Election Board Calls Victory For Prosser

On Monday the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board certified the results of a statewide recount in the Supreme Court contest between incumbent judge David Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

The results show Prosser defeated Kloppenburg by 7,004 votes, or roughly the amount discovered in Waukesha Country after initial reports had Kloppenburg leading Prosser by about 204 votes.

Kloppenburg now has until May 31 to challenge the results in court and her campaign has not said whether it will file a challenge or not.

The news certainly comes as a disappointment for Kloppenburg’s supporters, many of whom saw the election as an early referendum on Gov. Walker’s aggressive hard-right agenda.  Given the significant amount of incompetency, if not outright fraud, demonstrated by election officials, a challenge to the results would be reasonable, though expensive.

It is important to see this specific contest in the context of the larger battle for the future of Wisconsin though.  Prosser and Republicans fought the idea of a recount and are now urging Kloppenburg to give up her challenges while they simultaneously ram through legislation designed to disenfranchise thousands to remedy a purported problem with voter fraud.

There’s certainly a problem with the election process in Wisconsin, but voter fraud does not appear to be it.


photo courtesy of WisPolitics.com via Flickr


Doug D.
Doug D6 years ago

All of Waukesha County stinks of fraud and will continue to as long as Ms. Nickolaus is the county clerk.

nj m.
nj m.6 years ago

If they got into office with lies and fraud...they will be ousted for the same reason...because time changes everything and it is just a matter of time before the same people that elected these "wags" will be dashing to the voting booths to get these liars, leeches, parasite, corporate fascist toadies out of government...honestly if they stay longer than a few months there won't be any government left. Looking at the destruction of Wisconsin at the hands of these right-wing extremist is like looking at extreme right wing corporate fascist cutting down ancient redwood trees in order to make took picks...what they think of anything besides their ruthless greed is totally negligible

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Kloppenburg really won. Prosser lost. The Koch money "fixed" it. Oh, but watch out Wisc. republicans...your days are numbered. Just look at NY's redder-than-red District 26. A Democrat won for the first time in decades. The tide is a-turnin'. Recalls in states with GOP/teabagger radical governors will come soon enough!

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

This will come back to haunt the liars and thieves. Unfortunately they are going to hurt that state a lot before then. My thoughts to the soon to be suffering in Wisconsin.

Doug C.
Doug C6 years ago

Douglas u, you mean like Viet Nam Or Norm Coleman?

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Loks like some folks in Wisconsin have learned nothing.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

Douglas u

actually, you lost with everyone else, the difference is that you don't know it yet.

Ana G.
.6 years ago

Karma is a bitch.

Calling karma!

doris k.
Past Member 6 years ago

I hope they can find the money for a court challenge. The repugs have been stealing elections for to many years, complements of Carl Rove.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

I hope the Judge challenges this election. Way to many things don't add up.