24 Hour Dairy Farm Wants Public Funds to Improve Welfare

The company planning a controversial factory dairy farm in England is now asking for public money to improve animal welfare.

Nocton Dairy is planning to build a massive super dairy (see “factory farm”) in Lincolnshire. Since its inception last year, the project has drawn opposition from the public, animal welfare organizations and celebrities.

The facility would house over 8,000 cows and would facilitate 24-hour milking. It would be the largest dairy farm in western Europe. The groups rallying against Nocton say that it would move English dairy farming toward the US model of CAFOs — concentrated animal feeding operations.

Initially, Nocton insisted the massive, centralized structure would not only improve animal welfare, but would make it easier to minimize the environmental effects of the enormous facility. From the evidence we have on CAFOs, both of those claims seem counterintuitive at best.

The project has faced a few ups and downs in the nearly 11 months since it was initially proposed. The plans were withdrawn at one point, then resubmitted.

Now Nocton is saying they require public funds in order to actually fulfill the promises they made for improving animal welfare and preventing environmental devastation.

This month, Nocton Dairy submitted a request for public funds to help pay for the facility. They say that without the funds they will follow through with the project, but will do so without the structural improvements they have been saying will be so revolutionary to animal welfare.

If it were true that, as Nocton says “the cow’s health is the single most important factor in this or any other dairy”, how can they justify proposing a facility touted as the pinnacle of animal welfare, then say they will rescind those improvements if taxpayers don’t foot the bill?

Nocton was lying when they said the health of a cow is the most important part of running a dairy farm. The most important thing for any dairy facility is turning a profit, and they will cut any corners in the interest of widening their profit margin.

No person who is concerned with the welfare of a cow could continue to consume dairy products. A cow’s milk is for a baby cow to drink. Imprisoning cows in groups of 8,000, to dark sheds and milking them 24 hours a day, is hardly an example of trying to improve their lives.

If you want to work for the welfare of cows, go vegan. Boycott meat, dairy, eggs, and every other animal product, food, clothing, or entertainment.

Nocton dairy shows us that no industry that profits from animals can ever be interested in helping animals.

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Debbie W.
Past Member 8 years ago

Threats and blackmail seem to work here ... why can't those in power wrap their heads around this injustice?

For-profit greed seems to take precedence ... for now. 2011 is a brand new year and open for business.

The global internet community of like-minded individuals is gaining in muscle ... let's make a real difference OK?

Patrice D.
Patrice D8 years ago

I am definitely against this! Here's a link to another Care2 article. DARE to watch the video. I'm afraid more cuelty than just the confinement and overuse of these animals is waiting to happen... The cows deserve better than what humans are forcing upon them for their own greedy pockets.


Petra Luna
Petra Luna8 years ago

Close down for third shift. Don't work Sundays. There, a huge start to humanitarian deeds toward animals w/o asking for money.

Roberto Vivas
Roberto Vivas8 years ago

I'm not surprise of the hypocrisy of these crooks who utilize animals for profit..

Chavonne Harvey
Chavonne H8 years ago

that's terrible.

julia c.
julia c8 years ago

how can anything improve 24 HOURS dairy production for the poor animals. LESS GREEDY BASTARDS is what can make an improvement.
they are just SHAMELESS!!!!!

Debbie W.
Past Member 8 years ago

Does the word BLACKMAIL come to mind here?

If allowed, this type of strongarm tactic to win arguments will quickly be role-modeled and become the new norm, WATCH OUT!


Michael P.
Michael P8 years ago

This monstrous plan must be stopped or not only would it cause a massive increase in farming cruelty but would put out of business the farmers who care for their animals and let them graze naturally. I am sure many consumers in the UK would boycott this milk in the same way they boycott battery eggs but the greedy company would then export the milk to other places without such sensitivities. I hope our animal welfare laws and public opinion will kill the plan and shame and deter the heartless instigators.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L8 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M8 years ago

Wow, just another attempt to hide the cruelty and use tax payers money to do it. VEGAN is the way until all factory farms are shut down.