Don’t Let What Happened to Shane Happen to You (VIDEO)


Thomas Lee Bridegroom left his Indiana home to travel to LA in 2004 hoping to realize his dreams. He quickly gained popularity hosting MTV’s The X Effect in 2007 and starred in a number of commercials. Tom was also lucky enough to find himself in a long term relationship with Shane Bitney Crone, an actor and social media consultant. The couple started a business together in 2006 and also held a joint mortgage, but they never married or got around to writing their living wills. After all, the pair, in their mid-twenties, planned on having a long future together. But cruel fate had other ideas. On May 7, 2011, Tom tragically fell from a four story roof while photographing a model for a project. He subsequently died. Their failure to protect themselves would cost Tom’s partner Shane dearly.

Here is Shane and Tom’s story:

According to this memorial page Tom and Shane’s closest friends did, a month after Tom’s death, hold their own memorial service where Shane was able to participate and talk about his partner Tom and all the memories they made together.


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Brenda Staerker-lewis
Brenda L5 years ago

how very very wrong....this hatred cannot be what our creator wanted...

RobynRobyn Brice
Robyn Vorsa5 years ago

No one should have to go through this. Everyone deserves equality.

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin5 years ago

I made a video about why Homosexuals should have equal rights. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:

Watch it, share it, and join the fight against the evil Homophobes.

Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason5 years ago

Tracey S.
Thank You!!!!!! It is never to late to learn. You must be one of the "Good Guys"!
Again, thank you!

Tracey Stivala
Tracey Stivala5 years ago

This is so very sad. I just want to say your story has made me change my mind about gay marriage. I really wasn't sure why it was such a big deal for the gay community to want that right to be legally bound, but this made my whole outlook change and I definitely think Everyone should have the right to marry whomever they want. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you all the best.

jenny H.
jenny H5 years ago

My deepest sympathies. It is bad enough to lose someone you love, but to face all this in the midst of grief is unthinkable. Hopefully there will come a time when this doesn't need to happen. In the meantime, as Sandy says, we should all remember to make wills.

Yvette S.
Yvette S5 years ago

Powerful video Thank you for your courage My heart,thoughts and love to you Shane X

Lawrence B.
Lawrence Basgall5 years ago

This is a very sad story... Six years ago I was going through a similar experience. My partner of 24 years had an asthma attack and had to be revived twice before being admitted to the hospital that led the doctors to put him under twilight sleep and intubated him for a week...I had to pretend I was his brother, but when a "good" friend (and physicians assistant I went to for support) alerted the hospital that I was actually his partner of 24 years and not his brother the hospital administration literally held his treatment hostage until I called my partners family to whom he was estranged for many years) to authorize treatment. We were lucky, after seven days my partner was taken off life support and being strong enough to breathe on his own - one hour after my partner was "awakened" he understood the situation, he brought in a counselor to sign patient advocate and power of attorney papers between the two of us.

Diane Keller
Diane Keller5 years ago

Mahn T.....may I then suggest a nice, deep cave? You can decorate it in all the homophobic, "manly" decor your little heart desires.

My heart, love and thoughts to you, Shane.

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

yet another example of man's inhumanity to man...