Flaming Homos in Stilettos Will Destroy Christianity, and Other Things Not Likely to Happen

The American Family†Association’s†Bryan Fischer, anticipating the introduction of federal LGBT employment protections in the new Congress, has decided to once again spread the lie that banning anti-gay workplace discrimination means the end of Christian liberty.

Said Fischer in a recent radio show:

Once [ENDA] goes into effect, which says that no business can discriminate against anybody no matter how bizarre their sexual perversity is, their sexual deviancy is, no matter how abnormal their sexual orientation is, you cannot take that into account in personnel decisions… [If the law goes into effect] the homosexual lobby will send a flaming homosexual into that Christian bookstore to apply for a job. They’ll send a guy in there wearing stilettos, a dress, and dangly earrings and dare the owner of that Christian bookstore not to hire him.

Watch a video of Fischer’s comments below:

The legislation Fischer is referring to is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill that aims to end employment related discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The legislation††has been introduced in every Congress since 1994, with the exception of the the†109th†Congress, and similar legislation has been introduced without success since 1974.

Why the legislation is yet to pass despite it being supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans is truly a testament to the scaremongering myths about ENDA, no more true than when they were first minted, and a†despicable†lack of political will in Congress that leaves lesbian, gay, bisexual and, in particular, transgender people incredibly vulnerable.

With that in mind, here is a rundown of what ENDA would and would not do based on the text as introduced in the 112th Congress:

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act Would:

  • make it unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire or to fire any individual on grounds of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity
  • make it unlawful for an employer to “limit, segregate or classify” employees or applicants on grounds of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity
  • make it unlawful for any Employment Agency or Labor Organization to refuse to refer for employment, or otherwise to discriminate against, any individual because of the actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, or to discriminate for membership on grounds of LGBT identity
  • make it a prohibited activity to retaliate on grounds of opposing discrimination related to perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act Would Not:

  • require religious institutions or affiliated businesses to hire LGBT people because, contrary to Fischer’s assertions, there has been as a matter of course a provision in ENDA that says the Act shall not apply to a corporation, association, educational institution or society that is exempted on grounds of religious conviction
  • require religious institutions to hire homosexuals wearing†stilettos or any other such items of clothing as there is a clause that makes it explicitly clear a company is free to set its own grooming and dress standards, making allowances only for when employees who are transitioning genders, and even then giving power to an employer to require said employee to adhere to the same dress or grooming standards for the gender to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning
  • require businesses to construct new facilities for LGBT staff
  • undermine the Defense of Marriage Act by requiring businesses to treat same-sex couples as being automatically entitled to spousal benefits
  • require a covered entity to treat an unmarried couple in the same manner as married couples for purposes of employee benefits

So there we have it. Fischer’s scaremongering dispelled by, well, reading the actual objectives ENDA sets out and, crucially, its concessions.

What is interesting is that the retired (though possible interim senator) former Rep. Barney Frank had been a leading force for introducing ENDA in the House. Without Frank it remains unclear who will champion the legislation, and it will need championing because House Republicans have shown in the previous Congress that job protection for LGBT Americans isn’t a priority — Speaker Boehner once indicated he wasn’t even aware of the legislation — this despite the fact that ENDA enjoys broad support even among Republican voters and religious conservatives — just not Bryan Fischer and his ilk, it would seem.


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

religion is the problem here, and a problem everywhere. So sick of religious bigots trying to force everyone to live by their outdated, immoral, ridiculous, logic lacking laws.

David Greensmith
David Greensmith5 years ago

Debbie M - perhaps if you want to look for the cause of the "total lack of morality in this world" you need to look no further than the hypocrites who seem to be the major mouth pieces for religion. Pope Benedict head of the Catholic Church. Central teachings of Christianity are eschewing the pursuit of wealth and exercising compassion to others. The Catholic church is one of the richest corporations on the planet. The Pope lives in a gold encrusted palace surrounded by priceless artworks. He has been instrumental in protecting clergy who have raped and brutalised children, ensuring the perpetrators avoid prosecution and relocating them hush-hush so that they can find new victims. In his Christmas "peace" address this year he yet again launched into an attack on gay people. Ted Haggard - I don't have to say anything. Jim Bakker - nor for him. Newt Gingrich - a man who believes that marriage needs to be protected from same sex couples, but not, apparently, from divorce. If you are looking for "morality" and consider people like Bryan Fischer (whose organisation, the AFA, has been designated a "hate group") a reliable moral compass then you have answered your own question.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago


David Greensmith
David Greensmith5 years ago

Yes it's all laughs until someone loses an eye. Or gets kidnapped, beaten unconscious, tied to a wire fence and left to die of exposure in a field.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

You can't fix stupid, but you can ignore it. Fischer is so wacked, that he's actually funny.

Steve Carmo
Past Member 5 years ago

Debbie M - I don't think anyone here has suggested we are the only ones that can have an opinion; that's a statement you yourself are making. Fischer is absolutely entitled to his view and opinion, it's just that within this particular forum, most of us think it is hateful, toxic, fear-ridden, bigoted rubbish of the highest comical order.

Morality? At what stage in human history, previous to now, do you think humanity was more moral than it is currently? I guess that would depend significantly on what your definition of morality is. If I ask you to define morality I suspect you will quote tenets with a basis in religious dogma. People with a 'faith' do NOT have a monopoly on morality. Individuals like Fischer simply reinforce my stance on that because, on my own set of definitions, he is completely IMMORAL. He is one of many millions of similar bigots out there who tether their vicious little personal belief systems to major religion in an attempt to gain credence.

As far as I'm concerned I never want Fischer to shut up. To quote Napoleon "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Debbie Michaels
Debra Michaels5 years ago

Nothing humorous about your answers. Why do you people think your the only ones that can have an opinion. He has the right to FREEDOM of speech and thought same as you. Does everyone agree with EVERYTHING you say or think ??? Maybe one of YOU can explain the total lack of morality in this world and how to bring it back.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

What a moron...it's like both him and Pat Robinson are in competition for the title of "Who can come up with the most, paranoid, ridiculously hateful nonsense" propaganda to prove Christians are being prosecuted.

Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Sometimes I take such naked bigotry seriously. Other times, I just find it laughable.

Harshiita Sharma
Harshita Sharma5 years ago