Firefighters Rescue Kitten With Leaf Blower (Video)


Firefighters in Branchland, W. Va., came up with an unorthodox plan to rescue a small kitten that fell down a pipe at their fire station. The group used a leaf blower to propel the kitten to safety.

Volunteer firefighter Brandon Davis caught the rescue mission on video and it has “gone viral” on YouTube.

He noted that the 4-week-old kitten was stuck in the pipe and  the firefighters feared it might die if they didn’t act quickly. They decided to free the animal by shooting air into the opposite end of the pipe with the leaf blower.

Some viewers objected to the method used by the firefighters, but Davis reassured everyone that the kitten was startled, but unharmed by the maneuver.

The adorable little cat was adopted by one of the firefighters.

Photo from Creative Commons Star5112 via flickr.

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William C
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Thank you.

Maggie W.
Maggie D2 years ago

I think an appropriate name for the surprised little kitten would be Poppy.

Karen F.
Karen P2 years ago

Ha ha the way it's worded sounds like the KITTEN was wielding the leaf blower - what a menace would he grow up to be!

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Thank you for sharing.

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Awww ^^

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One lucky kittie!

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Bravo! Very creative.

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N&S;nice to c the good that comes when we choose the lesser of two evils;good deads will not soon be forgotten by this little fur ball.

Evelyn U.
Evelyn Uretsky6 years ago

Cheers to the gents at the firestation for thinking of a way to get that adorable baby out of that small pipe, the kitten will love its new human for the rest of its life.