic country, then they should make this dokumentary obligatory in the schools. Why? Because, I think the best way to get things changed in this particular country and this particular issue, is to change the perception of the young people. They mustn't ignore what their parents and their government have tried to (volontarily or unvolontarily) ignore for decades. I am signing this petition and I will forward this website to all my friends in Sweden. I hope you will!

Monique D.
Mon D7 years ago

How horrible, I couldn't watch it. I have had a passion for marine mammals since I was a kid

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

could not watch the killing.

Dee Williams
Past Member 7 years ago

No I don't want to, cos I could not bear it. Too heartbreaking!

roseann s.
rose s7 years ago

Blood Dolphin is a SHAMELESS AND MOST DISGRACEFUL activity of the Japanese Govt and the ppl.It shows lack of compassion and hyprocrisy of this nation.SHAME!! SHAME!! on you bunch of vile scums.

Valerie J.
Valerie J7 years ago

In China dogs and cats are crated, thrown from trucks where bones are broken then skinned alive!!! So next time you buy those fur lined clothes's probably a dog or cat!!! Asia, Norway and even Russia are totally happy to exploit and kill anything and everything for a buck!!! They make me sick!!! And we are rewarding companies that send our jobs there. Totally mental...