Facebook Poll Asked ‘Should Obama Be Killed?’

Earlier today, I received an email pointing me to a poll on Facebook that asked: “Should Obama Be Killed?”  The answer choices were Yes, Maybe, If he cuts my health care, and No.

The poll has since been removed by Facebook but you can see a screenshot of the poll at TPM Live Wire. The poll was part of an application run by an outside party, not Facebook itself. Not only has the poll been removed, but the application used to create had been disabled.  However, at this time the Real Polls application appears to be available again.

In a statement to TPM Media, Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said: “The application that enabled a user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning and was disabled. We’re following up [with] the developer to ensure the offending content has been removed and that they have better procedures in place going forward to monitor their user-generated content.”

The Secret Service is investigating the incident according to Greg Sargent who published this statement by Secret Service spokeman Ed Donovan taken by reporter Amanda Erickson: “We are taking the appropriate investigative steps. We are aware of it.”

As Sargent writes, the “viral incitement to violence” seems to permeate the conservative internet since President Obama’s election.  This Facebook poll is just another example of many others in which it has become perfectly acceptable in some circles to suggest/joke about the assasination of a sitting president in a very public way. 

Facebook is the virtual community where millions of Americans keep in touch with the friends and family. Sadly, such extremist behavior on sites like FreeRepublic.com and in those viral emails many of us receive is not so surprising anymore but seeing on it on Facebook, which for many of us is our online neighborhood, is a more shocking example of the kind of animus some Americans feel toward their president.  A poll asking whether President Obama should be assasinated seems beyond the pale.

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Kamal K.
Kamal K.7 years ago

who so ever has come up with an idea is an idiots, how would you even think about killing obama, it means it you people don't respect your own president, you know what I am Indian but i have full trust on Obama. Every change or invention really need some time. Currently Obama visited India, just for people of USA, the reason why he was in India because you people should get some job out there. For people like you it is very easy to say to kill some one, have you ever imagine what will happen about his family...the answer is NO! you know why because no-one has tried to kill you. If some thing happens to you like this then you should poll to kill some-one.
I am 25years old and i am proud of Obama(Yes we can do It)..!

Laurie V.
Laurie Veillette7 years ago

I think we should just impeach him and get it over with. He's not resolving any problems, he's just creating new ones!

Dan S.
Dan S.7 years ago

I keep finding more and more news about Obama being threatened and when I read the full article, it turns out to be an exaggerated reaction of the press, This makes me think if this Obama killing idea idea is amplified by the media on purpose, because, we all know, Americans love to be scared.
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Lori M.
Lori M8 years ago

This is beyond acceptable free speech!

littlewing R.
8 years ago

FB and Care are About the same thing Same Crap on both sites Afew bad weeds

Leia H.
Shelly H8 years ago

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"....-God

Judith B.
Past Member 8 years ago

The creator of that poll is goin' *down*. Haha.

Free Spirit
Mary Long8 years ago

I know what this is about but everyone keeps slandering how wrong it is that Obama is president. This was a poll on Facebook Should Obama be killed. If you wish to vent your frustrations about who is the president of the United States start another discussion I usually ignore those posts but when I read every slandering post that does not have anything to do with this discussion I feel it should be taken somewhere else. So vent all you want but no matter what it is not right to have such poll on any website. That is all I was getting at and I am highly educated so I am not a child. I just want people to stop bickering and get a grip on real facts here. I don't feel that anyone should have a poll on murdering someone but somewhere on here the real reason this was started was to say how wrong it was to have such a poll. But you all sound like bickering children to me. That is all I was saying!!!! And there have been some good comments also I send those people green stars. I do have a grip do you????

Shirley A.
Shirley A8 years ago

Gosh FS, Blogs are basically not meant to change minds, to me, it's just an avenue for folks to express personal opinions, share thoughts and get things off their chest. The good Lord knows we all need to "get it out on the blackboard" sometimes. Unfortunately, I think we ALL take things too far sometimes because of the anonymity a blog or website comments gives us. I know that while I try to reread my posts a couple of times before I hit the send button, I've fired off some things that could have been said better and with more intelligence if I would have taken longer to write it or had to revel my whole name. Give us a break and you might want to take your own advice and Get a Grip. To get back to what this post is about, even if this was a kid, it's very unnerving that especially a kid would have this kind of thinking pattern. Calling out for this kind of question on ANYONE is sick and disturbing imo, and I'd put this kid AND his folks in counseling. How in the world would any of us feel if it were done against anyone of us. We do need to get on with being constructive and using freedom of speech as it was meant. Not to attack each other or call for anyone to be harmed but to offer varied opinions, solutions and engage in civil discourse of opposing opinions to find solutions that our Country is dealing with at large. JMO Have a good one ALL.

Free Spirit
Mary Long8 years ago

I thought this was about a Facebook page that said Should Obama Be Killed I saw no racial issue in this only an issue of murder and no matter who our President is we should respect that and all this bickering over it is just stupid if you ask me. Get a grip people or get a life. I see no colors in people I only see what is in there hearts. Maybe some of you should do the same you may find peace there. Frankly I am tired of it, freaking grow up. Life is to short and we still have someone in there way better than what we had.