Driver Sees Double: Highway Kitten Rescue

Written by Jasmine Ong of Oklahoma

Last July, I was driving on a Friday evening around 7 pm with the hard summer sunset in my eyes toward my parents’ house just outside their town. Just after I passed the city limits, I saw something straight ahead of me, in the right lane of the four lane highway, that looked like a dead skunk — until it stood up, separated and started running!

It turned out to be two nine-or-so-week-old kittens, a black and white one and an orange one. Thankfully, despite my shock, I had the presence of mind to pull over and pick them up and there were no other cars there at the time. Equally lucky for me, they had changed direction from their original flight to the center line and come to the grass on my side of the road. They stood there staring at me, as stunned as I was, but didn’t flee when I went toward them.

They allowed me to pick them up and drive them home at 25 mph on the 45 mph road, with the little guy I now know as Otis (orange) clinging to the back of my neck, and the madman I now call Rudy (black and white) sitting in my lap and jumping through a (very small) hole in my steering wheel. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep them and pledged to foster them until I could find them a good home, and to get them fully vetted in the meantime (which I did manage the following week). But by the next morning, I told everyone who’d responded to my Friday night Facebook post that no, they couldn’t have my cats after all!    See Photos of Otis and Rudy here.

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I love your story.Your a beautiful person, your kittens have lot of chance.Thank you.

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Wonderful article!

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Great rescue story. Thanks so much for rescuing Otis and Rudy.


Ohhh what a wonderful story, thanks for keeping the cats with you they look lovely!!!!!!!

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