End Times Approach as Swedes Push ‘Gender Neutral’ Toys

Culture warriors of the world arise! Those people who brought you Abba and the evil self-assembling frustration that is Ikea now want to see boys pushing prams and girls riding race cars.

That’s right. Defying God’s plan, a catalogue company in ‘liberal’ Sweden thinks gender roles are “outdated.” They are selling toys by featuring pictures of boys preparing a tea party at a toy kitchen or wearing a pink Spiderman outfit while pushing a pink baby pram.

Destroying age old certainties even further, the Local, which broke the shocking news, quotes the MALE spokesperson for Sweden’s Feminist Initiative political party, Carl Emanuelsson, as welcoming the concept.

“It’s great that this company has tried to show that people don’t need to be stuck in gender roles.”

“Examples such as these show other ways that we can break free from the roles that are forced on us, the roles that we are limited by,” he said.

“I’m 71 years old,” says Kaj Wiberg, the CEO of the company behind the catalogue, “and those of us who have worked in this industry for a while know that boys play with doll houses. We know that boys can play with Barbie dolls.”

Sweden has history with a consumer protection agency in a 2009 finding that US invader Toys ‘R’ Us “portrays children’s games and choice of toys in a narrow-minded way, and this exclusion of boys and girls from different types of toys is, in itself, degrading to both genders.”

‘Liberal’ website education.com claims that:

“Children learn roles and skills from playing; the toys they have to some extent determine which roles and skills they learn.”

Of course! Showing little girls driving race cars might encourage more to take up the manly sport, like a Danica Patrick. Or boys to one day dream of being a chef …

Sweden’s ‘war on gender’ has led it to be designated “the most gender-equal country in the world.” The national curriculum says that preschools should “counteract traditional gender patterns and gender roles” and give girls and boys “the same opportunities to test and develop abilities and interests without being limited by stereotypical gender roles.”

As of 2008, 47 percent of the members of the riksdag (Swedish parliament) are women.

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Image from Leklust catalogue


Barry Appleby
Barry Appleby6 years ago

Part 2

Swedish has two words for equality, jämställdhet and jämlikhet, of which the first refers solely to gender equality. I Lived in Sweden between 1979 and 2007, was married to a Swedish woman for 25 years and speak, read and write Swedish with a high degree of fluency and watched Swedish TV and read Swedish newspapers and periodicals during that entire period.
It is impossible for an outsider to learn what Swedish society is truly like without a good working knowledge of its language and culture. Many admirers of Sweden have never actually resided there for any length of time and tend to present the same idealized picture of the country as the official Swedish government publications. For a more nuanced view, I would suggest reading "The Local" an English-language Internet newspapers for foreigners living in Sweden, whose reporting cover many aspects of Swedish life.

Barry Appleby
Barry Appleby6 years ago

Swedish governments of all political shadings behave in exactly the same way. They are obsessed with achieving gender equality but only in a token ways. They strive to achieve equal proportions of men in women in the same professions but do not address the issue of inequality of salaries among men and women and whether the two genders share the same promotion prospects are equally represented at middle and top management levels. One would think that in a country which proclaims its gender-equal society, the minimum sentence for rape would be more than two years or that it is only in recent years that rape stopped being a crime classified by the use of violence by the perpretator, due most probably to the fact that the Swedish word for rape (våldtäkt) comes from ttwo roots mean violence (or force) and take, i.e. literally taking by force.

Swedish politicians are deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to accepting that there are wide gulfs among different " socio-economic groups" a euphemism for classes, when it comes to income and education, with a similar divide between the native-born and immigrants/refugees.
Swedish has two words for equality, jämställdhet and jämlikhet, of which the first refers solely to gender equality. I Lived in Sweden between 1979 and 2007, was married to a Swedish woman for 25 years and speak, read and write Swedish with a high degree of fluency and watched Swedish TV and read Swedish newspapers and periodicals during that e

Rachel M.
Rachel M6 years ago

I say let kids play with what they want to play with

Paul canning
Paul canning6 years ago

Isn't it the height of irony when commentators think a boy a cooking toy is the 'height of political correctness' when every single celebrity chef is a man??

Think on ...

Leigh E.
Leigh EVERETT6 years ago

I don't disagree entirely with this idea, but as always it will be taken too far and the next time we see an advert on the TV where a BOY is driving the pedal car or the GIRL is pushing the pram, that company will be accused of not being politically correct. So from now on take a good look and you will see that no longer will the boys be driving(although they like to) and no longer will the girls be pushing prams(although they like to). It's like the photos on the carton when you buy a brand new lawnmower (ALWAYS a woman pushing it now). And on TV series, never noticed how all of a sudden, Judges in courtrooms are always women and to be even more politically correct more often than not, they are BLACK women.
Never mind the 'let children be children' why can't we let 'people be people' without having the hassle of worrying if we are going to be accused of not being politically correct. As with everything we always take things to the extreme to please the minority.

I've had enough.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

David L - your comment is that people should just let kids be kids is redundant. The "Swedes" are not social engineering. They are letting kids play with what they want to...they ARE letting kids be kids. YOU ARE the one who, I am assuming by your reaction - wants gender specific toys. What is it about ads showing that little boys DO want to play in a cooking center or push a pram or even feed the doll or a little girl in a race car, or playing with trucks that is not letting kids be kids or is "social engineering"?

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Kids should be allowed to play with the toys they WANT to play with. In our nursery, little boys often "cook" in the cooking center, push the "babies" in the strollers & the little girls often play with the trucks. They all love to play in sand, water & the rice tables. Both sexes will & often do run over your toes with the strollers, & turn the "babies" upside down. All these kids are normal. What is important is that they do play, they do have fun & that they be allowed to be creative. Way too much flap...does anyone remember the song/book "William's Doll"?

David L.
David L6 years ago

A fresh attempt at "Social Engineering", Swedish style this time...

Been tried before ~ Stalin, Hitler, Mao, McCarthy, Jonestown, "Tea Party",the Westbro church..

Failed every time. So what makes these politically-correct would-be "gender benders" think they will be any different??

Why can't some people just "let children be children.." ?

Rosemary Rannes

Kids are smart. They know what they want to play with. Defining dolls for girls and trucks for boys is passe' ! Children have the right to choose their toys. We do not have the right to make their decisions in this regard for them. They get enough of parenting decisions through daily guidance and at school. There comes a time when we have to step back and respect their choices otherwise their development will be completely stifled lacking in self-esteem and the ability to make their own choices as adults!

annie s.
christine s6 years ago

For goodness sake ,let the poor children make up their own minds.