Female Mounties Bring Sexual Harassment Charges


Female Mounties are speaking out against the sexual harassment, assault and unwanted advances that have been generally ignored within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for years.

One officer, Corporal Catherine Galliford worked on high-profile RCMP cases. She tells Canadian Broadcasting news that she was steadily beleaguered by supervisors over the course of her career. She says one in particular repeatedly tried to have sex with her, and acted in ways to make others think they were a couple.

Another supervisor pulled out his appendage, and asked her if the mole on it was cute. She responded professionally by saying that they were late and needed to get back to the office.

According to Galliford, the culture of the Mounties dictates that you listen to your superiors or face punishment. “If they can’t screw you, they are going to screw you over. And that’s what it became like and so I started to normalize the harassment because I didn’t know what else to do,” she said.

After 16 years of this, she says she broke. There was no help to be had from the RCMP and she now suffers from PTSD and two other debilitating diagnoses that have her on paid sick leave indefinitely. She is one among 48 officers on sick leave due to workplace conflicts.

After Galliford finally came forward, it gave other women the courage to do so as well. Krista Carle came forward and told her own story of being sexually assaulted by undercover Sgt. Robert Blundell. She is one of four women to have come forward about Sgt Blundell, all of them working for him in Calgary from 1994 to 1997. According to the statement of claim, they were “individually and separately sexually assaulted and harassed by Sgt. Blundell.”

After an investigation and settlement, Blundell was docked one day of vacation. Then he was promoted to staff sergeant. He is currently in Vancouver, overseeing the protection of VIPs.

Deputy Commissioner Peter German is being charged with giving Sgt. Blundell internal information about the sexual assault cases he was involved in. German is currently one of the top candidates for promotion to Commissioner of the RCMP.

The force responded in a written statement sent to Canadian media.

“The RCMP is clear in its approach to harassment, it is not tolerated,” the statement reads.

“The RCMP is committed to providing all its employees a work environment free of harassment, discrimination and conflict, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. While we cannot speak to specific allegations, we continue to encourage our members to report incidents of harassment when they occur so they can be investigated immediately.”


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photo credit: Big Dave Diode


Shediac Cop
Shediac C3 years ago

The RCMP are quite the bunch; Might get better if they followed the law a bit and used common sense sometimes and didn't feel like they are somehow privileged.

Shediac Cop Shot

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Eileen C.
Eileen Campbell6 years ago

Take the power from men.

Marjaana V.
marjaana v6 years ago

kathryn, actually, harassment - in canada anyway - only becomes such once a person has been asked to stop a certain type of behaviour. ok, apart from the very obvious, of course!

people joke around at work and it seems the more pressure one is under, the raunchier the jokes become. some women like to joke around same as the guys, but most don't. IF, however, the guy [woman] keeps at it, it is now an offence and if it doesn't stop there, measures need to be taken to follow up - otherwise you're just shooting yourself in the foot.

i used to work in a bay with 500 guys and a few women. 99.9% of the guys immediately straightened up if chastised. oddly enough, if a guy was harassed, he'd come to me for help...

Rita White
Rita White6 years ago

I wish the ladies all the best, thanks so much for the article

Nicole P.
Nicole Sedkowski6 years ago

Why the hell is this even an issue?! Why are some men STILL stuck in the stone age? Women are not toys or objects! Men who get so horny that they can't control themselves enough to not be despicable violating beasts should either be seeking profesional help or if that fails locked up in jail! Saying it's a guy thing is an insult to good guys everywhere. The men decribed in this article should b e fired from any and all positions of power and sent to prison. Seeing the completion of said prison sentance they should be monitored closely for some time, and even after that if they get charged again commited to a correction facility. These scumsset a bad example for boys and young men everywhere and are ruining countless womens' lives. My male friends all feel ashamed of their fellow gender, whenever a case of rape or sexual harrasment comes up, and I myself have to question the future of society everywhere. Isn't there enough misery and crime in the world?! People who abuse power should be stripped of it! Simple as that!

I hope these women find justice on their side soon!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

The more I read about sexual harassment, assault, or abuse I wonder why men can't control their behavior? I have had some good male friends, but every single one of those that were straight always made advances towards me. When their advances were rejected some persisted and some went away and ended the friendship. Those that stayed friends were worth having. But why is it men seem to think that because a woman talks with them and is friendly they are interested in taking the relationship beyond friendship. I really don't understand this. I even had a cousin come visit my father from North Carolina and he tried, much to my surprise. Do men like the idea that they are given the excuse that they are unable to control themselves sexually? It is really pathetic.

Being a lesbian this really puzzles me because I have many women friends gay and straight and I have no desire to try to take our relationships any further. I have been with my partner for 21 years and don’t want to be with anyone else for a night or longer. I can look at an attractive woman and admire her without my next thought being sexual; and I don’t think I’m the exception to the rule so to speak. I think this is true for most lesbians.

I suppose I am not the only woman in the world that is really frustrated and confounded with the male species.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

A society which considers itself to be superior than others often suffers with this type of crimes. US, Canada, Australia and several Western countries are too busy colonising other countries and forget what they do for their own public.

In the case of indigenous people, it does not matter too much but when they start on their own type then some action is occasionally taken.

Soldiers regularly rape their fellow soldiers and only a few are reported and even less are prosecuted. These people on horses and criminals are just donkeys them selves (no insult to donkeys as they would not do this too)

Shame on them and also why are no self righteous mentioning the religion of these criminals?

Perhaps too painful to admit there are criminals amongst them selves.

Robert Tedders
Robert T6 years ago

@Kathryn E.: I agree with you, but for God's sake spell things correctly. It's "sexually harrassed" not "sexual harassed".

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards6 years ago

OMG!!! He lost 1 day of vacation and was promoted sounds like the Military here in the USA and so does the statement they gave out.
That statement must be some sort of canned statement that all civilized countries put out when they are doing nothing to protect their female employees.

Action speaks louder then words.

The RCMP is really condoning this treatment of women. Women should step up and sue the hewl out of them, that is the only thing that makes them change their ways, money thats the name of the game to get the attention of those who have have condoned this treatment of women.

That is why the military gets away with letting men get away with this stuff, suing the military is like justice taking 20 years to come and that is only if you can afford it and how many can?

The Military of the USA puts out statements like this all the time but nothing really changes, things would change if a few top echelons took the hit, but all they get is to retire, that is not a real big problem solver. Forced out without retirement that might begin the change this, but the way it is now no one really takes it seriously.

I really feel for those women over in the war zones who not only have to worry about being killed by the so called enemy but raped by other solders now that is a disgrace to any country, but again nothing really happens to help them until they get out and get real help.

I always thought that this stuff should go through the court system, but no th