EPA Buried Alarming Major Study About Chemicals in Your Water

A major government study has concluded that chemicals in our drinking water are unsafe in much smaller amounts than what is legally allowed. If this is the first time you’re hearing that information, that’s by design – the EPA has intentionally stalled on releasing the study so as not to freak out the public.

This news is worrisome for two huge reasons:

  • We’re consuming water that may be dangerous to us, and the existing laws aren’t sufficient to prevent it.
  • The White House doesn’t feel an obligation to alert us to these potential dangers.

Months later, Health and Human Services (HHS) still hasn’t released the study, and the only way we know about it is through emails between staffers obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Why, pray tell, did the EPA and other agencies decide not to disclose the findings? According to the emails, administration staffers were concerned it would cause a “public relations nightmare.”

Granted, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt is a walking PR disaster with his dozen or so ethical scandals, but the EPA has found a way to cope with that. Perhaps it’d be appropriate to suck it up and deliver the bad news they should feel obligated to share in the interest of public safety.

Or better yet, as the EPA they could also revise the safety standards to better reflect the research and keep Americans safe. The news isn’t nearly as terrifying so long as the government reasonably convinces people that they’ll take the steps necessary to ensure our water is clean and not toxic.

Alas, the White House has decided to ignore the problem altogether instead. Could it have anything to do with the administration’s ongoing alliance with chemical companies and other polluters? Did I just ask a rhetorical question?

While few outside of the government have viewed the research, Politico has been able to ascertain some key details from the emails. Namely that chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS are increasingly getting into water systems around the country. Moreover, these same chemicals cause significant health problems like cancer and thyroid defects even with minimal exposure – exposure that is well under the current legal limit for these toxins.

“The public, media, and Congressional reaction to these numbers is going to be huge,” reads one obtained email. “The impact to the EPA and DoD [Department of Defense] is going to be extremely painful.”

Not as painful as it will be for the Americans who develop cancer or have thyroid conditions and trust that the water they’re drinking is safe, but sure, let’s worry about the inconvenience that will be felt by government officials who would have to respond to this situation… or in other words, expected to do their jobs.

Take Action

Since Politico broke the news on this discovery, the White House’s response has been minimal. The HHS confirmed it still does not have a release date for the study, but the American people deserve to see it. Let’s put the pressure on the EPA and HHS to finally let this study go public so we all can make more informed decisions for general safety.


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Linda D
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They have been poisoning our water for years with chemical, flouride, chloramine and chlorine all detrimental to your health. Get a good trusted quality water filter.

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Thank you.

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No surprise here . . . . . . Flint, MI

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Thanks for sharing

Amanda M

Thanks for sharing

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If PEOPLE would stop overpopulating we wouldn't be facing these problems.

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