DOMA Repeal Bill Still Gaining Sponsors


A year after its introduction into Congress a bill that would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is still gaining sponsors, with three names adding their support this week.

Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), Hansen Clarke (D-MI) and Steve Cohen (D-TN) added their names to the list of those who support repealing the embattled DOMA, bringing the total number of cosponsors in the House to 140, compared to the 108 House cosponsors the bill had at this time last year. There are also currently 31 sponsors for the measure in the Senate.

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the lead sponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act in the House, issued the following statement regarding the legislation and its continued momentum:

“A year after introducing this historic legislation, our movement to repeal DOMA and bring federal law into the 21st century has made unprecedented strides. We have seen the Senate introduce its counterpart bill, hold the first ever hearing on the legislation, and pass it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  President Obama has now endorsed our bill, the federal courts are hearing major cases challenging DOMA, and two federal courts already have declared it unconstitutional.  Meanwhile, eight states and the District of Columbia have embraced marriage equality.  Every day, we are closer to sending this shameful law into the history books and ensuring that all married couples have the support and respect from their government that their families deserve.”

Marriage equality group Freedom to Marry’s Federal Director Jo Deutsch also commented, saying:

“One year after the introduction of the Respect for Marriage Act, we have seen enormous momentum for ending the ‘gay exception’ created by DOMA, which treats America’s legally married same-sex couples — including servicemembers risking their lives for our safety — as strangers under federal law. Representatives Bonamici, Clarke, and Cohen are joining with their House and Senate colleagues to end government discrimination against loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. As we work to win more freedom to marry victories in states across the country, Freedom to Marry will also keep making the case on the Hill to overturn DOMA and ensure that lawful marriages celebrated in the states are once again respected by the federal government.”

While the current Republican leadership is in charge of the U.S. House a full vote on a DOMA repeal seems out of the question.

However, every name that is added in support of this bill should serve as a commitment for future support when the legislation has an improved chance at passing,whether that be under a more open Republican House leadership, or a return to a Democratic leadership that supports the bill.


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Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to Fibonacci Blue.


robin d.
robin d5 years ago

it is great to see more of our representatives joining this movement

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

DOWN with DOMA! It's a shame and embarrassment to our country that DOMA was ever passed in the first place, so let's get rid of it ASAP.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

DOMA is unconstitutional anyway, so get rid of it now!

Thomas Petersen
Thomas Petersen5 years ago

Mark K. If you think civil unions are equal why don't you suggest all straight marriages get demoted down to civil union status. If everyone has the same it is equal, if it is different it is not equal.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Let's not go back to the dark ages when only men could marry women and vice versa. Any consenting adult who wants to marry should have the right to marry whom ever they want to marry. If you don't believe in gay marriage then don't marry someone who is LGBT.

Gary Stewart
Gary S5 years ago

Hope DOMA gets thrown out soon! Even the original author of the law no longer believes in it. I don't remember ever having the opportunity to vote for or against DOMA, yet the opponents of same-sex marriage insist that everyone should be allowed to vote on whether or not to allow it. There is something wrong with that logic. Also the people who are arguing that marriage is owned by religion seem to be forgetting that marriage is practiced by many different religions and also by people with no religious affiliation. So your "definition" of marriage can not be determined by any one particular religious or non-religious group of people, but must embrace all of their concepts of the word.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

It's said the Christian God is Love. If God is Love, how can He or his followers hate?

Paul Shepherdson
Paul Shepherdson5 years ago

I have been married for 37 years, I had the full monte church religion certificate the lot. Question 1 Still married = yes 2 Happy = yes 3 All people married the same = no 4 my son and partner living together 18 years happy =yes 5 married = n0 6 happy = yes conclusion if 2 people think they love each other go with what ever method suits them because when it comes down to the crunch a piece of paper or a "marrage ' is man made and only the 2 people involved aly matter, to hell with polies, church groups and any other bias groups remember be a lover not a war maker. Love to all people man or woman

Allan Yorkowitz
.5 years ago

This is a tired, hateful process.

Diane C Nicholson
Past Member 5 years ago

It's really very simple. Words evolve throughout the ages in the same way that do species and our very planet.

Those who believe in evolution also believe that the word "marriage" has now evolved to include non-traditional couples. (In Canada, we have had legal, same-sex marriage for some years and the sky has not fallen....)

Those who do not believe in evolution but rather are fundamentalist in their worldview, often have difficulty handling change. They believe that the institution which has terribly high separation, infidelity, abandonment and divorce rates should remain only between a man and a woman. Perhaps they maintain that gay couples are inherently more monogamous and should therefore not be married.