Drop the Burger (And Its Wrapper)

As if you needed yet another reason to bypass fast food, a new study reports that the toxic chemicals in fast food wrappers are being absorbed into food, meaning you’re now ingesting them.

Via The Stir:

It seems that fast food restaurants pull out all the stops when it comes to trying to kill us.

There’s a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives that says greaseproof papers, aka the stuff used to wrap fast food, break down into PFCAs. These are bad — they’re carcinogens (agents that directly cause cancer) that can build up and remain in the body.

Of course you’re most likely thinking, Um, you dumbass, I don’t eat the wrappers. That doesn’t matter, as these chemicals can seep into your food just by being in contact with the wrapper.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, researchers couldn’t figure out why humans had such high levels of PFOA, a type of PFCA, known to be found in nonstick cookware. Pans don’t have enough PFOA to explain these high levels, so now scientists think wrappers and microwave popcorn could be the key.

Too much PFOA can lead to high cholesterol, disrupt hormones, worsen the immune system, and cause cancer. Of course, all of these health problems are also compounded by that Quarter Pounder, large fries, and cookie you’re consuming after you unwrap ‘em.

It’s somewhat ironic to think that our new, paper thin, greaseproof wrappers could be filling us with carcinogens, when it was just a few decades earlier that we had to abandon styrofoam containers due to the damage to the ozone layer.

Looks like if you want to eat fast food, you just can’t win.  Unless, of course, you stop eating fast food…

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Won't change my fast food consumption because I do not eat fast food and I don't eat anything with a face before it was murdered.

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"Looks like if you want to eat fast food, you just can't win. Unless, of course, you stop eating fast food..."
Sure, but you can never stop people in a hurry, no matter how unhealthy the food is. Another way is, bring your own plate and avoid the poisonous packaging, I will try that and see what they do. At the same time there is a little less pollution.